superficial or artificial – you get just what you see. What's up
everybody? I had a pretty good day. After staying up wicked late last
night (first time in a while…), I woke up at like 11:30. Watched a
little tv and I got a call from work asking me to come in. Good
deal! So, I got to put in a full day today which is definitely going to
help out the next paycheck. I also got good news – one of my coworkers
wanted to switch tomorrow for Friday which works out great for me
because now I can get down to the Cities at a normal hour. If I'm
really lucky, I can talk la familia into going to a Olive Garden or
something. Gotta carboload like mad on Thursday and Friday.
actually feeling really good tonight. I ran 6 miles after work and then
I did a lot of abs, benched a little bit (and it was a little bit since
I'm a weakling), and a couple shoulder reps. Now that I'm skinny again,
I wanna start looking a little better and get a little stronger. Plus
doing abs is really good for running because the ab and back muscles
are good for long distance running because they help you to keep better
running posture longer. It'd be cool if at next year's Twin Cities,
instead of getting passed by elderly hunched over ladies dressed up as
Minnie Mouse (true story), I can be looking better (posture wise) and
running faster over the last 6 miles than all the rest of the runners.
All this talk has me thinking… a couple days from today, it will be
exactly one year that I started getting in shape. While I think I took
it to a little bit of extreme, I'm seriously so proud of how far I've
come in the past year. This Saturday, my half marathon will mark my one
year anniversary of my first workout up at Speed & Accel in Fargo.
I didn't make it through the first workout which was probably like 10
sets of a 10-15 second runs uphill on a treadmill. Now I'm a marathon
runner and I'm only started to tap my potential as a runner. It
seriously feels awesome. Anybody that has read this site religiously
will tell you this is one of the first times I've ever went out of my
way to pat my own back, but this is one of those things that I think
I've earned. Anyways, I'm sure next Saturday or Sunday, you'll get to
hear all about my half-marathon down in the cities, so I'll stop until
then. On to the good stuff…

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • Barbara
    Walters is done with 20/20 after this year… I've always thought 20/20
    is an odd show because of it's Friday night time slot. Who wants to
    watch some news magazine show on Friday night? I remember back in the
    day watching TGIF (all four shows baby!) and then 20/20 would come on
    and I'd just be bummed. I don't think it's a bad show or anything, just
    kinda odd.

  • The
    one nice thing about the presidential elections – once every four
    years, everyone remembers that New Hampshire is still a state.

  • Why
    does it seem like nobody bungee jumps anymore? I remember a couple
    years ago, it was all the rage. I remember everywhere you go, someone
    would be talking about bungee jumping. I've never done it (would like
    to!), but

  • So
    I'm watching Moto X and I'm wondering to myself… how do these guys
    practice? I mean, on a skateboard or snowboard, you try a trick and
    probably fall 10 times and land it once. Then you fall 10 times and
    land it twice (and so on and so on until you've got it down…) These
    guys fall once and they are gonna be in a bodycast!

  • For
    the first time in my life (I think!), my beloved T-Wolves are ranked #1
    in the ESPN Power Rankings. Seriously… that's awesome! I just hope
    they keep it up on their tough west coast trip this week… who would
    have ever though a game vs. Denver and a game vs. Golden State would be
    considered tough? The Nuggets are 26-20 and the Warriors are 18-25
    right now though, so if the Wolves don't show up, they'll get beat.
    Friday night is gonna be a good game as well vs. the Lakers.

