ImageWhat's up everyone? So, I'm watching the 2 Dolla Bill
concert on MTV2 right now and the Beastie Boys are on. It's almost a
crime that I haven't seen these guys in concert, yet. There are
only a few bands that I still *need* to see in concert that I
haven't. First and foremost is A Tribe Called
Quest. Second would have to the Beastie Boys. Those are the big
two for me right now… after them is Saves the Day, Wu-Tang,
Mos Def, and then maybe the Prodigy. That's it… that's the
list! It's amazing that after nearly 20 years, the Beastie Boys
still are one of the most fresh and original bands out there. While
other bands (Sum-41 and Quarashi off the top of my head) have
tried to borrow their style, nobody can do it like them.
Anyways, I
had a pretty good day yesterday. Worked the new job from 8:00 to
4:30… then I went over and reffed a youth basketball game. Came
back to my house and hosted about fifteen 7th and 8th graders for movie
night in my basement. We watched Big Fish which I think was maybe a
little bit too deep to follow for most of them, but at the same time I
think they enjoyed it. It's a good flick, plus it's got that Princess
Bride-type comedy. I had a lot of fun and I'm hoping next week,
when I have the high schoolers over, is just as much fun.

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • I
    was thinking about this while watching Sportscenter this morning.
    Wouldn't it be cool if they had translater's with a different accent
    than the language they are translating. For example, Jose
    Contreras (who was a fantasy bust for me this year!) was on the show
    talking about his family in Spanish. Wouldn't it have been kinda cool
    if the guy translating had a really thick, Colin Farrel-like Irish
    accent? There really is no reason for it, other than it would crack me
  • NBA Draft is tonight! I'm pretty pumped…
    while the NBA draft isn't half of what it used to be, it still is
    a fun event to watch. Here's my top draft lottery (we'll see how
    I do…) 1) Dwight Howard to Orlando, 2) Emeka
    Okafur to Charlotte, 3) Shaun Livingston to Chicago, 4) Ben
    Gordon to LA Clippers (that'd be sweet), 5) Luol Deng to
    Dallas, 6) Andre Iguodala to Atlanta, 7) Devin Harris to
    Chicago, 8) Andris Biedrins to Toronto, 9) Luke Jackson to
    Phillly, 10) Jameer Nelson to Cleveland, 11) Childress to
    Golden State, 12) Sergei Monya to Seattle, and Josh Smith to
  • Rip Hamilton is turning down an Olympic
    spot? I know he's a quality player, but doesn't seem like he's
    that superstar level to be turning down an Olympic spot. It's different
    when the Garnett's, O'Neal's, and Bryant's of the NBA turn it
    down, but it's almost embarassing when these second tier stars are
    turning down an Olympic spot. A real sign of the apocalypse would be
    upon us would be if Brad Miller decided against going. I think all of
    these pro's need to watch the movies Miracle and Prefontaine… I
    guarantee Rip Hamilton that if he never wins another
    NBA Championship (altogether likely!), he's going to regret not
    being on an Olympic team.
  • Happy birthday LaDainian Tomlinson
    yesterday! Tomlinson is my favorite running back in the league…
    not because I really like the Chargers or anything like that. Actually,
    when he was a rookie, I traded for him on Madden for the Eagles.
    Possibly my favorite videogame sports character of all-time, but Walter
    Payton on Tecmo Bowl is up there as well. On a side not, I'd
    never seen him play in the NFL other than highlights, but I went out to
    buy a Jersey anyways. I never realized he was number 21 instead of
    number 44 like on the videogame.
  • I was watching Conan
    O'Brien last night… he had the air-guitar champion. It was
    hilarious because, first of all, this girl was no better at air-guitar
    than you or me. Plus she thought she actually was talented… it was so
    funny! She knew nothing about real guitar, though. She said she
    was pretending to play a white Fender Stratocaster. Conan asked
    "Rosewood neck? Maple neck?" to which she replied
    "Yes…" Too funny! I like Conan's comment on what he would do if
    he were in the contest – pretend that he broke a guitar string. I could
    actually kick butt at this contest because I know all the tricks to
    look cool on guitar, it's just I can't play any songs harder than
    Nirvana, The Offspring, Blink-182, Green Day, Good Charlotte… (fill
    in a band that plays nothing but power chords here)

I was
going to put my training for Twin Cities up today, but I just don't
have enough time. Look for it hopefully tomorrow, though! Anyways,
I've gotta be out. I'm heading over to Slumberland to pick up a new
chair. For the first time in my life, I'm getting a piece of
furniture that is new! How cool is that? How lame is it that
I'm getting excited over getting a new chair? Seriously, though,
this is going to be the greatest videogaming/moviewatching chair of
all-time. I know that it's by far the most comfortable seat I've
ever sat in. So, I'm gonna pick that up and then come back and
well… play some videogames, watch a movie, and hopefully get back in
time to watch the end of the Twins game (it's an afternoon game
today!) They've got a chance to get a series win versus one of the
best teams in the AL, so I think it's a pretty big game. I'm sure some
of the bigger names will be sitting since it's an afternoon game after
a night game, but a W is a W no matter the situation. As usual, I
encourage you to check out the forums
which have been more active as of late. Thanks for posting,
all! Also, just a reminder that I fixed… I might have more to
add later. Also, my contact page. Email away! I'm pretty good about getting back quickly… anyways, have a good day y'all!

If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white,