Forum Handle: Phillypharm

Real Name: Matthew Nguyen

Age: 29

Do you use social media?
facebook-smallMatt Nguyen

Location: San Antonio, but hometown is Philadelphia, PA. Have also lived in Miami, FL, and Phoenix, AZ

Years Running: 2 years

Family? My parents moved to the US in 1979 with my 3 older sisters. Unfortunately, my mother passed away in 2003. I had 5 siblings growing up, but lost my older brother in 2004. My father has remarried since and now I have 2 more half sisters as well. I am dating my girlfriend of 2 years and thankfully (for us) no kids.

Describe your running history? When did you start? First race? Ran in Junior high and HS on and off. Got serious during spring track of my junior year. After my senior year I stopped running, but picked it back up after 9 years in Sept 2011. My sister told me about a 1 mile and 5k race put on by the girl scouts of San Diego at the end of September. Everyone who signed up got a free box of girl scout cookies (I picked thin mints) and the winner got 8 boxes. I tried, but came up short in the 1 mile race. The race was marked short at 0.82 miles and I only ran it in 5:27, which is somewhere around a 6:30 mile. That got the juices flowing and got me remotivated to run again. My all-time PRs are from HS. Mile 4:27, 2 mile: 9:42, 5K: 17:10.

Favorite Place to Run? Along the cost in San Diego, amazing cliffside views, the smell of the ocean, and a cool breeze.

Favorite Workout? 12×400 b/c they hurt but are over quickly.

Worst running habit? Taking the easy runs too fast.

Favorite Running Shoe? Saucony Kinvaras, I have 4 pairs of the 3s and a pair of the 4s. My favorite is the Boston Edition Kinvara 4, which I luckily found a new pair on ebay that fits.

The one piece of gear or apparel you can’t go without: My garmin 610

Favorite Race you’ve run: The first time I broke the 5 min mile. It was May 2002. My first 400 was in 73 seconds, then I let up a bit and came through the 800m at 2:31. I had to regroup and ran lap 3 in about 74 seconds, so I came through exactly at 3:45. I kicked at 400m as hard as I could, it was 95 degrees (I was always a better runner in the heat b/c I didn’t warm up well beforehand). I remember my feet burning b/c my feet sliding a bit in my spikes. I came through at 4:54. I had kicked a 69 second last lap. It was a PR for me by about 10 seconds at the time. I finished 2nd, behind my teammate, who ran 4:44 or something. That entire year I wanted to go under 5 and finally did it.

Pre-Race Meal? It’s too erratic. Sometimes I’ll just go with cereal bars, OJ with lots of pulp, and gatorade. Other days I may just have a gu and some shot blocks with gatorade.

Post-Race Celebration? I live in texas right now, so it’s beer and bbq.

Favorite Runner of all-time? Who else, but PRE!

Do you run with music? If so, what’s on the playlist right now? Just sometimes. I’ve been doing it moreso lately since I’ve been running on the dreadmill. I usually have the pandora app running, so it’s a mash of mumford and sons, bombay bicycle club, deadcab for cutie, etc.

If I’m not running, you can probably find me… At starbucks reading a good book. My last read was the The Poisoner’s Handbook and now I’m reading Unbroken. Or if not, I’m into brewing beer, so at the local craft beer bar.
Do you log your running? If so, is it online? Link? Yep, I use garmin connect.

Goals for 2013? Beyond? Big goal of 2013 was a sub 20 5K (achieved) and a sub 90 HM (pending). I ran my first HM race, the NYC half in 1:32:22. I’d also like to hit 2013 miles, and I’m currently on pace for 2050 or so. Softer goals are a sub 41 and hopefully sub 40 10k. I’d love to win a local race down the road and maybe even attempt a sub 5 mile again. If I can get my HM time down to around 1:25, I’d love to shoot for a sub 3 HM (boston qualifying for me for the next 5-ish years is 3:05).

Anything else… I find when training gets stale, it’s nice to run with a group. We’ve got some nice local running stores that do social runs. So I’ll get easy miles in that way.

On another note, my girlfriend and I would like to open our own brewery down the road. We’ve got a name picked out and logo. Tiger Ninja Brewing Company.

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