Rocktober – Day 9 – Mona

Ever since I was a child listening to rock radio playing incredibly hard songs by incredibly hard bands my parents wouldn’t let me listen to (such as Poison and White Snake), I’ve hated the term “Rocktober.” However, since it’s October and rock music is no longer popular and/or relevant, I’ve decided I’m going to give you ten (or so) songs per day by a new(ish) band you might not have heard of.

A few weeks ago, when I named Mona’s self-titled debut the TunezUalbum of the week, I proclaimed that Mona is a band I could see, given the correct exposure, blowing up like Kings of Leon or The Killers did a few years ago. It might be no surprise that 2-1/2 months later, I don’t feel any differently. I first saw them open for Airborne Toxic Event, both my wife and I agreed they’d be worth a trip down to the Cities to see on their own. I hope to see them soon.