Paper Tiger by Tom Coyne

I don’t think I’m alone in having the idea “…if I quit my job for one full year and focused on one particular thing, how good could I get.” I’ve had the idea with marathon running, basketball, and a ton of other things. I haven’t done it because:

a) I don’t hate my job…

b) I enjoy making payments on loans and NOT defaulting on my home mortgage

c) I’d prefer to stay married

d) Honestly – 12-16 hours a day focused on any one thing sounds like a real grind.

There is a saying that goes something like “…those who can’t do, coach.” Changing a few choice words, the saying – after reading Tom Coyne’s book “Paper Tiger” – would say “…those who can’t attempt, read.”

Tom Coyne was an above average golfer who has spent a few years with the sticks in the garage. This sounds familiar because I was once an average to slightly above average golfer who just recently took the sticks out of the garage after basically an 12-year hiatus. One day, Tom has the inkling to find an answer to the question “…if I had access to a golf course every day for a year, practiced all the time, and had a personal swing coach/trainer/golf psychologist, would I have what it takes to make it through PGA Q-School?” (end of extremely run-on sentence).

It takes about 300 pages for the reader to get the answer, but I found it was the journey that I enjoyed. It was interesting to hear the highs and lows followed by the unexpected conclusion that was unexpected and yet extremely fitting at the same time.

You may have noticed that I’ve reviewed two golf books in a row. Don’t be shocked… this is how I read. I’m not a fan of reading football books in March, basketball books in August, or baseball books in December. Out of every ten books I read, at least 7-8 are sports books and the rest probably have to do with movies, music, tv, or something along those lines. I’d estimate I read 1-2 fiction books per year. It’s been my reading style since I was a kid and I’m sure it will continue to be for quite some time. That being said, if you have a book that I just *have* to check out, let me know.