“…and I don’t really care if you don’t like me, cuz I don’t like you cuz you’re not like me”

Who’d have ever thought my words of inspiration today would come from the Bloodhound Gang (of all bands!!!) Ah well… anyways, it’s Saturday morning… I guess it would actually be “late afternoon” technically since it’s like 5:00, but to tell you the truth, I live a different schedule as the rest of the “real world.” My parents used to really get on my case for sleeping in, but honestly… if I get 8 hrs a sleep in a row, does it matter what 8 they are? I mean, there are more things for my parents to do in the morning than they are for me. When I go home, they’ve already made breakfast, done all these odd jobs, worked out, and much more by the time I wake up… and that’s a big deal to them. Well, next time they do that I should be like “Well, after you went to bed, I went out to eat, played videogames, watched a movie and went to three different “social gatherings” if you will…” I hate people that make you try to feel lazy because you act a certain way. Like a lot of people call me lazy cuz I don’t have a job. Well, I’ve had a job non-stop since I was in like 9th grade and this is the first time I haven’t. I dunno… I could work a couple hours a week and maybe have an extra $25-50 to fatten my pockets. But I *HATE* missing out on stuff because I have to work. My friend Jocelyn works at Best Buy and I was in today (to spend money I don’t really have… haha) and she was telling me I should apply at Best Buy. Now, I’ve always thought it would be kinda cool to work at Best Buy because I would DIE to get dvd’s and cd’s and all that at the price they SHOULD be, but I don’t think I’ll even apply there. Best Buy is a big enough place that you’re not gonna get the days you need off. And I don’t care where you work, it’s almost impossible to find someone to work for you. So I could see myself missing out on deer hunting (which is like my bonding time with Grandpa… He loves me going, so I’ll keep doing it), Thanksgiving or even my trip over Christmas to Texas. At first my parents would be so proud – “Oh, our son finally got a job.” But how happy do you think they’d be when they figure out that I’m gonna have to miss out on some big important family event. Plus, I’ve been very good about my financing this year. I don’t spend very much money other than food and about $25 a week on various expenses (usually something like going out to eat or going to a movie or something…) I dunno… plus I HAVE to get a internship for next semester and I don’t have any idea whether or not that’s going to pay or not. Non-payed internships are seriously the biggest crock ever. What am I, a slave or something? I mean, you find me a company who can’t afford to pay an intern, most of whom already have a CLUE about what they are doing, and I’ll find you a company that I have almost no respect for. I mean, god bless Meritcare cuz they saved my life a little over a year ago, but they were offering an internship in their IT department a while ago and it wasn’t paying. Not only was it not paying, you had to pay $30 for a background check if you got hired… Are you frickin kidding me? We got the bill back from my heart problems and all in all, my insurance sent about $200,000 to them for a one week worth of surgery, a couple odd tests and one pretty major surgery. $200,000 is a TON of money, I don’t care who you are. So to tell me a company that makes that much money off of just one person can’t pay somebody like myself who is 3 classes away from being a so-called “professional” at least $5.15 an hour is bush league. And there is NO reason why they can’t pay the $30 for you. I mean, I’m required to do 150 hours worth of interning or something like that. I don’t know if I’m ready for “the real world” because I think I’m too opinionated to handle “corporate America.” Plus today I read on the Internet that the FBI is warning that the next attack on America is going to be bigger than the last one. Day-um… what is this world coming too? They kill us, we kill them… what does it solve? I think the same bullies who picked on me in elementary school on the playground are the same people making the decisions that affect each and every person in this country because that’s the mentality I see. Honestly, I’ve thought long and hard about moving to Vancouver, Canada (a nice city plus it’s close to Seattle which is another nice city). I mean, then I don’t have to worry about health care. Something like 1000 people a year get murdered in the USA whereas 58 did last year in Canada, so it’s obviously much safer. (I could be wrong there, but I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere). And also, I don’t have to worry as much about my kids having hooves from the radiation or some other kind of chemical poisoning or something like that. I dunno, this is kinda a pretty in-depth topic for a Saturday morning… I mean afternoon. I was gonna write about my girl problems or something else that I have to complain about. Like losing $27 in poker last night… day-um. But now all that doesn’t seem so serious… Ah, I need to go numb my overactive brain with some video games. Talk at ya again tomorrow.