Hope everyone had a good weekend. I hope you can start the week by enjoying my top 100 tv shows of all-time list. It’s starting to get good. I can promise you that nearly anything that sneaks into my top 20 (possibly even the top 30) is something that at least 95% of people are going to enjoy. So, if you see something you haven’t seen or even heard of, do a little research (wikipedia is your friend!).

40) Law & Order – Looking at everything else above this on the list, I think Law & Order is my favorite “one off” drama of all-time. Like I’ve said earlier, I’m not a huge fan of the genre. I like my drama television shows to be like a novel. Each chapter adds complexity, answers questions, and introduces more questions from the last chapter. Law & Order is kind of like a great magazine. I enjoy it. I think it’s well made. At the same time, it’s not as substantial (to me) as a serial.

39) Heroes – I’m one-season deep into this show and I love it. It could easily move up or down the list, but it’s a pretty original show for network television. Honestly, I’m kind of surprised that the American tv viewing public (which I’m pretty down on, in general) has gone crazy for this show like they have. It’s a real shame that the writer’s strike has pretty much obliterated season 2. Hopefully the show can get back on track whenever the strike is over.

38) Family Guy – This show easily could be higher. It’s far funnier than other comedies above it on the list. For some reason, though, this is a bit of a throw away show. It’s funny and I enjoy watching it, but when I’m not watching it, I don’t ever think “…oh, I should throw in some Family Guy.” It doesn’t hold that special place in my childhood like the Simpson’s did (and still does). A prime example – there are two (I believe?!?!) movies out that came straight to dvd. I still haven’t gotten around to seeing the first and I have no desire to see the second. If it was on tv, I’d watch it.

37) Full House – A little campy. A lot cheesy. At the same time, though, it was pretty fun and enjoyable. Nothing screams late 80s or early 90s like Full House. I stopped watching re-runs of this show sometime in college, but recently have caught a few. Every episode is like one of Aesop’s fables with the sappy music and the “life lesson.”

36) Family Matters – Steve Urkel finishes second only to Screech Power in the voting for “greatest tv nerd of all-time.” Everyone remembers this show for being all about Steve Urkel, but Carl Winslow has snuck under the radar as one of the great tv dad’s of all-time. The show was one for about one to two seasons too long. The minute that they planned the Stephon Urkel episodes, they should’ve axed it.

35) Buffy the Vampire Slayer – If I could’ve just rated seasons 1-5 (or more specifically two through five), this show would’ve snuck into the top 20. I’m currently about 1/3 of the way done with season 7 and I honestly don’t even want to watch the show anymore. They’ve made all of characters I liked (Zander, Willow, Anya, and Spike) basically unlikable while putting all the focus on the two characters I really don’t care for – Buffy & Dawn.

34) South Park – This show started off as somewhat as somewhat of a joke. It was funny, but at the same time, everything about this show just screamed “one hit wonder.” Somewhere, this show turned into one of the most intelligent yet funny shows on tv today.

33) Step By Step – This is probably one of the more cheesy shows that’s somehow snuck this high on the list. I definitely liked some of the kids (JT, Dana, Al, Mark and Cody) while I didn’t really care about others (actually, just Karen). Another one of the great tv nerd – Chris Castile – has completely fallen off the planet. Seriously, why do guys that play nerds (Screech, Urkel, etc.) just fall off the map once their sitcom ends?

32) Friday Night Lights – As with any show that is currently being broadcasted, this could go up or down 10 to 20 places. The first season was a solid 9+ on the scale of 1-10. I actually watched the first episode and, much like the Sports Guy, stopped watching for a while because I was absolutely sure the show was going to be cancelled. My reasoning – they used a “season 5” storyline (paralysis to a main character) in the first episode. Some have been disappointed in season 2, so far. I think it started off somewhat weak, but it has really picked up steam. It’s too bad that there are only 2 unaired episodes. I’m hopefully this show comes back next year (please!) Pick up this show on dvd – first season is only twenty bucks.

31) One Tree Hill – This show surprised me. I hadn’t watched it until last year. I figured a show with Chad Michael Murray as the star couldn’t be considered that strong. And while it has it’s questionable points (like Nathan being good enough to play for Duke), it is surprisingly good. Although they’ve used a “season 5” storyline (paralysis to a main character), unlike Friday Night Lights, they waited until season 5 to actually do it. This season started off a little sketchy, although I think they made a good choice by skipping the college years and going “four years later” and allowing for flashbacks. If you’re patient, you can find the first three seasons for about twenty bucks a piece on dvd about once every six weeks or so.

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