A little brentnet site news… it’s been a while since I’ve last done this. I’m working on a few new things – first, I’m trying to get an store front. Hopefully, that will be up in the next week or so. Basically, I’d have a chance to make a small percentage of money if y’all shop at Amazon. One example of how I’d do this – When making list of movies I’ve just seen on dvd, I’d have a direct link to If you bought the item I have linked, I’d make a profit of 6% of the sale for referring them to you. Even if you didn’t buy the item I linked, I’d have a chance to make money. For example, if I linked to “Pulp Fiction” on dvd and you clicked on it and then decided you want to type in “Kill Bill” on dvd, I would still make something like 4% just because you initially went to through me. The end result will be me asking you, the readers, to try to make your purchases by first clicking on the link on my site. I don’t have any ideas that I’ll get rich off this, but I’m hoping it might help get brentnet out of the red. I know that I buy enough from that I might as well be making money off of my own purchases!
Also, as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve added snow to the homepage and the forum page. The forum page also has the nice Christmas skin. This is an annual thing for brentnet and I hope you enjoy it. I promise you I won’t have some annoying midi playing “Jingle Bell Rock” or anything like that in the background.

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • I’m as Christian as ever, but if one didn’t know me, they might think I’m celebrating Chanukah this year. Instead of the normal one or two Christmas celebrations most people attend, I’m on tap for nearly eight crazy nights. Sara and I are doing our own thing for Christmas on the 21st. My immediate family always does our own thing on the 23rd although Sara is invited this year making the first time an “outsider” has been invited to family Christmas. I guess she’s no outsider, though. On the 24th, I’m driving down to the Cities to celebrate Christmas with my extended family. Of course, we also still get stockings and presents from “Santa” on the 25th. Somewhere in there, Sara and I are going to exchange presents with her family. My sister’s adoption day is December 20th which also happens to be my “half-birthday.” We always get to open one present on that day. Sara and I are also going to be going to my company Christmas party the first weekend in January. Not bad, huh?
  • Is there anything that will make you hate a player more than being a complete dog for your fantasy football team. As usual, I forgot when our live draft was and the computer ended up selecting Brett Favre. I thought about immediately cutting him just because I don’t want him on my team. I decided to put the team ahead of my own personal feelings. Of course, he’s been the 13th best QB in the league this year. I felt comfortable, though, because I had Ben Roethlisberger as my backup. Of course, he’s been a trouble for me because he’s always a question mark as to whether or not he’ll play. I’m not a huge fan of playing an injured player, though. For the record, I would like to publically proclaim that Brett Favre is the official whipping boy of the brentnet fantasy football team. I started the season on top of the league with a 4-1 record. Once Deuce McAllister got hurt, the freefall began. I currently have lost 8 in a row. I’m already out of the playoffs. I need to win this week just to avoid being the worst team in the league.
  • So, I’m reading in the good ol’ Star and Tribune that two people were shot outside of the Quest Club in Minneapolis after a Lil’ Flip concert. As a result, the people that run the Quest Club have decided they may reconsider having any more rap concerts. This bums me out for three reasons – first, I’m a closet hip hop head. Second, the Quest is quite possibly my favorite place to see the concert. Lastly, I don’t want a few ignorant people to ruin it for everyone. I would hate to see an uplifiting hip hop group (*cough*atribecalledquest*cough) to be banned from Quest just because some moron took a few too many sips of alcohol (probably among other things). Doesn’t this always seem to be the way everything happens? A handful of idiots can’t grasp the concept of moderation and, because of it, everyone else suffers.
  • I was bored the other day, so I took a look at my rental history at Blockbuster. Of the past 20 movies I’ve rented, 9 have been documentaries. Go figure… I absolutely cannot stand to watch reality tv (Real World excluded, of course), but I find myself drawn to documentaries. In the next week (or so), I’m planning on watching Murderball, March of the Penguins, and Born into Brothels for the first time. As usual, I’ll let you all know what I think.
  • Speaking of documentaries, he’s a short list of what I’m planning on watching within the next month or two: My Flesh and Blood – a documentary about a lady who adopts 11 special needs kids, Promises – filmmakers follow around 7 Jewish and Palestinian kids and show what it’s like growing up in Jerusalem, and Grizzly Man – a documentary about a bear expert who was killed by a bear.
  • Sadly, though, my favorite documentary Hoop Dreams is ranked as just the 44th best documentary on IMDB. I hope someone will agree with me when I say that Hoop Dreams is easily the best documentary I’ve ever seen. I honestly would pay $50 and wait in line outside for about eight hours in the middle of January to see a sequel.
  • Eminem has reconciled and “will probably re-marry” his ex-wife Kim. In case you don’t know the ins and outs of the relation between Marsh Mathers and Kim, let’s see a few thing he’s written in his lyrics. Example A – “See it all makes sense, doesn’t it/You and your husband have a fight/One of you tries to grab a knife/And during the struggle he accidentally gets his Adam’s apple sliced/And while this is goin’ on/His son just woke up and he just walks in/She panics and he gets his throat cut/So now they both dead and you slash your own throat/So now it’s double homicide and suicide with no note” Hmm… sounds like a healthy, loving relationship if you ask me! For the record, what law official would read that lyric and then approve a new marriage license?
  • Finally, I’m torn. I have a gift certificate on the way from Do I purchase 24: Season 4 or Alias: Season 4 first? I have a long history with both. I blind-bought the first season of both show (as I’ve done with most shows that I own). I watched the entire first season of 24 in two days. I have since borrowed it out to at least 5 other people who have all brought it back saying they’ve loved it. Likewise, I bought season 1 of Alias when it was on sale. It felt like watching a James Bond movie with all the melodrama of Dawson’s Creek tossed in for good cause. I would rate season one of 24 a little better than season one of Alias, however I thought season two of Alias was a little better than season two of 24. I like Jack Bauer more than I like Sydney Bristow, but I like the supporting characters (Marshall, Eric, Sloane) much more than anyone on 24 besides Senator/President Cerano. I own both of the third seasons although I haven’t watched either. I haven’t watched them because I’ve not wanted to see them. Rather, I want to make sure I can polish it all of over the course of about a weekend before I start it. That’s just how we do things…

Anyway, busy day tomorrow as usual. I’ve got basketball practice after school tonight. The season is off to a very good start. For the past month and a half, I’ve been helping to coach 5th and 6th graders. Hopefully I can help mold them all into good basketball players and good people. Maybe I’ll even get lucky and one will eventually turn into a skinny, 5’11” backup post player like I was. People still laugh when I tell them I played power forward and center more than I played guard in high school. I knew what was up, though. We had three really good guards but only two posts. I realized that if I learned to play both spots, I’d be more likely to get more playing time. As much as I might sound like a bumbling idiot at times, there is a little bit going on upstairs. Anyway, our varsity team has looked good so far. We lost our first game by one when a buzzer beater that we made was ruled a two instead of a three (for the record, the ref got the call right…) The other grades have looked good although I haven’t gotten to see them play as much. We have our next game a week from Tuesday and then we start playing an average of about two games a week for the next three months. After Christmas, I start coaching the 8th grade team. I’m quite excited about that as well.

If you’re out on your bike tonight, do wear white,