As you may remember from one of last week’s posts, I have a goal of watching all 21 Wrestlemanias. Thanks to Blockbuster, I have no polished off Wrestlemania number 2. Here are a few highlights (and, of course, lowlights).

The Good

  • First of all, Ray Charles singing “America the Beautiful” was easily one of the five best pre-sporting event renditions of a song (America the Beautiful, Star Spangeled Banner, etc)
  • The match between Macho Man and George the Animal Steele was extremely entertaining.
  • Corporal Kirschner – I forgot all about that guy! He was like a poor man’s Hogan…
  • Andre the Giant beat a bunch of wrestlers and pro football players like The Fridge, Bill Fralic, and Jim Covert in a 20-man battle royal.
  • Ricky Steamboat – who I don’t think I knew as a youngster – once again proves why he was the best wrestler back in the day.
  • King Kong Bundy gets bloodied. Hogan breaks out the big leg drop for the first time in Wrestlemania history. The main event seemed to have some real heat to it.

The Bad

  • Mr. T versus Rowdy Roddy Piper had some interesting drama (read: Piper went nuts as usual), but the actual match itself was pretty boring.
  • Adrian Adonis versus Uncle Elmer didn’t do much for me.

The Ugly

  • The Fabulous Moolah versus Velvet McIntyre match was ridiculously awful.
  • No Superfly Jimmy Snuka?
  • I couldn’t stand Susan St. James, Cathy Lee Crosby or Elvira as special guest commentators.

Final Thoughts
Overall, I was a little disappointed. I was surprised at how physically big many of the wrestlers were. I guess I forgot that steroids were as highly used as they were. Anyway, the main event was good. It was by no means a bad event, but it seemed to lack some of the polish that the newer ones do. I’m excited to watch Wrestlemania 3 as I’ve never seen the Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat/Macho Man match that is so legendary. Plus, Andre versus Hogan should be good…

Overall Wrestlemania Rankings:
1) Wrestlemania 2
2) Wrestlemania 1

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • Do you think the guy from the Joe Schmo Show gets annoyed going to a grocery store and someone looks at him with that ‘how do I know this guy’ look in his/her eye. What has to be more annoying is when someone can put one and two together and calls him “Joe Schmo” constantly. Seriously, unless this guy shaves his head and goes on Jenny Craig, he has to have been sentenced to a life of being known as “that schmuck from that show on Spike TV.”
  • Speaking of reality stars, can you imagine being a classmate of Trishelle Cannatella and seeing her at her 10-year reunion. I mean, even if she was maybe “the flirty girl from high school,” there is just no way that anyone would be able to look at her with any dignity. Seriously, how many people has this girl slept with on reality television shows alone? I have no idea? Is there any way that we can get a count?
  • Dennis Rodman is in a lingerie bowl at half time of the Super Bowl. I know this isn’t shocking, but can you imagine anyone paying for this? Seriously… is anyone watching the game and decide at halftime “hmm… I’m bored. I wonder what’s on pay-per-view… a celebrity lingerie bowl featuring Dennis Rodman!’ (purchases pay-per-view). Honestly, this exchange can’t happen…
  • At a high school basketball game this week, we had the band perform. They played “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky 3. I was wondering… how long do you think this song will remain popular as a pump up song? Will my kids be listening to this song when they are in high school athletics in 20-some years from now? What kind of legs does this tune have? I honestly can’t see this song going anywhere anytime soon…
  • Speaking of sports, I feel almost guilty for not talking about them enough. Anyway, my thoughts on the Wally/Kandi for Davis/Blount trade. Wally had to go. I went to a game versus the Suns in December and it was just blatantly obvious that playing with Wally must have been miserable. He looks like that kid from high school who was only worried about how many points he scored. By the way… I know this kid went to your high school. There was one at every high school. Anyway, the trade isn’t going to turn either team into a contender. Davis, once a headcase, has seemed to clean up his act. I see him becoming a solid player who is going to be penciled in the starting lineup for the next 5 years. I do like that for the first time since the JR Rider era, we have a potential dunk contest entrant. I see Blount having a good rest of the year and then getting lazy and turning into a dog for the remainder of his contract. Wally will be loved by the Celtics fans for about a year because he’ll have flashes of greatness plus as much as they’ll deny it, Boston sports fans typically love an above-average white athlete. He won’t make them a better team, though.

    If you’re out on your bike tonight, do wear white,