I've gotta be running in just a few hours, so I'm gonna make this short
and sweet – much like I said earlier. Anyways, it was a great day that
will go down in the history of great days. Why you ask? Well, I'm the
proud owner of a "fiddy tree" inch high def projection television. You
honestly don't know how long I've been waiting for this
day! Seriously… I'm just pumped. It kinda stinks because I have to
wait until tomorrow to turn it on because it needs to warm up to room
temperature. I promise I'll have pictures of "the big guy" in action
tomorrow, though.
Other than that, I'll I really did today was
watch the beginning of the American Chopper marathon this morning. My
buddy Swen got me into that show – probably my favorite reality show on
all of television right now.

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • The
    funniest thing on all of television (aka Triumph the Insult Comic
    Dog) is under attack from the Canadians. I'll tell you what Canada…
    in case you haven't realized this, Conan O'Brien's show is this little
    genre we Americans like to call "comedy." Honestly, he's made fun of
    absolutely anyone and everyone in America. I don't get what the big
    deal is… you are taking offense to a puppet!
  • I
    read an article today that said "Ray Romano Makes Film Debut." Funny
    because I'm pretty sure I remember him being in Ice Age. While it may
    be animated, I'm pretty confident that it's still considered a film…
  • I
    read another article that was titled "CBS Apologizes for Indian-Motif
    OutKast Number." I'm sorry, but just because they dressed up like
    Native Americans doesn't mean they are being offensive. I'm pretty sure
    that Kid Rock didn't have to apologize to the people of Wyoming or
    Montana for pretending to be a cowboy. While I think I'm kinda
    sensitive to racial discrimination, there is a point where you have to
    think 'I'm sorry, but that was NOT offensive.' People are too sensitive
    these days…
  • I
    was looking up info on the upcoming Cannes Film Festival online today
    to see if there were any movies I was interested on seeing. You know
    it's weird… if you would've told me in high school I'd be more
    interested in the Cannes Film Festival than the new Sandler movie that
    just came out, I'd tell you that you're insane. It's funny how things
    change, isn't it?
  • Speaking of films, Lord of the Rings is still in the top 10? How awesome is that?!?
  • Presidents Day is another one of those holidays that you just don't realize is a holiday, isn't it?
  • I
    was looking at the top 25 poll for college basketball… each week I
    look at in an figure Minnesota has gotta sneak in there sometime, but
    nope… no deal! What a disappointment…
  • It's
    still hard to hate Alex Rodriguez because he's been one of my favorite
    players for years, but this trade has just got me bummed. Oh well, I'm
    still cheering for the Sox (Red, not White!)

know it's been a short entry for the last couple days… I've been
doing a lot of stuff with the new and kinda sorta improved website that
should be up about Wednesday or Thursday. I'll keep you up to date.
Anyways, I've gotta do some moving and other stuff, plus like I said I
gotta run 12-miles early tomorrow. I didn't get my run in today because
of the tv, but I'm gonna switch today with next Sunday for my day off,
so I should be fine… Anyways, as reported yesterday, this week's Coffee Talk forum is dedicated to old school videogames. Everyone loves old school videogames…

Peace out,