Music Video of the Week – Phoenix – 1901 (with R. Kelly)

R. Kelly is certainly one strange dude. Every single story I’ve heard about him or news article I’ve read about him post-“I Believe I Can Fly” has struck me as incredibly strange. Watching the 30-for-30 documentary on Benji and you find out he was high school basketball teammates with Benji Wilson? Hmmm… strange. Trapped in Closet? Incredibly strange. Possible marraige to a 15-year old Aaliyah? Awkwardly strange. His whole court case with a minor? Impossibly strange.

Yet all he’s got to do is sing “It’s the remix to Ignition…” and I’m back in. Throw in the backing band of one of my favorite bands and you’ve got a video that’s easily one of the strangest I’ve ever seen.