Forum Handle: Angel 64

Real Name: Angel Amores

Age: 49

Do you use social media (Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Etc.) – if so, what is your username?
facebook-smallAngel Amores

Location: Eugene, OR

Years Running: 2.8

Family? Married for 14 years and with two sons, 12 and 6 years old

Describe your running history? When did you start? First race? My running history is quite limited, I never did any organized sports during school. A few years ago I was overweight and out of shape and wanted to do something about it. My bicycle was just stolen, so I thought that maybe running would be a good alternative. I started with the C25K program and after many months I was finally able to run 3 miles by Xmas 2010. By this time it was mostly sporadic running, one week I would run 3 miles three times a week and then I would run zero miles the next two weeks. It was the typical “I’m tired, I’ll run tomorrow”, or “it’s cold”,  “it’s rainy”, “insert excuse here, I’ll run tomorrow”. The “I’ll run tomorrow” was usually a week or two later. I wanted to run my first race in July 4th, our big 10K race in town. By the end of May I realized the race was finally coming up and I freaked out by my lack of running progress (probably due to the lack of running).  At the same time I still wanted to run the 10K under 50 minutes because that was 8 pace and both numbers sounded like nice round numbers. I decided to get “serious” and managed to run 11 mpw for the five weeks before the race. After running the first mile (all uphill) in around 10 minutes and the second one downhill in 7, I managed to finish the race in 49:35 (chip time) and I thought racing was great (although after that crazy downhill I could barely walk the week after the race). At the finish, my experienced running friends said that I wasn’t too terrible. When one of them asked me what I would do next, I said I was going to run the same race the next year at 7 pace. They all said it would be very hard to make that much progress in a single year (if possible at all), so I was motivated to try to show them wrong. I knew that consistency was going to be very important, so the first thing I did was to fill up multiple months in a calendar with all the days I was planning to run, no excuses. I also knew that I needed more mileage, and after a few of months of slowly increasing mileage, I noticed I was getting a little faster, so that also added to the motivation to keep it up. I managed to reach 30 mpw by Jan 2012, averaged 40 mpw for that year and saw some faster race times. Being consistent plus the added mileage is what made the biggest difference as far as progress.

Favorite Place to Run? Pre’s trail, nice soft bark chips surface and you often have the chance to see some elite runners.

Favorite Workout? A 14 mile run with 8 miles at MP or MP-10, it’s long enough and also have enough faster miles to make you feel like you are working for it.

Worst running habit? neglecting speed work for long periods of time.

Favorite Running Shoe? Kinvara 4

The one piece of gear or apparel you can’t go without: My Garmin, I rarely look at the pace during a run (unless I want to run a given pace), but I like to be able to automagically track my mileage and look at paces and splits after a run.

Favorite Race you’ve run: Newport Marathon, it was my first marathon and I think the execution was pretty good with a 2:58 finish.

Pre-Race Meal? I don’t eat anything special the night before and the morning of the race I generally only have a glass of water, although I had a banana the morning of the marathon.

Post-Race Celebration? I’ll eat or drink whatever they have post race, but beer is always a plus.

Favorite Runner of all-time? Living in this town I’ll have to say Steve Prefontaine.

Do you run with music? If so, what’s on the playlist right now? No music, I like running in silence.

If I’m not running, you can probably find me… Doing stuff around the house or in the back yard.

Do you log your running? If so, is it online? Link? I put all the workouts in Garmin Connect and in Running Ahead, I like looking at all the numbers, mileage, paces, effort, etc.

Goals for 2013? Beyond? For 2014 I only have the Boston Marathon in the calendar, it will be my second marathon and a PR would be nice. I would also like to PR next year at some of the shorter distances. Longer term I would like to be able to run sub 1:20 HM, sub 2:50 marathon, 17:xx 5K and 36:xx 10K. I would also like the times at most race distances to have an Age Graded score over 83%, but that will be very hard.

Anything else… I really enjoy the encouragement and camaraderie from the members of the sub 1:30 thread.

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