What's going on everybody? It's been a few since I did an actual
"what's going on in the life of Brent" blog entry, hasn't it? As usual,
I've been busy… busy… and… um… busy! Monday of this week I
worked, headed to basketball practice, got a quick bite to eat and then
hopped on a bus for an hour up to Glyndon, MN for a JV basketball game.
JV Basketball has been interesting this year. All of the kids on the
team have some talent and probably will have a shot to play varsity
next year if they put some work in, but they haven't grown up playing
together, they don't practice together often, and they've only had a
few games. Anyways, they did an excellent job on Monday and beat a
pretty tough DGF team. Tuesday night, we had a home game against Lake
Park/Audobon. Much like during my high school tenure, they don't have
much of a team and we wound up winning 70-23.
As I'm writing this, I'm starting to realize that most of the stuff
worth writing about is actually stuff going on in lives of the people
around me. Weird…
Anyways, I got a call around 11:30 on Tuesday night from my friend Jeff
who is now the proud papa of a baby girl named Maya. I went and visited
them in the hospital and she is quite possible the smallest baby I've
ever seen at only 5-1/2 pounds. Very cute, though! Afterwards, I headed
to Walmart to get my sister a birthday present and also to pick up baby
gifts for Maya and also one for my friend/co-worker Josh and his wife
who is due anyday. I came to a realization. I'm good at picking out
movies. I'm good at picking out electronics. I'm not half-bad at
picking out food. I am absolutely terrible at trying to find a gift for
a baby.
In the past year, I've bought my first wedding gift and my first baby
gifts. I've also bought a house. I no longer feel like the
free-from-responsibilities-twenty-something that I most certainly was
about three years ago. Brent from three years ago would tell you that
the Brent of today is boring. It doesn't really matter, though, because
I'm really content with everything. Coaching basketball has been
nothing but great. I still really enjoy my job. After a year and a half
in the same compnay, that's not bad. I've heard horror stories about
burnout and job-related stress, but I honestly wake up every morning
and I don't at all dread going to work like I used to dread going to
school or college.
I know I just mentioned it in passing today and did a full blog entry
about it a couple weeks ago, but I am super-excited about my house.
I've had a chance to see the inside three times now and I'm really just
mentally planning what I want to do. A little paint in the kitchen
would make it look very fresh. I have no idea what color, though.
People with taste – what's a good "kitchen color?" I'm almost as lost
in the paint aisle as I am in the baby aisle. As I was driving up to
work today, I was thinking of things that I could do to one unfinished
room in the basement. I don't know where, but I want the walls in one
room of my house to be decorated in black and white sports art. I'm
thinking black & white framed pictures of all the athletes I
consider the greats – MJ, Muhammed Ali (and possibly this Ali poster as well…), Steve Prefontaine, Billy Mills, Jackie Robinson, Lance Armstrong… guys like that.

More to come tomorrow… I ran outta time and have to go to bed!

If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white,