As I told you in my last blog, I’m all about running right now. So let’s start off with a little history.

In college, I got a little tubby and out of shape. I was kind of fed up with myself. In high school, I played a ton of basketball and tennis. I went to college, and played pick-up and/or intramural basketball about once or twice a week. I also got into the wonderful habit of eating Pizza Hut, Burger King, or college buffet food for every single meal. I also went in on about 2,142 Pizza Patrol pizza’s (still the best pizza in the world!) after 10 PM.

The first week of February of 2003, I started training again at Speed and Acceleration in Fargo. I couldn’t even make it through the first workout without getting sick. I decided that I needed to start jogging on the treadmill on my “off-days” from working out. A month and a half later, I ran my first 5k in 26:06. I finished Speed and Accel in late April and was already down about 15 pounds. I ran my next 5k in May and ran a somewhat respectable 23:23. A week later, I ran my first 10k (54 minutes), and another week later, I ran my first half marathon (2:02).

From there, I was hooked. In 2004, I ran 15 races which is a record I may never break. I absolutely loved it, though. I ran my best marathon time (3:26:41) in the Twin Cities Marathon. I have a spreadsheet where I keep track of all my PR’s (for non-runners, PR stands for “personal record.”) In 2004, I set my PR in the quarter-marathon (a half-marathon that was shortened due to extreme cold), 8k, 10k, 10 mile (twice), and marathon. 2005 was a decent year, as well. I didn’t run as many races, but I did run a 1:36 half-marathon that I hadn’t trained for and a 1:32 half-marathon (my PR) that I still think is the best race I’ve ever run. Since then, though, I’ve really have only run one race that I’m really proud of (1:08 15k or for the metrically challenged, about 9.3 miles at 7:21 pace). I also got on a kick right after state cross country last year of trying to run 5k-time trials on a treadmill. I ran my best one in 17:45 which equates to about a 19:00 5k when you throw in the treadmill-to-running outdoors conversion.

So, I’ve been running somewhat sporatically all summer. I’ve gotten pretty solid training in since July. The last month has really been some of my best training since my great marathon and half-marathon. Three weeks ago, I cross the 40-mile barrier for the first time in a long time. Two weeks ago, I rocked out a solid 44 miles. Last week, I wound up at 50 miles. Through two days this week, I’m already at 20 miles, but I’d guess I’ll end up somewhere around 60 miles. I’m working on building a really solid base