yo! What's happening? I'm getting excited… tomorrow is the state
basketball tournament. Almost nobody who reads this will understand how
much state basketball means to me. It's like my Christmas (or Hanukah
or Kwanza or whatever floats your boat…) Tomorrow is one of those
days where I actually look forward to waking up. You know how when you
were a kid, you'd wake up at Christmas and immediately realize that you
are awake and there are presents under the tree? That's the way I'll be
when I wake up tomorrow. I'm going to wake up around 6 and go running
at 6:30. When I get back, it's a quick shower and shave and then the
boys should be showing up. I'm taking two of my seventh and eighth
grade basketball players down. Their dad is the principal at the school
my dad used to be at, so they know each other pretty well. They both
have a meeting tomorrow, so I said I'd take the boys down to the
cities. I figure they're the big winners – they get to watch more
basketball and they get to miss an extra day of school. I still don't
know what we are doing and where we are meeting and all the little
details like that, but I don't even care. I just can't wait to get down

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • I
    absolutely despise talking to people with bad cell phones. I honestly
    wonder if some people go to a cell phone store and ask "Which phone is
    going to sound the most like a terrible AM radio station?"

  • Is the word "vanilla flavored" an oxymoron? Honestly?
  • I'm pumped – the last two days I was running outside for the first time of year with just shorts… bring on summer!
  • Did any of you see the Jamaal Magloire game winner? Possibly the ugliest buzzer beater of all time?
  • I'm
    kinda bummed – I guess Dr. Dre is giving up on his Detox album. I was
    really looking forward to that. While I know it would get played to
    death (much like 2001 and any Eminem cd), I really think he does some
    quality work. I was kinda expecting it might come out like next summer
    maybe… just as a side note, I think Dre & Snoop's first albums
    are some of THE best summer music to roll around to.

  • Hehe
    – some guy called me at work today and kept calling the McAfee
    Anti-Virus Macguyver… I think one of the funniest things about my job
    is listening to people misuse terminology. Ya know… someone will call
    up and say "I was trying to download the Internet…" or something that
    just sounds funny to anyone who's a bit tech saavy. It must be how I
    sounded when I went to Mexico last year and tried to order food…

  • Forgive
    me if I've already written about this. I'm getting old and senile…
    not really, but anyways. Read in the paper the other day that Donald
    Trump is trying to trademark the term "you're fired." I wish him luck
    even though my boy Cosmo Spacely has been saying the term for 40+ years
    to George Jetson. If Donald Trump is going to trademark any term, it
    should be "bad combover"… or "attractive daughter" By the way, why
    didn't George ever try to get a job at Cogswell Cogs? They seemed to
    run a pretty tight ship, plus the boss looked more like a boss than a
    midget with a bad mustache.

  • Things
    that just don't make sense to me: sugar-free Red Bull and Diet Mountain
    Dew. Isn't the point of drinking a Red Bull to get amped up on sugar?
    It's not like it tastes good to start with or anything. I could
    *really* go off on Diet Mountain Dew, but I have a bandwidth
    restriction and I'd end up going over (well – not really, but…) I
    just don't get Diet Mountain Dew – it tastes nothing like regular
    Mountain Dew… I can't decide if it tastes like a bad "citrusy" (no
    way that's a real word) tap water or the most dilluted form of soda
    ever invented.

  • Speaking
    of which, giving up pop for lent is going well. Part of me think I
    might just stick with it… maybe have the occassional Code Red, but
    I'm more of a Gatorade fan anyways. Plus, I used to go through like a
    case a pop in a week and now I a case of Gatorade lasts me close to a
    month. I think that kinda relates to how I used to be fat and now I
    look almost sickly (again)…

