know those days when you just feel like sitting around in your sweats
because you're feeling kinda sick… today was one such day. Instead of
being able to sit at home all day, I taught a computer class in the
morning and this afternoon I had to work. I was planning on running
tonight, but I just wasn't feeling it. My head feels kinda stuck up and
the last thing I was wanting to do was put in 6 miles, ya know. I don't
feel bad enough that I can't work… I just feel bad enough that it's
annoying to be awake… so because I wanna go to bed, this update is
gonna be really short.

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • How
    wrong would it be to pirate the movie The Passion of The Christ of the
    internet. In a way, wouldn't it kinda feel like you're stealing from

  • They
    blew up the Bartman ball in Chicago. I don't know why I find this
    absolutely hilarious, but for some reason it is. I also think it's
    funny that the poor guy still hasn't come out of hiding. Oh well – I do
    hope the Cubbies make it to the World Series this summer.

  • Good
    news! Family Guy is gonna be back on the air in 2005! I bet it does
    twice the ratings it used to thanks to being on every night on Cartoon
    Network and all of the DVD releases. This show is one of the funnier
    shows on the last couple years, so if you haven't seen it, I *highly*
    recommend picking up the DVD's.

  • I
    was watching Seinfeld the other day and Jerry said something about
    Kessler. I forgot that Kramer didn't have the same name for the first
    couple shows…

  • I'm
    bummed that PTI and Around the Horn hasn't been on for the last two
    days… it just throws my whole day off when I can't come home and
    watch Max… I mean Statboy and Tony and Mike.

  • P.
    Diddy has a new cd coming out… I guarantee you that he ruins at least
    4 hot beats with his crappy raps and the cd still sucks.
  • Incubus isn't coming to Minnesota, Wisconsin, or North Dakota… what a bummer!
  • J.K.
    Rowling is a billionaire… that's ridiculous! I'm a huge fan of the
    Harry Potter books, but who would've ever thought that an author would
    make a cool billion off of just 5 books. She still has two books and 5
    movies yet to come out (for sure), so you know that number is gonna

Once again, check out the forums epecially the featured topic: what are your favorite websites? I also updated the review section with my review of the Evil Dead… tell me what you think of my sorta new design with the reviews. Eventually I'll do the old one's up that way, but I need to get to bed so I'll get to it soon enough.

I got nothing…