ImageDay two and the list continues… if you find it necessary to discuss my list, here would be the place to do it. Again, don’t know if I’ll have an update tomorrow or not but I will have numbers 26-50 the next time I do update. Let me know what you think of these songs especially anything you might agree with, disagree with or stuff you’ve never heard of and either love or hate. Feedback rules… anyways, enjoy!

75) Big Daddy Kane – Ain’t No Half Steppin’ – This is another classic that has seemingly been forgotten! Ask just about any kid about this song these days and I bet at least 9 out of 10 haven’t heard it. If you are in that group, go ahead and get this song as quick as possible.

74) MURS – B.T.S. – I almost didn’t include Murs on the list just because he makes rock solid cd’s, but he doesn’t really have any stand out songs. I just love this tune because instead of rhyming about money, women, and the same old stuff, he just goes off on random tangents, kind of like myself. Here’s a sample verse from the song (cuss words editing out just so I can still be a “family safe” site – haha) – tell me what other rapper would have the juevos to rap about standing in line to buy Star Wars toys which even I think is kind nerdy…
December 23. 2002/Around midnight, where were you?
Me, I was out for them Episode 2 Star Wars action figures
(Wait, back up my n****, you can’t mean toys?)/Hell yeah fool, me and a hundred white boys
We was waitin in line/Some buy to collect, some to sell online
(Man, hold up, you can’t rhyme line with line)
Man, that’s not the point/I spent two hundred plus before I even left the joint
If my mama only knew/I was out droppin notes when I owe her a few
My ***’d be through, You wouldn’t be hearing this song today
Can you say, buyers remorse/Now I’m prayin that my CD’s sellin out in the stores
Cause I hate being poor/I may have dropped a couple hundred but I’m one with the Force

73) Sir Mix-A-Lot – Baby Got Back – Who doesn’t know every word to this song? I bet you hear this song at wedding dances for the next 30 years. I’d bet good money that whenever I get married, you’re going to see me on the dance floor singing “Little in the middle but she got much back…”

72) Us3 – Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) – I *almost* forgot about this song. I first fell in love to this song listening to it on the (get this) Super Mario Brothers the Movie soundtrack. I can sing every word to this song still – this much I promise you! Plus, who doesn’t like a song with the line “…scribble scrabble dabble on the microphone I babble…” – honestly? The combination of jazz and hip hop is done very well. I’m surprised these guys were a one hit wonder just because they seemed to have a talent.

71) Canibus – Get Retarded – I don’t know why people thought Can-I-Bus was such a bad album? It had a handful of pretty good songs – this one of course being my favorite. I was going to put a new song from Rip the Jacker on this list just because I think Canibus has matured as an MC, but if you are at all into lyrics, Canibus is your guy you need to be listening to.

70) Shyne – Bad Boyz – Even though Barrington Levy carries this song, I was more than impressed by Shyne. I thought he was just going to be a Biggie clone which is why I think he got signed to Bad Boy in the first place, but he showed that he had a little more going for him than I would’ve initially thought. Back to the song – this is a nice mellow, yet hard song that you can just throw on whenever. I almost went with That’s Gangster instead just because that song really gets me going, but I’m sticking with the first single instead.

69) Cypress Hill – Hand on the Pump – Cypress Hill is one of those weird bands. They have a lot of good songs, yet I wouldn’t rush to call them a great band. I’ve seen them in concert and they weren’t great, but they weren’t bad. I dunno – I’m very mixed on this band. I put some thought to going with Rock Superstar, Insane in the Brain, or Tequilla Sunrise here, but this song just still strikes me as my favorite.

68) Ludacris – Southern Hospitality – This was another tough one for me. Ludacris is one of my favorite commercial MC’s out. I think he’s funny, he’s got a good delivery, and he always has some good beats. Even though I like him so much, I couldn’t justify putting him up any higher in my mind for whatever reasons. You could’ve subsituted Rollout, Hood Struck or What’s Your Fantasy for this spot – of the four, I honestly don’t know which is my favorite. This one gets me going when I’m running, though, so that’s why it’s on the list.

67) Luniz – I Got Five On It – This song almost makes me want to cry. P. Diddy nearly destroyed it when he sampled it for his horrendous “Satisfy You” song. Then, J-Lo comes and samples it again. What bothers me isn’t that they sampled it because they didn’t “sample” it. They just took the beat, made literally no changes, and put new words over it. How tough is that to do? Uhh! I guess that doesn’t change the fact that Luniz originally sampled this, but at least they changed it up a bit.

66) Lyrics Born – Callin’ Out – A lot of you will probably recognize Lyrics Born from the one Coke commercial he did, but you probably should know him because he released one of THE best hip hop albums of the year last year. There is not a bad song on it! Anyways, I think if he got a little radioplay, he’d be popular just because he has a real catchy sound. Maybe that’s just me, though…

65) DMX – Get at Me Dog – Oh DMX… this is another tough one. It is Dark… is easily my favorite DMX cd. Doesn’t hurt that I think he’s gotten consistantly less consistant with the release of each cd. He does have some good tunes off of every cd. A lot of y’all will probably argue that Ruff Ryders Anthem is his best song, but this is just the one that does it for me.

