What’s going on everyone? Gotta love Mondays, huh? Part of me likes Monday’s because it’s my day off of running, but part of me also hates that about the day that comes after Sunday. The nice thing about every Monday is that I get a chance to watch some movies and some television which I don’t get to do on days when I put in like a two-hour run. Tonight, I watched The Good Girl which stars Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhall. It was an okay movie – definitely wasn’t the great indie flick that I thought it was gonna be. Jennifer Aniston is great, though, and she’s definitely playing about as different of a role from Rachel that you’ll ever see. I wouldn’t recommend it to most people because I can tell it’s not a movie for most people. It was written by Mike White who has written some flicks that I love (Orange Country, School of Rock, Dead Man on Campus) and easily one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen – Chuck & Buck. By the way, I’m trying out a new format, so don’t forget to click on the “read more” link down below to view the rest of the blog entry.

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • There are certain times I dislike the whole process of the US Postal Service and basically any delivery service. I mean, anytime a friend goes on vacation, I always end up getting a postcard a day or two after they get back home. Are they still using the Pony Express? What’s the deal? I just don’t understand since overnight shipping is available, why don’t they shift their operation so that overnight shipping is the standard. At least give me two day or something!
  • Another USPS related tidbit – does it seem useless to anyone else to put up the flag on the mailbox. I mean, does the postman see the flag up and figure “Gee, I’d better visit this post box today?” They visit every postbox every day anyways. To me, the flag does nothing except tell would be vandals “Hey, you can probably steal this mail.” Since nobody actually writes letters anymore, it’s a good guess that you’re probably going to find a bill with a check.
  • The other thing I like is when you have a package and the mailman leeaves the box like all the way open showing anyone who drives by that you have a brown box more than likely containing something of value. If you’re ever driving by my mailbox, there is a 95% chance that box is a dvd. Otherwise, you’re probably going to find some random cd or, if you’re really lucky, a batch of blank checks when I run out about every three years. Good thing that none of that stuff is items you’d like to advertise to the world that you have sitting in a box with nobody really watching over it.
  • New Flogging Molly cd comes out tomorrow (September 14th). I’m a huge fan of “the Molly” as I’ve come to know them and I highly recommend picking this disc up. I even more highly recommend seeing them live in concert because they’ve got something like 9 people in their band and it’s one of the highest energy show’s you’ll ever see.
  • File this one under the “is this really necessary” category. I read on one of my dvd sites that Pee Wee Herman’s old CBS Saturday morning show is coming out on DVD. Really, is there anyone who is interested in buying this? I won’t lie – I woke up early and watched the show when I was a kid, but that was like 18 years ago (geez, I’m getting old)! I mean, the DVD’s are going to cost like $40 a pop and it’s not like parents are going to buy this and tell their kids to enjoy this show by a convicted adult theater whacker (I don’t know the technical word for the crime). By the way, he also was found to have a stockpile of child pornography. Atta boy Pee Wee!
  • I hate it when prices for stuff goes up. Today I was buying a pack of gum at the gas station. It always works out fine because I always pump an even number like $15 or $20 work of gas in the tank. If I want a pack of gum, I’ll grab a quarter out of the change jar and hope that they have like the two pennies in the give a penny take a penny jar to cover tax. Now, the price of a pack of Doublemint gum has skyrocket to 30 cents. That’s a 20% price hike – it would be like if your $40 cell phone bill went to $48 a month or your $250 car payment went to $300 per month. It’s not about the dollars and cents, ladies and gents, it’s about the percentages! Anyways, I used to even be able to get gum at 5 packs for $1 which is no longer. This extra five cents is going to throw me way off. Now I’ve gotta fish for like 33 cents in my car. Either that, or I’ve gotta break a dollar which will completely waste my whole concept of topping off the car with an even number. I might stop cheering for the Cubs just because I’ve got beef with a little chewing gum company…
  • I’ve been debating what I want to wear for the marathon. While picking an outfit to wear three weeks ahead of time might sound a little too much like Alicia Silverstone from Clueless, I beg you to hear me out anyways. For every race I’ve ran in 2003 (besides my race last January when it was about -10 degrees out), I’ve work my boring Under Armour grey shirt. While it actually is my favorite running shirt because it’s thin and wicks away sweat, I will agree that it looks pretty plain jane. I’m thinking about wearing a new Coolmax running shirt that says “Running Against Bush” just to get some reaction from the crowd. I usually don’t get that political on this website, but I’m going to for about 30 seconds here. I’m not a fan of George Bush. I don’t like how he won after not getting the most votes in the last election. That being said, I don’t like Al Gore either (threw away my vote to Nader last election) and I can’t say I’m too big of a Kerry fan (although John Edwards is my boy – I’ve been saying this for almost a year now!) Anyways, the war in Iraq was just the final straw for me (wasn’t Afghanastan responsible for 9/11 aka “the terrorists we’ve been hunting down?”) Plus, I was personally a lot more worried about North Korea than I ever have been about Iraq. I dunno… maybe I’ve been brainwashed by Michael Moore and Bill Maher, but I think I’m in the “anybody but Bush” category of voters this year. On a side note, if my uncle/cousin/Grandpa (don’t know if any of them read this site) see me wearing that shirt, they’ll probably go ape crazy on me at the next family holiday. That would be worth it alone… I still am of the opinion that there is nothing more fun that a good ol’ fashioned family argument especially at like Thanksgiving or Christmas!

Well, sorry for the slightly short entry today. I have no idea why, but I guess I don’t feel in a very good writing mood tonight, so I’m going to get out while I’m still ahead. Before I go, though, I just thought I’d update y’all on some site news. I’m sure a lot of you have wondered what this icon on the right hand side of my page is for. Well, this is a cool new feature that I use and definitely would recommend you try out. If you’ve ever downloaded and installed Mozilla Firefox for your web browser like I (and anyone that knows anything about computers) probably recommend, here’s a new feature you can test out. If you are using Internet Explorer, unfortunately this won’t work for you. It’s also unfortunate that you are still using Internet Explorer because… well, it sucks (tabbed browsing baby!) Anyways, in Firefox, go ahead and click on the bookmark menu and select ‘Manage Bookmarks’. Under the ‘File Menu’, select ‘New Live Bookmark’. Type in brentnet (or whatever) for the name of the bookmark and for the link location (you can just copy that from here)… by the way, if you click on that link, odds are it will just show us as code-looking garbage. Now, anytime you go to the brentnet folder in your bookmark, it will automatically download the newest headlines from my webpage meaning you don’t even have to visit to see if I’ve updated. Plus, it will constantly be changing (every day or so). It’s really neat. Just thought a select few of you might want to give that a try. If you do, tell me what you think! By the way, you can do this with anypage that has an RSS icon on the page (Yahoo News, almost any blog, ect.) By the way, I’d definitely appreciate your feedback on the new look of the mainpage. The reason I did it like that is so that you don’t have to be searching in the blog section or in the reviews section to see if you missed something if you don’t check the site for a day or two. Plus, when you click on the “read more” link, it’ll give you the ability to comment on an article which I’m not able to do if it’s just on the main page for whatever reason. I like it so far, so hopefully I can make the “brentnet experience” (is there such a thing?) even more enjoyable. Anyways, have yourself a good day and we’ll talk at ya more hopefully tomorrow!

If you’re out on your bike tonight, do wear white,