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Real Name: Brent Hanson
Age: 32
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Personal blog – Link? I have multiple blogs that I update on a semi-regular to hardly-at-all frequently. Personal blog – | Running Blog – | Movie blog – | Sports blog – | Music blog –

Location: Perham, MN

Years Running: Just passed 10 years in February

Family? Been married for almost 7 years and we have a 3-year old little girl.

Describe your running history? When did you start? First race? I was frustrated in college. A lot of my friends talked about wanting to play basketball more often, but we rarely got a game together. My diet of Taco Bell, pizza, and loads of Mountain Dew wasn’t doing anything for my waistline, either. I started a 12-week training program doing treadmill, plyometrics, and weights 3 days a week at a local gym. I was terribly out of shape and would throw up during or after nearly every workout for the first few weeks. I got frustrated so I started coming in on my days off to run on the treadmill. I started with like 1 mile at 6 MPH. Then, I’d progress to 2×1 mile at 6 MPH with a break in between. 6 weeks after I started training, I ran my first ever 5k in just over 26 minutes. I started getting the running bug and actually signed up for the Twin Cities Marathon in 7 months even though I’d never run longer than a 5k. I ran my first half marathon that May in 2:02 and finished my first marathon in October in a brutal 4:59. By that point, I had full on caught the running bug. Over the next year, I put in a lot of training and improved a massive amount dropping 5 minutes of my 5k PR, 8 minutes off of my 10k PR, almost 30 minutes off my half PR and 1 hr and 33 minutes off of my marathon PR. Right around the same time, I made friends with the local cross country coach. He was relatively new in town having been here for 2 years. I started volunteering with the track team. Over the next couple years, the numbers in cross country grew from having 20-30 boys and girls out in 7-12 to having 50-65 kids out and I was offered the chance to become a paid assistant. I think this is my 8th or 9th year in that role which has been a major blessing. Both our boys and girls teams have made it to state every single year I’ve been helping out. We’ve had 2 individual state champions, 4 team championships, multiple all-state runners, and last year our boy’s team won the small school (enrollment < 500) national championship. Favorite Place to Run? I’ve got a few of them. My favorite race course is probably the Twin Cities Marathon. It’s a cool combination of urban landscapes, running around lakes and rivers, running through historic neighborhoods, and most importantly, a TON of crowd support for literally the whole race. My favorite place to run that I only kinda-sorta ran was at the Haleakala Volcano in Maui. I read about a 10 mile run you could take that looked seriously cool. My wife and I were planning on doing it, but she got a little nervous. She asked the ranger how long it would take to run it and he guessed 3-4 hours (based on the fact that most people on nature hikes took 6-8 hrs). He wasn’t a runner, though, so he had no idea. My wife kind of freaked out and instead of running 10 miles, we did like a 1.5 mile out and back. It wouldn’t have taken any more time than a normal 10 mile run. I have since talked to one guy who did it in 70 minutes (!!!) The next time I go to Hawaii, I hope to run the full 10 miler!

Favorite Workout? I like long runs. There is something about going for a 12-22 miler whether it’s outside or on the treadmill that really makes me feel good about myself. I like getting a good long run in early in the morning before my wife & daughter are up. In the winter, I really enjoying getting up early, watching some English soccer (go Arsenal!) and finishing right around the time they are just having breakfast. It makes me feel like I got my “work” in for the day and now I can go about the business of being a good husband and a good dad.

Worst running habit? Definitely running my easy days too hard. According to my last race, I should run “easy pace” around 8:43. The problem is, I don’t particularly enjoy running at that pace. I don’t have the attitude that I need to be Steve Prefontaine on every single run and squeeze every ounce of myself out of every single run. Part of the reason that I enjoy running, though, is that appreciation of feeling like you did work. I just don’t particularly enjoy spending 55 minutes on a 6 mile run that never really felt like work. I’d rather run 8 miles in 56 minutes at a pretty comfortably hard (but by no means outrageous) pace. I look at it this way… if for some reason, I couldn’t run anymore, I wouldn’t take up power walking as an activity to replace it because power walking simply just doesn’t do much for me. If running this way costs me 10-20 seconds on a given race because I didn’t do half of my training at super easy pace over the last 6 months, I can live with that because I know I’ve been happier over that same period of time running the way that I am.

