Forum Handle: Jaimegu
Real Name: Jaime Gutiérrez
Age: 41
Do you use social media (Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Etc.)

Personal blog – Link? No, But I have posted most of my race reports in the community in RW so just click my name in the forum
Location: Montreal, QC (Canada) originally from Medellín, Colombia
Years Running: 3, in this running life
Family? Married with 2 kids (Carolina, 13, and Sebastian, 8)

Describe your running history? When did you start? First race?
Since I was a kid, I practiced many sports at a recreational level (soccer, volleyball, karate, cycling, table tennis, tennis, rock climbing, bowling and many others), for me it was my main way of socializing and keep a healthy life style… But always lacked the dedication to succeed in a sport. I jumped from one sport to the other and never got serious in any.
My first running life was 16 years ago when I returned from an OJT trip to my hometown and I had gained 20 lbs. So I started running 3 times a week and playing tennis 3 times as well. I signed for a Half Marathon, but I never ran over 10K !!! I had no clue what a training plan was. Obviously the first hour was a blast, but the second not so. I finished in 2:04 if I remember well.
For this 2nd running life, I was playing soccer and volleyball before I started traveling for work. (I wasn’t the fittest guy but I had a healthy weight and stamina). At this point I couldn’t play these sports and eating in restaurants started taking its toll on me. Therefore I began running in hotels and one thing led to the other, I started reading about running. I bought some gear. And it started rolling: I got my first injury (runner’s knee), I recovered and signed for a Half marathon ( Oasis Montreal, 2011) with tuneups races (10K and 5K). The 1st race being a 10K with the hatred Hs (Hot, Humid, Hilly). I finished in 52:38.

Favorite Place to Run? Not having a lot of experience, I think Centennial Park, near home, is my favorite http://goo.gl/maps/hNKNC It has a 2K flat trail around the lake, or more when using the forest trails. It has 2 hills (around 17m high), one on each side of the lake so the loop can be peppered with hill sprints.

Favorite Workout? Any quality workout when I exceed the expectations.

Worst running habit? Being so soft with me. I finish quality workouts off pace and without giving it all… I skip days with excuses.

Favorite Running Shoe? Brooks. I started with Adrenaline and move down to Ravennas. These are stability.

The one piece of gear or apparel you can’t go without: Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch… I live and die for it. I feel like cheating if I go for a run and I don’t count the distance, pace and HR.

Favorite Race you’ve run: I have yet to find one that I fall in love with. The most scenic is Granby’s Half Marathon, but it’s a bit hilly.

Pre-Race Meal? The night before, I try to eat pasta with limited sauce. The breakfast is a bagel with peanut butter and coffee.

Post-Race Celebration? Nothing special, sometimes I just drink one or two pale ales.

Favorite Runner of all-time? When I was a kid Colombia was a continental power, and runners like Victor Mora, Domingo Tibaduiza and others use to dominate San Silvestre race (15K race in São Paulo held on Dec 31st) and other latinamerican races.

Do you run with music? If so, what’s on the playlist right now? Yes, I run with music and I put one artist and keep it for the whole workout. But let’s say Kreator (Endorama album), Sonata Arctica (Ecliptica), King Diamond (Abigail, Them, Conspirancy) , Megadeth, Metallica (from Kill’em all to Black album), Iron Maiden (Fear of the Dark, The Number of the Beast).. Not that I don’t like other stuff, this is what I have in the ipod now, with some preferences.

If I’m not running, you can probably find me… If not working, soccer related activities (playing with my kids, watching their games and trainings, in the stadium in the Ultras section, catching a match on internet), checking info about cycling

Do you log your running? I log my runs in the old Garmin Training Center, it’s local in my work PC (it started that way because of the traveling and I kept it)… I keep a backup and also started to log in sportstracks.

Goals for 2013? Beyond? sub 1h30 for the HM, sub-20 for 5K (done), sub 42 for the 10K… Beyond I also dream on a full marathon and a BQ.

Anything else… I like being part of this group as it’s supportive, it doesn’t judge but recommends, it keeps me accountable for my runs. It’s easy to learn just by reading what fellow runners post.

HM Granby Fall 2012 (mid race)

HM Becancour Fall 2012, passing 5K runners close to the finish

Wife and kids, Carolina (13) and Sebastian (8) Fall 2012 in Lac Megantic (this place suffered a huge tragedy this summer when a train carrying oil derailed and exploded)

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