50) Ok Go – Here It Goes Again (2006) – This really isn’t a wonderful song, but the video is pretty creative. I love that they showed how a site like YouTube can be used as a marketing tool. Isn’t it funny that one of the most creative music videos of recent memory is made using a static camera, six treadmills, and four dudes.

49) Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice (2000) – This music video was famous because Christopher Walken was thought of as this serious, old actor and the video featured him dancing kind of like a clown. Nobody knew until later that Christopher Walken was a trained song and dance man. Very original idea. The video did exactly what it was supposed to do and made the song more recognized.

48) Missy Elliot – Work It (2003) – Missy Elliott always has been known – at least by me – as an artist that had pretty original music videos. I could’ve went with “Rain” here as it was probably a more memorable and unique video, but this is the video that everyone will forever associate with Missy Elliott.
47) Paula Abdul – Opposites Attract (1989) – Paula singing alongside the “Cool Cat” is one of the first music video memories that I have. I thought this was hands down the coolest video ever. The concept of an animated character interacting with a musician was (and is) pretty unique. And yes, boys and girls, Paula Abdul was an awful musician void of talent long before she was an awful judge of talent on a show… void of talent.

46) Nate Dogg & Warren G – Regulate (1994) – I remember this song from the Above the Rim soundtrack. It always blew me away that they censored the weirdest words like “cold” for example. This ranking is probably a little high as it’s not revolutionary, but I’m biased because it’s a great song and it features a bunch of video clips from one of my favorite movies about street basketball.

45) Guns N Roses – November Rain (1992) – This music video was one of the first “big budget” music videos costing over $1.5 million which was second to Michael Jackson’s 1987 “Bad” (directed by Martin Scorsese) at the time. It still remains the 13th most expensive music video ever.

44) Queen – Bohemain Rhapsody (1975) – The original video is one of the first great music videos of all-time although I think part of the reason this song makes the list is because of the attention it received with the release of the original Wayne’s World.

43) Devo – Whip It (1980) – This music video just shouts “look at me, I’m a quirky song from the 80s”, doesn’t it? The fact that Devo is still able to tour to this day based on this bizarre, but likable music video is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

42) Snoop Dogg – Sensual Seduction (2007) – Another song from 2007 that snuck on to the list. I should’ve expected that the guy that brought us Doggy Fizzle Televizzle would have a great throwback video like this in his arsenal. Snoop is great because he doesn’t take himself too seriously, plus the throwback style of this video seems to fit his whole style. A rapper like 50 Cent couldn’t get away with doing this video.

41) Slick Rick – Children’s Story (1988) – Slick Rick is the king of the late 80s sing-song rap. This movie uses elements of silent movies – I love the Keystone Cop references. This is the perfect video for a “story” rap song like this.

If you’re out on your bike tonight, do wear white,