up my people? I've been pretty good today. For a day off of work, I
really stayed busy. Woke up and ran with Kay again… did about 3 miles
with her. After that, I came home and watched my Sopranos from last
weekend… I love the show, but I'm kinda bummed that I have no one to
hate on the show anymore. I used to hate Junior Soprano in season 1,
but now he's old, senile, and not really hatable. I also hated Tony's
mom, but she died, too… After that, I hated Big Puss (that's not a
cuss word… it's his name!) and he got whacked. The last two season, I
hated Ralphie but he got whacked in style… Now, I don't hate anyone.
I have people like Johnny Sack that I don't like, but I need someone to
hate. Chris needs to get on the H, again. Even though Adriana is
talking to the feds, I can't hate her because she's ridiculously good
looking. For whatever reason, Dr. Melfi and my girl Meadow weren't even
on the last show. Come to think of it, Carmela wasn't much either. I'm
in love with the Sopranos, but it does kinda bother me how week to week
they don't really stick with a storyline. Hopefully they'll eventually
tie up some loose ends. Last year, they really didn't. I've got it…
they need to bring Furio back for me to hate! I can't stand that guy,
plus he looks like Balky from Perfect Strangers.
How did talking
about my day turn into my thoughts on a fictional mob family? No clue –
anyways… I helped out with coaching the track team. I still think
it's ironic that I'm coaching track (well, at least helping with
track…) This is a group of guys who's 4 x 800 team finished 38th in
the nation. My claim to fame is that I finished 5,926 place in a
marathon. Anyways, I kept up with them for about 6-1/2 miles, so I'm
happy about that. After that, it was off to the 8th grade basketball
banquet. That went pretty well… I love coaching that group of kids
and I also like coaching with my former coach. Shortly after that, it
was on to 7th grade b-ball practice to coach (and play!) Haha… we
only had 9 guys and I wanted to go up and down, so guess who suited
up. I really wish I could still play ball… I could average 20, 10,
and 10 in 7th grade ball without even playing selfish. We did some good
things in practice, though. Hopefully, we can actually use some of the
things we work on into a game situation… After that, I helped out
with 8th grade practice and now I'm here. Warning… today's dot dot
dot section is pretty much nothing but sports. It's close to state
basketball, though, and the NCAA's are coming up again on Thursday. I'm
always just pumped this time of year… and with that being said…

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • Sweet
    – I just saw's top 100 World Series of all time. What's numero
    uno you ask? Kirby Puckets and the Twins destroying the Braves in '91!
    I dunno if the '87 series should've been number 47, though… Not gonna
    lie, though, I was only 6 at the time.

  • I
    watched part of the Gopher's game tonight and it got me thinking…
    what if I were to date a girl who's a really good ball player like
    Lindsay Whalen. In a way, it'd be so cool because you'd be able to talk
    basketball at home and nobody would tell you to turn the channel on a
    Sunday afternoon when, for whatever reason, you're watching like the
    Knicks versus the Jazz. On the flip side, it would be kinda embarassing
    to tell your son "Yup, mommy can outball daddy…" I bet I could beat
    her in a long distance race, though!
  • Speaking
    of the Jazz… remember when they used to have Malone, Stockton and
    Hornacek. Man, they were on every single Sunday and I can't ever once
    remember saying "Oh YES, the Jazz are on tv!" Same thing with the
    Knicks… like I needed to see Patrick Ewing miss another jumper and
    travel like it's nobody else's business.
  • I've
    said it before and I'll say it again – Charles Barkley IS the best guy
    on television (followed shortly by Tony Kornheiser). In all honesty,
    every single night I find myself laughing out loud when I'm watching
    the pros.
  • You
    think you're brackets are screwed? Yao Ming had NC State
    (understandable) and Charlotte (Charlotte?!?) in the NCAA finals. I
    didn't even know Charlotte had a college team. Didn't they move to New
  • I
    really don't like new substitute Stat Boy on PTI? How is it a "stat
    boy" if the dude's like 45? Plus, he has no personality and he doesn't
    make fun of Tony and Michael when they get stuff wrong… he's probably
    the most vanilla personality on tv. Give me that job, yo!

  • I've
    gotta be one of the biggest fans of PTI, but I don't understand this –
    why does Michael Wilbon carry a man purse? Maybe it's his thing like my
    backpack… I love carrying everything I own in my backpack. I don't
    consider myself a backpacker in the hip hop sense of the word. However,
    I do like the backpacker genre of hip hop.
  • How
    many people on tv have you heard say "I picked UConn at the start of
    the season" over the past week? Where were all these people when UConn
    was losing all the time during the season? Where were all these people
    when UConn didn't win the Big East tournament. I love UConn, but I
    don't think they'll win it all.
  • Word
    on the street is that they found out recently that Mars may have had
    water. While this seems to get scientists all warm and fuzzy inside,
    I'm thinking "Hmm… doesn't do much for me?" Maybe if we spent some of
    those billions and billions of dollars on schools instead of sending
    some stupid RC car to Mars, students and formers students, like myself,
    would be smart enough to understand why we should even care.
  • What's
    up with no disembodied voice on PTI? For the past two weeks, I haven't
    noticed him there… he was a small, but very important part to the
    show. First they take Max, now (possibly) the disembodied voice. If
    they take Woody Paige, I'm boycotting… not really, but I'd complain a
  • Happy
    birthday Keri Russell – haven't seen ya much since ya cut your
    hair. You used to have awesome hair, though… her hair could only be
    matched possibly by Rebecca Gayheart, but she accidently killed a kid,
    which would give you a bit of an advantage.
  • I've
    heard a really bad rumor that I hope is just a rumor… Anyways, I've
    been told that 25th Hour was Spike Lee's last theatrical film. That's
    got me bummed – Spike Lee movies are always worth checking out and he's
    still young. He can't be older than 45 or so… I just feel like he
    still has some good movies left in him. He seems to have a passion
    about his movies that not a whole lot of other people can say they

  • Headline
    today: FBI Joins Investigation Into The Murder Of Notorious B.I.G. –
    honestly, what more are they going to find out. All that will happen is
    someone (who probably didn't do it) will have the finger pointed at
    them, nothing will get solved, and Biggie will still be dead. Let it go
  • When is the last time you saw Eddie Murphy in a good movie? Shrek doesn't count… can't think of one, though, can you?
  • New
    basketball shoes are so ugly! I don't have much more to add than that,
    but I just wanted to say I'll always think that old school Jordan's
    will never be topped!
  • I'm
    getting sick of seeing all these ads for high speed dialup. The fact of
    the matter is you will still be on dialup and your pictures will look
    crappy. If you want your dialup connection to go faster, download
    something like Mozilla and turn all the graphics off. That way, you can
    only load whatever you want to see. And if you are still on dialup… I
    definitely feel your pain!
  • And
    finally, Stacy Dash (Dionne from Clueless) still gets it done. She's 38
    now and was almost 30 when Clueless came out. Anyways, I just saw her
    in a new Kanye West video… those eyes! Wow…

is a big day… gotta pack, gotta go to the bank, gotta run, gotta
work, gotta do this… I promise you I'll forget to do something
important. But until then, I'm gonna get some sleep, yo!

If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white,