What's going on everybody? I had a busy day today, so this update is
going to be short. It's pretty late and I'm needing my sleep! Anyways,
only two work days left until I can head to the Cities. I'll be fine on
Saturday once I get my race packet and can get all my clothes and
everything laid out. The good news is I was super busy at work today
and it's looking like the next couple days are going to be pretty crazy
as well. That'll help me get through the day. I don't know exactly what
it is, but I just go crazy for about the week before a
marathon.<br>You might have noticed that the site looks a little different. I
completely upgraded the website today which really didn't go as
smoothly as I thought it would. It probably took me about 5 hours or so
tonight to get everything completely working the way I wanted it to
work, but that's alright because I'm very happy with where the site is
right now. I have plenty of room to do some of the cool stuff I'd like
to do, but at the same time it's working and relatively easy to work
Here's a little look at what I'd like to do before the week is over.
Tomorrow, I'd like to make a unique update that basically will serve as
a "everything you'd ever need to know about the Twin Cities Marathon
2004" update. I'm going to talk about my goals and strategies for the
race. I'm also going to include some sort of Twin Cities viewer guide
which will serve as a guide to watching the Twin Cities Marathon with
an emphasis on where the best spots to catch me might be. Saturday, I'm
not 100% sure that I'll get an update in. I have a pretty busy day –
the race expo is in the morning and then I'm also going to the
Minnesota Gophers college football game at  night. Sunday, of
is race day, so I definitely encourage you to come back Sunday night or
Monday morning to check out my post-marathon update which I can promise
will be a big one. Also, sometime I'm going to get my review for Star
Wars Trilogy up… it would've been up sooner, but there is just a TON
of stuff to watch. I'm not even to the extra disc yet, but I mean
you've got three 2 hour movies that I've watched normally and then
again with the commentary so we're already talking about 12 hours. It's
been just nostalgic being able to finally watch these flicks again,
Anyways, like I said it's late and I'd like to get to bed. I'll try to
have a longer update tomorrow, but sometime I've gotta sneak in a run
(skipped today, but I was kinda planning to skip one day this week for
a long time) and I've also gotta get all my stuff packed so I can leave
right after work on Friday.

<p>If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white,<br>