TunezU Radio – Episode 102

This week’s episode of TunezU features a little bit of punk rock, a little bit of hard rock, a pop song, and some hip hop. There is hardly a recognizable band on the list, but there is a whole bunch of good stuff.

The Dropkick Murphy’s have a new album which sounds like their last album which sounds like their five albums before that. Why change up a winning formula, though?

Converge and Baroness both have some metal roots. Not Metallica metal or Anthrax metal but more Thrice-meets-Mogwai metal. Stuff rocks, nonetheless.

Vacationer and Title Fight are kind of an alt-rock/emo blend. Suicide Machines would just be straight up pop punk.

A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar sound like they are children of Kanye West who grew up on slightly edgier music.

Lenka is straight up indie pop. P.O.S. is an alt-rapper covering a classic folk song. And RJD2 just makes good music.