Just a quick little one today…

   I should’ve finished all my labs (5) at school today, but I was kinda in a bumming around mood so I only finished 2. What can ya do? I got a lot of work done on my youth director’s website. Their new CD came out this week, so I’m actually kinda excited. I’ve had the CD since August since I’m cool like that, but at least now other people will get to hear it. Definitely good stuff. My youth director, Erin, is seriously just incredibly musically talented. He has a pretty cool voice too. He can sing like old-school Nirvana and Pearl Jam songs really awesome… it’s funny to see him do it.

   Anyways, tonight I’m going to the dance in Crookston and then to Matt’s dorm. Should be fun except I’m a wee-bit paranoid about visiting Matt. Today he’s like “What do ya wanna do?” I really don’t care so I was like whatever. First thing he says “Mind if I get stoned cuz I don’t really drink anymore.” Hmm… I guess I don’t really care but I always get paranoid. I always have this nightmare about being in some dorm room when they get caught smoking weed or something and my name gets plastered all across the news or something like that. “College student Brent Hanson arrested under possesion of a controlled substance” or something like that. I’d be so pissed cuz I could just totally see some bs thing like that happen to me even though I have never and will never do weed. Almost all my friends have tried it and even the few that haven’t, I can guarentee a couple will soon. My roommate has been oh-so-close a lot of times, so I know some night when he’s really drunk or something one of our friends will get him to do it. And that’s fine… I respect other people’s privacy. I mean, I’m so used to being around it because of all my friends, it’s almost weird. I just don’t understand when something like weed or alcohol or anything absolutely takes over someone’s life. I could never let myself get to that point. I guess people are different and I’ll never understand why other people do the things they do just like nobody (including me!) will ever understand myself.

   Haha – I got kill like 3 hours before I’m leaving for Crookston. I might watch a movie or something. Sitting here right now is reminding me why I NEED to get out because this is boring. Sitting around all day is NOT good for the mind or the body… haha. Actually, I think my days of doing nothing for a living are coming to a close. This weekend, I’m doing all the stuff I just talked about. Next weekend, it’s Thanksgiving so I get to go hear from all my friends from high school. It’s funny cuz every year, it gets exaggerated more and more. I mean, everyone tries harder and harder to impress everyone else and I just kinda sit back and laugh. Even though we’re all outta high school, it’s still clique-y and everyone still tries to act better than everyone else. Haha – what a joke. The weekend after that… NERF frickin HERDER!!! Haven’t seen ’em in concert since I went to them my senior year of high school. My first actual rock concert… A/Nerf Herder/Bloodhound Gang. The tickets are like dirt cheap but it’s a frickin haul… Cedar Falls Iowa or something. Oh well, I might go hang out with my friend Jenn that weekend… she goes to school in (and on the opposite side of) Iowa.

   Anyways, one last thing… I think I have a stalker. It’s a girl I met through hotornot.com. She payed the however many dollars just so she could get my email address. That should’ve been the damn red flag right there, but anyways. I talked to her on MSN a few times and then she called me… got my phone number off of MSN. Then, slowly but surely, the decline started. She got a little less-and-less fun to talk to and a little more-and-more annoying. Then she got a little more-and-more creepier. From the like the moment I started talking to her, she was like “When are you coming to visit me” or “When can I hear you play guitar” (and on and on…) I was like “Uh, I dunno” knowing full well that I’m not gonna drive to go see her. Now, last week, she all but asked me out over MSN. Asking out a person you’ve never met… are you frickin’ kidding me? I mean, how desperate could one get? So anyways, after that incident, I decided someone needed to be placed on the “block list.” And I didn’t have to talk to her, which was all good. I normally don’t block people… there is nobody else on my block list. Blocking is a bad thing to do… reserved for only the direst of circumstances. So, I’m going about my business, but I’m paranoid. Cuz I know she has my address… she sent me a card once (yeesh…) because she got my address from the signature in my email. So, I’m just thinking I am frickin screwed, ya know. Just imagining crazy stuff happening like her just showing up at my doorstop and saying “Surprise” someday. Anyways, end of story – last night, she calls my cell phone at like 1 AM. I, obviously don’t answer cuz yeah, I have no desire to talk to her. Leaves a message (and I know it was her) saying “Hi, this is Christa’s friend Katie…” Hmmm, yeah I’ll bet. So I’m like, what the hell? So I unblock her just for a bit to see what the hell the deal was because it’s gotten to the point where it’s bothering me. Then at like 2:30 or something she leaves a message on my MSN… “I’m sorry – my friend stole my cell phone and called you tonight” or something like that. Even though her friend must have the exact same voice as her… Yeah… so I don’t know what to do. It’s bothering me a lot, but like I said, no clue what to do. Anyways, I’m not about to waste time talking about that anymore. Off to have some crappy Oodles of Noodles or some other terrible food for supper. Have a nice weekend yall and tomorrow I’ll be back with more of the same.

much luv,