you don't stop! What's going on everyone? I had myself a pretty good
weekend. Saturday morning, I got up nice and early and ran a 18-mile
long run. It felt really good… I didn't start to really feel my legs
until like the last hill, so I was happy about that. After that, I just
did a little cleaning of my room. For the first time in a long time, my
room is spotless! Woo hoo! Anyways, in the afternoon, my 7th grade
players that I coached came over for a bit of a postseason get
together. It was a blast. We played some b-ball outside on my driveway
hoop, had some dogs and burgers, watched a movie, then played some more
ball. It really was fun – I've got some pictures my parents took, but
I'm too lazy to put them up tonight. I'll get 'em up sometime…
Today, I headed over to Fergus to celebrate Mother's Day with my
grandma. We also went to help my grandpa look for a glasses lens. It's
a long story, but basically he was cutting trees out at our hunting
land yesterday and one of the trees sprung up and hit him in the face,
so he broke his cheekbone and his nose. Ouch! Anyways, came home and
did not a whole lot. Took a nap and then watched Glengarry Glen Ross.
This week, I'm working 40 hours (sweet!) plus I've got a half marathon
on Saturday which I'm really looking forward to. And when I say I'm
*really* looking forward to it, y'all just don't know. I've been
wanting to redeem myself since the Twin Cities Marathon where I thought
I really stunk up the place. The only race I've had between now and
then is the Winter Carnival Half Marathon that got "shortened" to a
quarter-marathon (which really ticked me off, but that's a whole
different story). A lot of week left and this won't be the last time I
speak on the upcoming half, so I'll call it good for tonight.

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • I'm
    not a huge fan, but I think that Fear Factor is a kinda entertaining
    show to watch. Here's my idea for a good Fear Factor. Have the
    competitors put in a contact with an eyelash in it and see who can wear
    it for as long as they can. Seriously, how fun would it be to watch
    people blink about 200 times a minute and just look in agony. I'd
    rather see that than another random gross food.
  • I
    don't get this – I have three tv's in my room – a 53" widescreen HDTV,
    a 25" bubble tube, and a 20" flat-screen (no, not a flat panel or
    plasma). If you were to take a guess, you'd probably think I watch the
    big on all the time and the other one's not very often. Yet, I'd bet
    90% of my tv watching is done on the 20" tv. Sure, I watch movies on
    the big guy, but not much else. I don't know why… that's the funny
  • Another
    thing I think is funny. People come over and see that I have three tv's
    and they are like "Oh man – do you want to sell me one of those?" The
    simple answer is NO! I'm looking out for my future when I get my own
    house. One for my bedroom, one for my living room, and one for my home
  • I
    think that the next tv or movie writer to use a line similar to "It's
    quiet…" with another character saying "Yeah, it's too quiet…" needs
    to go. I'm not a fan of any movie cliches, really, but that two lines
    has to be my least favorite.
  • OK -
    last thing about my running for today. For the last couple long
    runs, I've had to do some gels with water to make sure I'm getting
    enough carbs when I'm running. In case you didn't know, a gel is little
    pouch that you can carry on you that gives you about 25-35 grams of
    carbs which is close to a full powerbar. It's hard to eat a powerbar
    while you're running because they are too big to carry, plus your mouth
    gets dry making it impossible to swallow. The stuff tastes a bit like
    sawdust to start with. Anyways, I had three gel's put out on Saturday.
    Two of them were Clifshots which I actually really like and the other
    one was a tangerine
    power gel. I figured since I'd never had the power gel before, I'd have
    that one first. The other power gel flavors I've had were pretty bad,
    so I wasn't expecting much. Oh my god… it was seriously one of the 10
    grossest tastes I've ever had inside my mouth.

