So we had our fantasy basketball draft tonight… I’m pumped, kind of. We did an autodraft on yahoo, so we didn’t get to pick our own players, but we preranked them ourselves. My teams includes Kobe, AI, Rip Hamilton, CWebb, Vince, and Stack. A *wee* bit heavy on the shooting guards, but actually, I can play them all at the same time. Oh well… I got Iverson and Webber… and I already tried to pick up my boy… YAO baby, Yao! Haha…

   Anyways, if you haven’t already clicked off by now, I congratulate you. Now a whole lot of people can talk to me about sports. I take sports very seriously and am very, very opinionated about it. As in, if you think Karl Malone is your favorite player, I may never talk to you again. (No, not really, but close…) Anyways, tonight I hung out with the fellas over at A-Dot’s house. It was fun… we just watched UNC rock Stanford, watched a little of the Sum-41 dvd, and watched a movie. Mostly, we just hung out and chilled… playing pool and stuff. It was cool but kinda weird. I mean, for most college kids, Thanksgiving is a time you go home and see the family and see all your friends you haven’t seen. Tonight, I hung out with my roommate, one of my friends I hang out with all the time, another friend that goes to school up in Moorhead that I see all the time, another friend who goes to Fergus, but is up in Moorhead almost every other weekend… and finally my friend Andrew who is in from the Air Force. It’s weird, I see Andrew every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and for a month in the summer. I have friends that go to school in the same town as me that I don’t see that much! I was kinda disappointed tonight though, cuz my friend George told me his brother is coming back from the Marines over Christmas… but he’s leaving before I get back from Texas. Damnit!!! I’m not even gonna be able to see the kid. Last year I only saw him like 2 or 3 days cuz we were in Tampa, FL. So that’s kinda bugging me cuz I haven’t talked to him since last year. Maybe I’ll start emailing him or something… it’s weird though. The kid went to the Marines and it’s like he totally lost touch with his former world. He got married and none of his friends were there. He has been back twice since we graduated high school in 2000.

   So we made the trip up to Fargo today. The goal was to talk the ‘rents into buying a big screen tv and possible come out with a dvd or two for myself. Well, we went to get a 50″ HDTV and came out with a 47″ widescreen HDTV (which I like even better!), so I’m a happy camper. Except with the dumb rule about cold weather. If a tv (or computer or anything electronic) gets cold, you’re supposed to allow it enough time to warm up. Well, our tv was out in the freezing ass cold of Fargo, North Dakota for approximately 6 hours (Hey, it took us a long time to get the damn thing onto the trailer and then we had to go get a different one so my mom wouldn’t flip out) So, I haven’t been able to watch it yet. Geez… it’s seriously like the biggest disappointment ever. There is this big huge tv in my living room just WAITING for me to sit in front of it and watch every DVD I’ve ever purchased (which is a helluva a lot!), but I can’t watch it until I wake up tomorrow. AHHHH… the agony.

   What’s going on the rest of this weekend? I have no idea… playing a little ball tomorrow morning. It’s Team MJ vs. Team Yao. My roommate Mr. Wizzle went ape crazy last year and bought like every Michael Jordan-related article of clothing in Foot Locker and since then, he has referred to himself as “Team MJ” since. So I decided I’m gonna be “Team Yao” cuz everyone frickin’ hates Yao Ming. What’s he ever done? Seriously, when it’s all said and done, the dude’s gonna be a stud. I like rooting for the underdog… the Clippers are my TEAM for christ-sake! So I’m all about Yao Ming right now. I should put up another Yao Ming poster in the living room, that didn’t sit too well with the roommates last time.

   So, being at home, I’m starting to appreciate some things whereas I miss some things about being back at school. I appreciate home cooked food, a nice large HOMELY home. I actually do miss hanging out with my parents every so often. I miss my hot tub even though I haven’t been in it yet. I miss my dog… everyone should have a dog! I miss just being able to go over to friends house and not feeling guilty about grabbing a pop cuz you know their parents paid for it anyways. That all being said, I miss a couple things about my place back at school. I miss DSL… this 56k internet blows! AHHH… driving me crazy! I miss my satellite tv. We get like 30 channels here, but none of the ones I watch up at school – Much Music, MTV2, all my HBO’s, Disney (Don’t say a thing! Boy Meets World rules!) I miss it being 2:00 AM and there are still two other people to hang out with. Actually it’s a Friday night. We’d still be out doing whatever… and in about an hour, we’d go to Perkins probably. I hate going to bed early here, but there really is nothing to do. Well, I guess I’m gonna watch the end of the Ring. That movie is sa-weeet! Definitely a one to buy on DVD. I can’t wait til after Christmas to start catching up on my DVD collection… I have so many I need to get. Beauty and the Beast (shut up!), Star Wars Ep. 2, Austin Powers, Lilo and Stitch (shut up!), Back to the Future, Minority Report, the new Lord of the Rings box set, Ice Age (shut up!), Monsters Inc (shut up!), Band of Brothers, E.T… that’s just the start of it. CD’s… oh I have a ton of those too. I’m not the kind of person who likes to burn CD’s either. There is something about actually owning the cd, ya know. Anyways, I know, I have expensive tastes for a college kid, but hopefully I’ll be able to work enough to make enough money that I can save some and have some spending money. I miss spending money, but at the same time, I really love being able to do whatever, whenever and never have the big “WORK” hanging over my head. It’s seriously not a lazy thing either. I’ve worked since I was in 9th grade. I just decided I’d kinda like a break from it all before I enter the actual work force that is reality. But, I gotta go to bed so I can wake up and watch tv. YIPPEE!!! More tomorrow, I promise…