  • I
    think I have a new favorite sportswriter – Michael Smith from Around
    the Horn. As I've said before, I'm a fan of almost every single
    sportswriter on that show, but every single time Michael Smith is on, I
    gotta cheer for him… plus he's got good taste in music. As does Max
    Kellerman for that matter – not a whole lot of celebrities favorite cds
    of all time include Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and Paid in Full
    by Eric B. and Rakim.
  • Apparently,
    my county is the worst county in the state as far as fatalities and
    serious injuries due to DWI's… as someone who's never driven if he's
    had more than two drinks, I'd like to say a big thank you to all my
    fellow people of Ottertail county… seriously, 20 deaths and 58
    injuries in rural Minnesota is WAY to high for one year.
  • So
    the total is in – we got 17 inches of snow total with a possibility of
    about 3" more by tomorrow. I was going to go snowboarding today, but I
    got called into work which I was very happy about. Anyways, I'm
    thinking about going out on Sunday of this week… I have to make it
    out one of these days, though!
  • Curb
    Your Enthusiam was absolutely hilarious last night. The weatherman
    predicted rain for the next day and then it didn't. Larry saw the
    weatherman and the golf course and he figured that the only reason the
    weatherman predicted rain was so he could have the golf course to
    himself the next day. Honestly, only Larry David could think of this…
  • Keyshawn
    Johnson is in trouble for threatening to kill his ex-wife's new
    boyfriend. I heard one of the tapes and it's pretty harsh… anybody
    agree that Keyshawn went from being a playmaker for the Super Bowl
    champs to being a character in Playmakers?
  • Andre
    Emmett is now my new favorite basketball player… Unbelievable. I read
    a story about how he missed a morning practice and in order to stay on
    the team, Bobby Knight made him run 1500 down-and-backs on a basketball
    court within three days. When they figured it out, they made him run
    53.4 miles over three days. AND he had to go to class and still
    practice. In case you were already forgot, this was for accidently
    missing one practice. That dude is seriously committed…
    T-Wolves: please draft this guy next year!
  • Here's
    a thought… isn't it more likely that "intelligent life" is going to
    find us before we find them? I mean, according to all the experts,
    earth is one of the youngest planets in term of age. Wouldn't other
    cultures be smarter and more technologically advanced? It's possible…
  • So,
    I was going to talk to my sister in our computer room the other day and
    I noticed I was blocked by my sister on MSN. How cold is that?
  • Word
    on the street is that Howard Dean made some stupid speech… I've heard
    nothing about it, have you? Man, I wish they'd show that clip on tv or
    something. Or at least, I wish some comedians or something would make
    fun of him…
  • Word
    on the street is that ABC is bring back Millionaire starring Regis for
    February sweeps. Nothing like running a show during sweeps month that
    nobody wants to watch… brilliant!
  • So,
    I guess that Scott Weiland is headed back to rehab. That reminds me of
    two things… one, wow I'm suprised that Scott Weiland had a drug
    problem (yeah right) and two, I'm really going to miss all that good
    music he's been putting out lately (again, yeah right)
  • Who does a cooler "look at me point" - Rob Van Dam or He Hate Me?
  • Has
    anyone seen the movie "Thirteen?" I really want to see it, but I just
    can't decide if the reviews make it look good or if it tries to hard to
    be something it's not. The interest is sparked though, so let me have
    you take a guess what the next blind buy might be.
  • So
    I was at Walmart the other day and I saw From Justin to Kelly in the
    $5.50 bin. Honestly, Gigli may get all the pub, but this movie deserves
    the credit. I mean, it came out in theaters like 6 months ago and now
    you can buy it on dvd for $5.50. Talk about a complete and utter waste
    of time…
  • I
    really wish the Twins would *think* about trying to sign Greg Maddux. I
    honestly think they could do if for about the same price they had
    Rick Reed last year, plus he'd put butts in seats…
  • Rick Pitino – great NCAA coach. Get better soon! I truly hope it's nothing too serious…
  • I
    absolutely abuse quotation marks and whatever the (…) is called… my
    english teacher would be furious. Then again, I sit down and write just
    a ton every night, so she couldn't be too upset.

Now on to what's new with the site… I updated the running page with my weekly mileage yesterday, but I didn't link it. The forums are still going strong… the weekly topic is up in the Coffee Talk forum. The question of the week asks: what are your predictions for the year 2004? Well, that's the update for today. I also added a link to my buddy Cory's
website. If you know anybody in the sports broadcasting business, tell
them to give him a look because in about 5 years, they won't be able to
afford him! Anyways, that's what's on my mind today. Tomorrow is
another day, so make sure and come back, ya heard!

Like the fat kid in dodgeball, I'm out