  • You
    know in the opening of the show Punk'd when Ashton punches the camera.
    Have you ever seen something less threatening? I mean, I normally think
    that I'd be the first guy to run from a fight. Honestly, though, I
    think I could roll that pretty boy. Plus, I haven't been in a school
    play since about 6th grade or so, and I know I could walk in front of
    any camera and out act him, too. I think he just does that show to hug
    all the hot chicks at the end of the little segments. He must be sick
    of the fact that girlfriend that's closer to the age of Social Security
    than she is to his age. Watch the show sometime – every segment ends in
    a hug. I bet he plans all these elaborate pranks just so he can cop a
  • Speaking
    of Sunday night MTV shows, I always have the same question about Pimp
    My Ride. They'll tell the person "Yeah, we put $40,000 in to your
    car…" or some random number like that. I always wonder – wouldn't it
    be "cooler" if you just got a $35,000 car and then put a couple grand
    into it? I'd rather drive around in a 2004 Lexus with a little bit of
    custom stuff put in there than an old truck with a fresh coat of paint
    and a camper (?!?) in the back end. As usual, that might be just me,
  • Speaking
    of crappy cars, how many times has someone talked about about driving
    like two or three hours and said "Well, I'm not sure my car will make
    it…" If you have ever said "I'm not sure my car will make it," I hate
    to be the messenger, but it may or may not be time to find yourself a
    new car!
  • I
    was watching ESPN on Saturday night. Greg Anthony had a brilliant idea
    on what the Lakers need to do in this series to win. His idea – Payton
    and Malone need to get more involved with the offense, Shaq needs more
    touches, and Kobe needs to get more involved with the transition game.
    What an ingenious idea! Let's try to get four players more touches…
    kinda makes you think that being Derek Fischer, Rick Fox or Devean
    George must really stink, huh? Well unless you consider the fact that
    any other those three probably should be playing in the d-league. How
    dumb of an idea is that, though? I bet Phil Jackson was watching the
    game going "DUH! Now I know what I've been doing wrong… I just need
    to find the way to get four more guys the rock! Where have I been all
  • Newsflash – Mark Cuban doesn't look very Cuban.
  • I
    had a crazy dream last night. I normally don't remember dreams, but for
    whatever reason last night's dream remains crystal clear. Anyways, I
    was at soccer practice with a couple of my non-soccer playing friends
    coaching a team. I was on the team, but much like real life, I didn't
    play because I sucked at soccer. Then, all the sudden all of these
    bombs started going off in the air. It looked like an air raid or
    something. All of the players seemed not to care. I guess it was
    "normal" for the military to practice their bombing missions in the air
    right above the soccer field. I was a little freak out, but I figured
    if the kids who played there didn't care, why should I? Then, one of
    the bombs landed on the field and blew up one of our players and one of
    the other teams. Then I woke up. If I were to go to a dream analyst
    with that one, what the heck would they think about that? 
  • Who
    else watches that Black Eyed Peas NBA commercial just wondering when
    the rather good looking girl is gonna do her little dance move. I hate
    that girl because she made one of my old favorite bands turn into a
    crappy pop group, but I can't hate too much… that red and white
    striped shirt! Goodness…
  • I
    just wondering if anyone ever told that new JoJo R&B girl that the
    name "JoJo" has already been used by an R&B artist. As in K-Ci
    & JoJo of "All My Life" fame.
  • I
    was thinking about some of the candy I used to eat as a little
    kid. Man, some of it was horrible. Nerds, Shock Tarts, Runts, Taffy…
    the stuff is all just terrible. As a matter of fact, the only awesome
    all sugar food that I still like is cotton candy. Actually, I like
    almost anything that's cotton candy flavored… unless of course they
    made a Power Gel.

I've got a big day tomorrow. More on that later, though. Gotta keep
y'all in some suspense. Oh yeah, I was gonna update the forum with the
topic of the week, but for some dumb reason my forums are down. Sounds
like time to email tech support! Hopefully I can get that fixed soon
and very soon. Oh yeah, I also updated my running mileage for last week. Have a good week, and send me some email!

If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white,