Weekly Running Report – June 17-23, 2013


Monday – Off

Tuesday – 10 Miles in 1:09:40 [6:58 per mile] – Did 2 mi wu and 2 mi cd with a majority of 6 miles at 6:40 pace on the treadmill. The schedule said for a six mile tempo, but coming off a sickness, I decided to run 0.75 mi to 1.0 mi intervals with 30 second breaks. Getting over a headcold still. Body feels okay, but brain/head feels like a hot mess… Still got some decent work in today.

Wednesday – Off

Thursday AM – 6 Miles in 46:30 [7:45 per mile] – Morning run on my 32nd birthday. Watched second half of game 6 from two nights ago. Excited for game 7, my workout later on, and Korean BBQ with my family tonight

Thursday PM – 6 Miles – Attempted a workout yesterday. Was planning 8×600 at around 2:19 (6:09 pace). Did my warmup. Noticed the sun was extra full of fire and my shirt was extra wet despite a 2-mile warmup. Grabbed an extra water to have by the track because I knew it was hot. Did my first one way to fast (wanted to be at 46 every 200 and was at 40 on the first one). Wound up going 2:12, 2:16, 2:19, 2:19, 2:19. Workout over. I stopped at 5 because it was just too hot and I’m still not fully recovered from my cold. Was bummed I didn’t get it all in, but I’ve gotta make a change. I can’t plan workouts at 4 PM right after work in the blazing heat of summer. I’ve either gotta slow them way down or wake up at 4:30 to do them or do them at night or something. That just isn’t gonna work for the next two months.

Friday – 9 Miles in 1:06:00 [7:20 per mile] – About the most exciting thing that happened during this run is the breaker kept going out causing my lights to flicker.

Saturday – 8.2 Miles in 1:00:00 [7:19 per mile] – Ran the Perham Turtlefest 10k. I never run well in this race, but finished 3rd overall in 45:07. Decent, but not great time. Splits were 6:57, 6:58, 7:13, 7:18, ?, ? – Last two question marks could be labeled as “slow1” and “slow2.” Was having trouble breathing with my cold in combination of the hot/humid weather. Felt like if I was healthy, I’d have been in competition to win the race (41-something run it which is about exactly the kind of shape I feel like I’m in).

Sunday – Off – Skipped my planned long run not because I was lazy but because I’ve had a cold for 8 straight days. Took a 2 hr long run instead of a 2 hr nap in hopes that I can get myself better sooner rather than later. Looking at my schedule, I haven’t really “scheduled” any cutback weeks with the idea that I would take one if I felt like I needed one or was overdue for one. I’ve run 155 miles in the 3 weeks previous to this, so I think I’m making the correct choice here…

Weekly Mileage – 39.2
Monthly – 165.30
2013 – 881.01