64) Q-Tip – Breathe and Stop – I thought Amplified was a completely underrated and overcriticized album. Once again, Q-Tip made a pop-rap song that doesn’t suck. I could easily justify myself putting this higher on the list without batting an eye, but I’m very comfortable with where it’s at. Vivrant Thing could easily replace this song on the list as they are both great tunes.

63) House of Pain – Jump Around – This song still rules! It seems like this song should start to fade from our collective memories, but it’s just a great tune. How can you not love an Irish guy singing “…jump around…” This one easily surpasses Kris Kross for the best song ever written about jumping.

62) Atmosphere – Hidden Track – I don’t know if this song has a name, but it’s after Always Coming Back Home to You on the Seven Travels disc. It kinds of sums up my thoughts on living in the midwest – people always ask me “why don’t you move” and I never really have a good reason other than I do like it here. This song really speaks to me, though. Plus, it gives a shout out to Duluth, Mankato, Sioux Falls… what other rap song is going to shout out Duluth!

61) Raekwon – Criminology – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is one of those cd’s I had been meaning to get and meaning to get. Then one day, I saw it for dirt cheap at a used cd store and finally picked it up. What an unbelievable album! It’s not quite as good as Enter the 36 Chambers, but I’m just blown away at how great it is. It’s songs like this that make me fully believe 1993-1996 were the absolute glory years for hip hop.

60) Pharcyde – Runnin’ – I first heard this song on my Yo! MTV Raps cd. The Pharcyde was one of two groups on there that I had never heard of (other one… a little unknown group by the name of Outkast). Anyways, this song is another one of those melodic hip hop tunes that just soothes your mind and helps you to tune out. They are still releasing good music to this day, but I think this song was the pinnacle.

59) KRS-One – Hush – I could easily justify KRS being in the top 50… even the top 25. He’s had a remarkable career, but again, none of his singles are really stand out. I went with Hush just because it brings me back to my days of sitting on the couch playing Tony Hawk. He is easily the most underrated rapper by our generation and I would argue that he might even be one of the top ten rappers of all-time.

58) Eazy E – Boyz N The Hood – I know a lot of people won’t agree with this one. Let me say it, though. Even though it’s not as “fun” of a song, Boyz N The Hood is a better song than Gimme Dat Nut. It was kind of tragic how Eazy died although some could argue it was his own fault. Nonetheless, this is my favorite Eazy-E song and I think even if you disagree, you have to agree this song ain’t half bad!

57) Sugarhill Gang – Apache – I could really be mad at me for two things. One, Sugarhill is one of *the* innovators of hip hop and to have them this low on the list is almost a slap in the face. Two, Rapper’s Delight is one of the most fun songs ever created plus it has the whole nostalgic meaning that Apache doesn’t quite have. Apache might be my favorite song of all-time to dance to… which is saying a lot, cuz this fella don’t dance. I can just pretend it’s like that one episode of the Fresh Prince, though. People in the know remember what I’m talking about.

56) K-OS – Superstar Part Zero – I’d guess that not a whole lot of y’all have heard this song. Anyways, K-OS is a relative newcomer and if you watch MTV, you’d never see him. This song proclaims the end of the “jiggy era” which I love. Anyways, this song has a very cool kind of organized musical chaos. It almost reminds me of a really cool old school jazz song with a cool break beat in the background.

55) Del the Funkee Homosapien – Mistadobalina – Del has kind of a weird name… I’ll go as far as to say it’s kind of a stupid name. Anyways, this song does have a certain “funkiness” that is lacking in a lot of newer tunes. It’s a fun song but at the same time it’s very well done and not cheesy. Plus, I love saying “…mista mista mista mistadobalina mista Bob Dobolina…”

54) Gang Starr – You Know My Steez – I’ve said it already once on this list, but I’ll say it again. When it comes to hip hop producers, DJ Premiere might be on a whole different level. Guru isn’t half bad of an MC either, but Primo really cares this group. I could’ve went with a whole slew of good material – if you’re at all interested, check out their greatest hits Full Clip.

53) Jurassic 5 – Quality Control – These four MC’s and two (!?!) dj’s form a great group. What makes this group great is their unity. A lot of rap cd’s with more than one artist sound like two people wrote a verse, recording it seperately and mashed it together to churn out a song. These songs sound like all five of them sat down together and came up with the songs together. They work really well off of each other and in unison. In some ways, they remind me a lot of the Beastie Boys. They also almost channel the spirit of old school hip hop into something new and unique.

52) Blackalicious – Make You Feel That Way – Gift to Gab is a completely underrated MC. I doubt any of you have heard of Blackalicious, but either Nia or Blazing Arrow are great cd’s to just throw on and drive somewhere. I dunno what it is exactly, but the music has almost an earthy feel to it. Without sounding stupid, I would almost describe this as a blend between new age music and hip hop. This is probably the best band that you’ve never heard of and this is my favorite song of theirs, so enjoy.

51) Handsome Boy Modeling School – Holy Calamity – This is another band that went completely under the radar. Some people recognize Rock and Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This), but I’m a fan of this tune a little more. Chuck D brings a great voice sample with the “…holy calmity screams insanity…” bit. I think they might be coming out with a new disc later on, but like I said earlier – anything the Automator touches turns to pure gold!