Forum Handle: spilima 

Real Name: M-a-t-t S-p-i-l-i-c-h

Age: 35

Do you use social media (Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Etc.) – if so, what is your username? Not super active on twitter, but it’s the last name @twitter.com

Location: Long Island NY and Boston
Years Running: 28

Family? Wife and Daughter (she’s 7 years old)

Describe your running history? When did you start? First race? My dad was a recreational runner when I was a kid, I can remember riding along with him from when I first learned to ride a bike. I think I ran my first 5k race when I was 6 or 7. It was an arbor day race and they gave out small trees or bushes as awards. I won a bush for being the youngest running (6?) and my grandfather also won for being the oldest (he was probably 68 at the time). I was an average XC and track athlete in High School (18:05 5k pr) but lost track of running for a while after college. I never really completely stopped running, but I probably ran about 100 miles a year for a few years. I got back into running more seriously about 4 or 5 years ago and have been gradually improving my times since.

Favorite Place to Run? I love to run anywhere unique when I travel, especially trails. I love running on the beach, I try to do that every weekend in the summer. 

Favorite Workout? I really enjoy tempos and steady state runs. It just feels good to push the pace towards lactate threshold. 

Worst running habit? See above about tempo pace…. I occasionally get bored with recovery and long run pace and don’t do the easy runs easy. 

Favorite Running Shoe? Kinvara. I’ve been in them since the original. At least 5 pairs in a row. I have a pair of New Balance Minimus that I like for racing and trails, but I can’t run in them every day. 
The one piece of gear or apparel you can’t go without: My Garmin – I hate it if the watch is dead and I need to run.

Favorite Race you’ve run: NYC Marathon. It’s very crowded, but It’s an amazing experience. 

Pre-Race Meal? Pasta, but I’m not super particular there.

Post-Race Celebration? Beer!

Favorite Runner of all-time? Instead of a famous runner, I would say I’ve always looked up to runners in my family. Running is in my family’s DNA – my brother is two years older than me, I think I always looked up to him when I was in high school. His 5k PR’s are about a minute faster than mine, but mostly, I respected his mental toughness come race day. One of my first cousins is a bit younger than I, she had a *very* good collegiate career and was good enough to run with a professional training camp post-college before she was derailed by injuries, so I’m very proud of her as well. My crazy family used to have a mile race when we’d get together for reunions. Everyone would run from the young to the old, and you’d pretty much have to do a 5 flat to have a chance of being in the lead pack between my uncles, brother and I. My Dad was never fast, but he really instilled the idea that this was a sport you do your whole life in us kids. 

Do you run with music? If so, what’s on the playlist right now? No, I like the quiet of running without music.

If I’m not running, you can probably find me… Traveling, or hanging with my family.

Do you log your running? It’s on plus3network.com (That’s a cool site worth checking out, they donate $$ for each mile you run to charity)

Goals for 2013? Beyond? besides sub 90 minutes, I have this vague idea of beating my high school era PR’s. I think that would be cool. I found a scrapbook of old newspaper clippings in my parents house a while ago. This is back in the days before the internet. The best ones I was able to confirm were 40:40 in a 10k, and 18:05 for 5k, so beating these would be kind of cool…

Here’s two pictures: My daughter at a kids fun run and me finishing at cow harbor 10k (from last year)



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