Music Video of the Week – P.O.S. – Bumper

I’ve got a soft spot for Minnesota in my heart and a soft spot for hip hop and punk rock. When P.O.S. came out a few years ago (a MN hip hop artist with punk roots), it warmed my cockles (and I don’t even know what cockles are). I missed out on his first album, but was a big fan after hearing his second (“Audition”). The third album (“Never Better”) came out and I was 100% convinced he was the most talented guy working in hip hop right now.

Well, there is good news music fans. In just two short months, P.O.S. is hitting us with another album – “We Don’t Even Live Here” – that is certain to please. While I know I featured “Get Down” a few weeks ago as the featured song of the week, this song is too good not to feature it again. BTW – someone please guarantee me that “Get Down” is going to be on WDELH! That song is so crazy good. If you’re interested in pre-ordering the album, click here.