What’s up everyone!

   Told ya I’d try to write a little sooner this time! Anyways, I’m just hanging out here in ye ol’ basement bored as usual. I’ve had the last two days off of work which actually sucks because I, being a money whore that I am, want to work all the hours I can. Went to the heart doctor today – good news is everything is good as usual. The other good news is my battery is only like 1/4 of the way gone and I’ve had this thing 2 years, 5 months. Most people this thing only lasts like 4-6 years. Mines gonna end up being 6-8… I guess it’s gonna last longer because most people are “paced” (like with the pacemaker function) 100% of the time… my “pacing” has actually never kicked in besides testing. Also, I guess they think most people get a “treatment” (which is a dr. term for get *shocked*) quarterly. I’ve had only one, so I’m ahead of the game there, too.

   Well, in case you’re wondering, I’ve got the pictures back from the marathon. My parents had some pictures, but it was mostly of like my back and stuff. They never saw me coming, so by the time they got the cameras out, I was usually gone. Anyways, most of these pictures are from my friend Beth’s parents. More on that later… The first picture is of the start. There were like 8000 people at the start. It was just crazy! It was also a crazy rush of adrenaline. Now that I see that picture, I can kinda see why I started out so damn fast and wore myself out. The next picture is from the finish line. You can just disregard that time… my chip time (which starts when I cross the start line) is actually 4:59:55. My goal was to break 5… I’m kinda bummed that I didn’t do any better because I was on pace to do excellent but I just cramped up after about 18-19 miles… Ah well, I guess I can only get better from here. I’m planning on running another one sometime this late winter/early spring. If I can put together some funds, heres the cities that are in the running for me being in the running: Phoenix, Houston, San Diego, Vegas, Miami, Austin, Miami, New Orleans, and LA. I’d love to go to anyone of them. Secretly, I’m kinda hoping that ma and pa will buy me a plane ticket, but unless I get that for Christmas, I’m thinking I’m on my own.

Anyways, the third picture here is from me in the finishers coral. You’re supposed to walk around for like 15 minutes after you’re done, but I for one had a glass of water and then I sat down for like 15 minutes. I was talking to my friend Beth and her parents from across the road for like 15 minutes. They were in town for the Twins playoff games (which I also attended!) and they decided they’d come and watch my marathon. Well, I missed them at the halfway point because (once again), I was running too fast to start with! This last picture is of me and my friend Beth. I’m not exactly looking my greatest being that I’m beat down from running for almost 5 hours. It was still really cool of them to come and watch. It’s such a rush to see people you know at a big event like this. That’s gonna be the crappy thing about running a marathon down south. It’s not like I know anyone down there, so bascially I’m gonna be run by myself, for myself. I mean, I’ll get through it, but that would just be tough. I dunno exactly what I’m gonna do. Right now, I’m just running 5 miles every night and the 10 or 12 on Saturdays. That way, I’ll be ready to train or possibly run a marathon on little notice. Not that I’d prefer to do it that way, but ya never know!

   Starting watching CSI lately… man that’s a quality show. I love watching it and try to figure out what the hell happened before Gil Grissom. Let’s see – bought a couple movies lately. Better Luck Tomorrow – Good flick. Finding Nemo – Great flick. Waynes World 1 & 2 (for only $18 combined!) – Great flicks. Lion King – best animated movie ever! The Indiana Jones trilogy… ’nuff said. I’ve got some pretty sweet movies lately. Been listening to some new tunes on the iPod as well. The new theme is Minnesota hip-hop. Eyedea… Brother Ali…ATMOSPHERE!!! Slug is seriously one of my new favorite rappers! It’s the birds, it must’ve been the birds!!! I mean, I used to really like God Loves Ugly, but Birds Sings Why the Caged I Know is my song! Anyways…

   Well, well, well – it’s late as hell and I just wanna go to bed. It’s time to throw the contacts in some Renu and fall asleep to a little Seinfeld. Hey, if ya get bored – get ahold of me. I’ve been bored lately! Haha