Favorite Running Shoe? Two favorites right now. I’ve been through 2 pairs of New Balance 1400s and have really liked them. I’ve also had pretty good luck with some of the Nike Zoom/Streak series. I used to really like the Nike Air Streak Ekiden, Zoom Marathoner, and Streak XC. I thought the LunarSpider would be the replacement for all of those great shoes, but I really don’t particularly care for the shoe.

The one piece of gear or apparel you can’t go without: I like my GPS watch, but I’m not married to it like some others. I’d say by far the one thing I couldn’t run with is my iPod. I run 80-90% of my mileage alone and approximately 100% of those miles with earbuds in. I’m really into music, but don’t really have the time to listen to it pretty much nonstop all day like I once did. My daily run is my chance to enjoy some of the music that I love as well.

Favorite Race you’ve run: In late 2007, my wife and I bought a treadmill. I loved it because it gave me a chance to get my runs in despite a somewhat busy schedule. Over the next few months, I ran PRs at 5k, 10k, and half. I ran good races and times I felt relatively good about, but always felt like I came out of the race running a little short of what I had expected. In September, I randomly signed up for a no-longer-in-existence 10 mile race that was run mostly by a river in Fargo. I came in hoping to break 1:10 (7:00/mi pace) and wound up running 1:07:04 (6:43/mi pace) while feeling as strong as I’d ever felt. It was the one race I can ever recall where I really exceeded what I thought was possible and to this day, it’s still my favorite PR.

Pre-Race Meal? I used to be big on the carbo-loading with a full plate of spaghetti, a few Clif Bars throughout the day, etc. I’ve found that doesn’t work for me. I find I’m better off eating something normal like a footlong Subway sandwich or a few slices of choice pizza. I found when I’d go crazy with the pasta, I just wound up feeling a bit sluggish and heavy. I don’t really worry about the food, but make sure I’m pretty conscious about my water and Gatorade intake for the few days before.

Post-Race Celebration? – I certainly don’t do this up big enough.

Favorite Runner of all-time? – I think I own 5 Steve Prefontaine shirts, both movies, a few books… pretty obvious answer here. I’m a huge track and field fan, though, and really think that a TON of the runners out there right now are criminally underrated as personalities. I really feel if people followed the sport as closely as I did, they’d appreciate it infinitely more (kind of like how I felt about soccer before I started actually regularly watching soccer).

Do you run with music? If so, what’s on the playlist right now? Tons and tons and tons. If I were to make a 20 song playlist to run to right now, it’d look something like this:

Muse – Madness
Bastille – Pompeii
Youngblood Hawke – We Come Running
Voxhaul Broadcast – Leaving on the 5th
The 1975 – Tongue Tied
Foals – My Number
The Rapture – No Sex for Ben
Kendrick Lamar – m.A.A.d city
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us
P.O.S. – Half Cocked Concepts
Beastie Boys – Sabotage
Kings of Leon – Four Kicks
Thrice – Under a Killing Moon
Bloc Party – Ratchet
Foo Fighters – All My Life
Coheed & Cambria – The Crowing
Velvet Revolver – Let It Roll
Refused – New Noise
Linkin Park – Given Up
The Living End – Carry Me Home

If I’m not running, you can probably find me… Coaching or being a dad. I wish I had more time for some of my hobbies (reading, watching movies, playing videogames, etc) but it just doesn’t happen. I spent a lot of time hanging out at a family lake cabin on weekends in the summer, as well.

Do you log your running? If so, is it online? Link? Yes – I’ve been using Running2Win for a few years and really like it. Have a great iPhone app and a great, easy to use website. I also like that they let you export everything you want (just in case!) Running Log Link

Goals for 2013? Beyond? My number one goal is to run sub-1:30 for a half. I feel like I’m in good enough shape that I should do it. I have two more half marathons on the schedule this year, however the second is two weeks after I run a marathon and I’m not sure how recovered I will be. My second goal this year is to PR for a full. Currently, my PR is 3:26 and my current races/workouts/training indicate that I’m capable of much more than that! Coming into the year, though, my goal wasn’t a specific time but rather to be consistent in training which I think I have been this year.

Anything else… Really have enjoyed the camaraderie and encouragement of this forum. I read every single message that’s posted here (I get them as emails on my phone) and I really have enjoyed following everyone’s training over the last 1+ year. Whether it’s getting encouragement for running through a rough patch of training (or a surprise trip to the hospital!) or congratulations on a job well done, thank you guys for all of support and I hope I do my part in paying it forward!


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