Forum Handle: piwikiwi
Real Name: Andrew Straker
Age: 45
Location: New Zealand
Years Running: 3.5
Family? Hi guys. I’m married with 4 children 2 boys 2 girls from 7-16.


My 3 youngest after completing their kids marathon 40kms over 2 months and 2kms at the event.

Describe your running history I started running may 2010 at age 42 with my then 12 year old son to train him for school x country. We started with some 3 km runs and I struggled with sore knees, shin splints etc. We progressed to a massive 5km route which we basically ran all out every time. It took me about 25 mins but after a few weeks I was down to 23 mins. My sons x country came up and I jokingly offered him $250 for 1st $100 for 2nd or $50 for 3rd. He ended up winning and that motivated me to keep going.


My son at the end of a 10k. He got down to 18:07 5k and 39:05 10k but has given it away now for surfing and weights.

Our 1st race was the local City to Surf 12k ( 11.5k ). I came 113/800 or so and I was hooked. 1 year later I ran it in 44 mins for 13/800.


Finish of the City to Surf 2011

Favorite Place to Run? I enjoy running around a local landmark called Mount Maunganui. It has a beautiful undulating track beside the ocean.


Favorite Workout? I enjoy the fast tempos and VO2 stuff especially once they are over. Recently while marathon training I have got some sort of sick buzz from the 20 milers.

Worst running habit? Needing a poo 30 mins into most of my morning runs no matter how many times I go before I leave home.

Favorite Running Shoe? Nike Lunaracer 6 oz. My first pair were amazing as I had never had such a fast shoe. Now I’m kinda used to getting a new pair every couple months so dont fall in love with each pair.

The one piece of gear or apparel you can’t go without: I really enjoy my basic GPS watch. It has helped me big time in races without alot of km markers.

Favorite Race you’ve run: I guess the local half marathon which takes in 2 laps of the above Mount Maunganui track.


2013 Mount Joggers half finish time 1:23:30

Pre-Race Meal? 2 pieces of toast and honey and a cup of coffee.

Post-Race Celebration? Coke, bad food, and later beer.

Favorite Runner of all-time? NZs John Walker 1st man to run 100 sub 4 min miles and 1st man to break 3.50 for the mile.

Do you run with music?  No music.

If I’m not running, you can probably find me… on these damn forums !

Do you log your running? If so, is it online? Link?http://www.runningahead.com/logs/8da5ceb36ce1486aaea969014d5e465d

Goals for 2013? Beyond? I’ve learnt the initial improvement curve for me is leveling out and I have to keep motivated without expecting PRs every race. My biggie this year is an attempt at a sub 3 marathon which should be within my ability. If I don’t get it this time I will try again. I think sub 17 5k, sub 1.20 half, and sub 36 10k are all marginal for me but with hard work possible.

Anything else… The sub 1.30 forum and the members I have got to know motivate me daily to get out there and do better. Thanks guys.

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