  • I
    like the Lady Gopher's especially Lindsay Whalen… I just think it's
    nice knowing that that she's here to play four years of basketball. I'm
    all for being able to go pro as soon as you can get paid, but it's just
    taken all the fun out of men's college basketball. Take a look at all
    of the players who *could* be playing in this years tournament. Let's
    start with the would-be seniors: Darius Miles, DeShawn Stevenson, Eddie
    Griffin, Rodney White, Gerald Wallace, Zach Randolph, Omar Cook, Alton
    Ford, Chris Wilcox, Caron Butler, Jared Jeffries, Qyntel Woods, Marcus
    Taylor, Dwayne Wade, Chris Kaman, Mike Sweetney, Jarvis Hayes, Luke
    Ridnour, Mario Austin, Doug Wrenn… juniors: Kwame Brown, Tyson
    Chandler, Eddy Curry, DeSagna Diop, DaJuan Wagner, TJ Ford, Rick
    Rickert, Josh Powell… Sophomores: Amare Stoudamire, Lenny Cooke,
    DeAngelo Collins, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh… Freshman: LeBron
    James, Travis Outlaw, Ndubi Ebi, Kendrick Perkins, and James Lang. Out
    of that whole list, I'd say only Carmelo, LeBron, Zach Randolph, and
    Amare are the only players who I would consider "good" NBA players
    right now. It would be so sweet if maybe like 10 or 15 or more of these
    borderline talents would've stayed in college. I honestly think the
    only players I've seen during the NCAA tournament that might make the
    All-Star team one day are Emeka Okafor and Chris Paul. There are a few
    other players (Ben Gordon, Luol Deng, Rashad McCants) who I think will
    make fine pros, but the talent pool just seems like it's sucked a
    little dry right now.

  • Another
    headline I read today: Exercising to Music May Make You Smarter. Well,
    I exercise more than most and I listen to music more than most, so I
    *should* be a genious. I dunno… I can't decide where I stand on my
    own intelligence. Somedays I think I'm the smartest person around, and
    somedays I'm convinced I'm this close to being Corky from Life Goes On.
    But anyways, this article is dedicated to all you uppity runners who
    get mad because I wear headphones when I race.

  • Speaking
    of which, I'm pumped… I got my headphones back! How great is that?
    Nike actually sent me a brand-spanking new MP3 player in the box and
    everything. I can't wait to get back to running with my nice MP3 player
    as opposed to my dad's crappy mp3 player that can only hold like 20
    songs. The battery is charging right now and I'm gonna throw some good
    new stuff (N.E.R.D, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Motion City Soundtrack…
    whatever) on there.

  • Speaking
    of running (I'm on a "Speaking of…" kick right now – apologys!), I'm
    planning on running the first 12-15 (or so) miles of the Twin Cities
    Marathon that I sucked it up at last year. Anyways, I've been having a
    great last two weeks of running. I did 40 last week and right now I'm
    at 21 miles already and I should end up with around 45-48 this week
    which is great. Well on my way to running a solid marathon… hopefully!

  • I'm
    a runner, but even I think this is ridiculous. The Kenyan national team
    has won 18-straight cross country championships in a row… six years
    ago after winning their 13th straight men's team title, Runners World
    proclaimed it the greatest streak in the history of sports. The history
    of sports? What about UCLA? The Celtics? The Yankees? Me vs. anyone in
    World Series Baseball 2K3?

  • Michelle
    Kwan is still an amateur athlete… wow. That's kinda crazy – I'm no
    genious when it comes to figure skating, but I think it'd be hard to
    make bank if you're an amateur for over a decade. Oh well, I've proven
    that you can live comfortably without having much money. I'm probably
    one of the only people in America who owns close to the value of my
    yearly salary in dvd's and audio/video/computer equipment. Two
    computers, a 53" HDTV, a 27" bubble screen tv, a 20" Flat screen (no,
    not dlp, plasma or lcd!), a dvd player, surround sound, a personal
    video recorder (everyone needs one of these!), and a whole ton of

  • I
    was watching Vertigo today… seriously – I've seen that movie a couple
    times and I still get dizzy when Hitchcock does that zoom in and pull
    out effect.

  • That's
    it for today! I figured I might miss one of the next couple days
    because I'm gone. You never know, though, because I am bringing my
    laptop with me. Hopefully they have free high speed in the rooms… if
    not, I might pick up a wireless card and try to find a "free"
    connection. I'm sure that won't be tough in downtown Minneapolis.

since I haven't done a update on my thoughts on the website, I thought
I'd take the opportunity to say what I think is up. Sometime (probably
tomorrow or Friday), I'm gonna crack 4000 hits. That's sweet! I'm
really proud of the work I do on this site. I'm also proud of how
popular the forums have become… up to almost 800 posts and growing at
a pretty steady rate. I'm really hoping that I can keep posting 5-6
days a week for a long time to come. If you've enjoyed the site, I
thank you for coming back again and again. If not… well, it's like my
friend Ryan once said – I'm not here to make friends. I don't think too
many people have beef with what I write, though.

If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white,