What up everybody! I’m back again and hopefully not as boring as ever. It’s ya boy, Brent D… D and that’s me in the place to be. Slick Rick fans (all 4 of ya!) should enjoy that obscure reference. Anyways, it’s a beautiful day in Minnesota and I have spent approximately 5 minutes outside. 1 minute with the dog and about 4 minutes going back and forth from the house to my car to work. Bummer, I guess… what can ya do though?

Tomorrow should be nice out… I think I’m gonna wake up a little early and head over to DL to run around the lake. Haven’t decided if I’m going to do the full 12 or just 10. You wouldn’t believe how many of my friends rag on me when I say something like that. To me, though, it IS “just 10”. I mean, when you’ve done 26.2, anything less than that doesn’t seem so bad. It’s like if you had to drive 3 hours every week and you got used to it, driving “only 1 hour” wouldn’t seem so bad. It’s the same with running for me… a 10 or 12 isn’t too bad and the nightly 5 that I do is just easy.

Let’s see, so what else is new? Hmm hmm… well, still on the whole “running idea”, I set up my marathon training schedule for Grandma’s. If I do the training exactly as it is written, I’m gonna guarentee myself a pretty good finish in the marathon. For my Twin Cities Marathon, I topped out at around like 40-42 miles per week, average around 25-30. For Grandmas, I’m going to be starting at 53 and topping out at 70, averaging 61.4. I’m guessing, since I know I will have to miss a day here or a day there, my average will end up being just short of 60, but still that should be an improvement. I gotta cut like an hour and 49 minutes of my time to reach my eventual goal of running in the Boston Marathon. That would seriously be huge for me. Running my first marathon would be big, but running in a race that only the best of the best can qualify for – that would be so money!

Ok, no more junk that no one else but me cares about! Promise! (well, maybe) I made a Christmas list for my mom last night. I don’t know why I even bother to do it because she never gets anything on it. I hate my mom’s attitude from like September thru January. She doesn’t want me to buy anything. “Put it on your Christmas list!” The thing is, she *never* gets me like the “big things” on my Christmas list. Like, she was kinda mad that I got an iPod a couple weeks ago. Thing is, she’s morally against spending $500 on a Christmas present for me, which I don’t have a problem with. I just get frustrated when she gets mad at me for buying stuff for myself when she *knows* she’s not gonna buy it anyway! Even in January, when I go out and buy something nice, which I usually do because I get some Christmas money plus when I was going to school, I worked extra over break so I actually had some fundage. Anyways, I usually get something nice for myself and my mom kinda freaks out at me. “Why do you need to be buying fancy stuff for yourself… You just got Christmas presents!” To illustrate my point better… my freshman year of college, I wanted a TV for our dorm room cuz the only tv’s I had was a 13-inch (which you KNOW you can’t watch anything on!) and a 19-inch tv that is actually older than me. So, I didn’t get a tv for Christmas. Instead, my big present is one of those fancy little scooters that the dumb kids used to roll around the neighborhood in. Anyways, I buy the tv for myself with money and gift certificates and my mom gets kinda upset that I spent a bunch of money on myself after I just got presents… I’m not gonna lie, I don’t get it. I love my mom to death, but I never will get it. And it’s not just my mom that is that way… I think any “motherly figure” has kinda the same general “thing” going. Well, must get back to doing some important stuff. Talk to ya all later. If you have any questions, comments or concerts, drop a note!

Love, peace and nappiness,