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Forum Handle: Turfy
Real Name: Rob Russell
Age: 35
Do you use social media (Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Etc.)
facebook-smallFacebook Rob Russell
Location: Redmond, Oregon
Years Running: 1 year
Family? I started dating my wife as a junior in high school. Luckily, I was smart enough to realize at such a young age that she displayed the characteristics and values that I wanted in a wife and mother of our future children. We married at 21 years of age and have never looked back. Andrew was born two and a half years ago and is a jumping, running bundle of energy. I feel very fortunate to share my life with Stephanie and Drew and will continue to focus the majority of my energy and time on them.
Describe your running history? I have always enjoyed college football season. However, last September I had probably spent too much time watching football and drinking beer. I felt like I had gained a little too much weight and was feeling a little old. I decided to do something about it and joined the Redmond Running Klub (RORK). I met some great people and ran with some good runners who told me about an upcoming 5k. I started training for the first time in my life and a month and a half later ran an 18:41. I loved the competition and feeling the adrenaline at the starting line. After that race I was totally hooked.
Favorite Place to Run? Trail running at Juniper Trailhead is by far the most relaxing and tranquil place I run. I love the scenery, the solitude and the challenge of trail running. I leave my cell phone behind and just enjoy the time to myself.
Favorite Workout? The 6 mile tempo. I enjoy running fast and I always feel like the 6 mile tempo is helping me improve.
Worst running habit? Making rookie mistakes that get me injured.
Favorite Running Shoe? Saucony Kinvara Tr
The one piece of gear or apparel you can’t go without: My Garmin.
Favorite Race you’ve run: My first overall win at the Sunriver Half Marathon.
Pre-Race Meal? Bagel with Peanut butter and jelly.
Post-Race Celebration? I love drinking beer and talking with fellow competitors or friends and family about the race.
Favorite Runner of all-time?< don’t really know much about runners. If I’m not running, you can probably find me… With my family or playing golf, soccer or snowboarding.
Do you log your running? Yes, mapmyrun and I also keep a physical journal.
Goals for 2013? Beyond? These may sound like lofty goals, but I honestly think they are reasonable. Increase mileage safely to 60 miles per week. 5k=sub 17 10k=sub 34 HM=1:15
Anything else… I am thankful to all the guys on the sub 1:30 forum. I always appreciate the knowledge and words of encouragement that are shared on this forum.



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