When I was younger, I remember getting excited for about a new album or new dvd release just about every single week. As I’ve grown (and been disappointed about 4,080 times), that number has dwindled. I think I realistically get excited for about 5-10 albums and movies per year tops. I’ve found the problem with getting overly excited for a movie or an album is you almost always wind up disappointed.

There have been three albums that have came out or are coming out in the last half of 2012 that I’ve been really excited about. As in, scouring the bowels of the internet trying to find a stream to hear it before it comes out excited. Bloc Party’s Four was the first one. The Heist by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis is the second. The final one is P.O.S’s We Don’t Even Live Here which comes out in two weeks. So how did The Heist measure up to expectations? How does “Album of the Year” contender sound to you?

Ten Thousand Hours – A play on the Malcolm Gladwell theory that it takes 10,000 hours to become great at something. Love the concept especially on a debut album. I also love the line “See, I observed Escher, I love Basquiat / I watched Keith Harring, you see I study art / The greats weren’t great because at birth they could paint / The greats were great cause they paint a lot”

Can’t Hold Us – Possibly my favorite song of 2012? Addicting chorus, great instrumental, and unique vocal bridge near the end of the song. Just a brilliant song.

Thrift Shop – The first time I heard this song, I honestly thought it was kind of dumb. The more I listened, though, the more I thought it was clever. Plus, who doesn’t like jokes about R. Kelly’s sheets and a sneakerhead who wears velcro.

Thin Line – A mellow love song about faking a relationships. Some great lyrics in this one, but I love the line “The greatest trick that the devil ever pulled/Was convincing women that they looked/Better in their makeup.”

Same Love – If you pay any attention to this website, you’d have noticed this was our music video of the week on Monday. I can’t count the amount of other pro-gay rights rap songs I’ve heard on one hand finger, so big ups to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for this song.

Make the Money – A song I wish more people would listen to. The chorus is a simple “Make the money / Don’t let the money make you” It’s about being authentic and not letting money or the desire for money shape who you are.

Neon Cathedral – Another beautiful slow cut… absolutely love the line “Underneath this fragile frame lives a battle between pride and shame.” It’s a song about addiction. I’ve never struggled with addiction (unless you count Mountain Dew), but it strikes me as a very authentic take on what he went through. I’ll take a thousand songs like this before another stupid song where Weezy sings about “Purple Drank.”

Bom Bom – Very strong instrumental that sounds like it’d be right at home on a DJ Shadow or RJD2 record. Piano, drums, trumpets… it’s all here. One of my favorite instrumental tracks I’ve heard in a long time.

White Walls – As good as Macklemore is about singing about real issues, he can drop a good song about Cadillac’s as well. This doesn’t feel as contrived as most rap songs about cars.

Jimmy Iovine – Real strong beat… upbeat almost frantic sounding song. Cool lyrics about the music industry making money for the suits, but artists making such a small percentage. This song won’t exactly make Macklemore a ton of label execs real excited.

Wing$ – This song has been along for a while, but it is so heavy. It’s a song about Macklemore as a kid thinking wearing Jordan’s would fix all of his problems. It’s a real interesting look at materialism and the culture of trying to fit in. One of the best songs on the record.

A Wake – 80s synthesizer beat here… if I didn’t know, I’d guess this was a Kanye beat. Another song with real lyrics talking about people who try to escape life.

Gold – Might be the only track on the album I’m somewhat indifferent on right now. Not horrible by any means, though.

Starting Over – Pretty chilled song that features Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses who brings a very memorable chorus.

Cowboy Boots – Another chill, but catchy song that’s a good closer. This would could be a fantastic singalong song in concert.