2013 Running Goals


A year ago, I wrote about skipping New Year’s Resolutions regarding your running. This year? More of the same. While I’m a firm believer in setting goals, the most important thing is being consistent and making steady progress. Whether this is regards to running, eating healthier, reading more or whatever your New Year’s resolution might be.

Jerry Seinfeld is credited with the “don’t break the chain” productivity secret. It’s an absolutely brilliant idea. At it’s core, the philosophy teaches you that if you have a goal, be consistent in trying to achieve that goal every single day.

This, my first running goal is born…

Goal #1 – Every week is a good running week

This is, obviously, a fairly subjective goal. At a minimum, I would like to run 30 miles per week during my “off” times and down weeks and closer to 40-50 miles per week during my higher training times. As a guy who’s got a few other irons in the fire (first and foremost, a family), this isn’t easy to do. This often means late night and early morning runs. This means logging a lot of miles on the weekends before my family is even awake. It means running 8-12 miles each and every time a new episode of “The Bachelor” airs. Last year, the longest stretch of “good running weeks” I managed to have was 11 weeks in a row with 27 out of the 52 weeks being considered good weeks. This year, I want to be more consistent in my training even if that means waking my sorry behind out of bed more often. So far this year, I’m one for one…

Goal #2 – Break 1:30 in a half marathon

Not the first year this goal has been on my list. I’ve been in very good shape before (in fact, I still think I was in sub-1:30 shape) only to run a somewhat disappointing 1:31:06. However, from 2008 until the start of 2012, I really hadn’t run to many wonderful races. In late 2011, though, I made a commitment to getting back into shape and hopefully knocking out a sub-1:30 half marathon. While I didn’t get there last year, I did get closer than I had been (1:34:53M) in four years. I’m very motivated to finally get under this mythical round number that I just know I’m capable of topping.

Goal #3 – Nail my workouts and long runs

For me, this is the key to running fast. Especially during the six months a year that I coach, I can’t possibly run every day. It’s important that I nail my weekly long run and am consistent with my workouts. A lot of my workouts during this time period are of the tempo run variety more than VO2 workouts or threshold workouts which I’ll incorporate later this spring (post basketball / pre-goal race).

Goal #4 – Watch every Timberwolves game

This might strike you as very strange, but I have watched 100% of the Timberwolves game so far this season – 90% of which while running on my treadmill. I watch a ton of basketball, but watching them while running on the treadmill allows me to combine two things that I love. Plus, it allows me to watch the games without trying to explain to my wife how that double, double-pick set Adelman drew up was unbelievable. At the very least, it gives me motivation to stay off of Twitter and wake up early no mornings where I’ve missed their games.

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