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The Artist

The first movie reviewed on Motion Artifacts was “The Dark Knight Rises” (aka “the most anticipated movie of 2012”). Seems fitting that the second movie would be “The Artist,” which was awarded the Academy Award for Best Film of 2012.

Couple quick thoughts…

  • Impressed with how well director Michel Hazanavicius captured the silent film era. From the set design, costumes, look (I loved the 22 frames per second!), sound, title cards, and melodramatic story line they absolutely nailed it. That being said, my main problem with this movie is my main problem I have when someone tells me “Citizen Kane” is the greatest movie ever. It’s really, really good, but the somewhat cheesy nature falls of the story line limits it from being great.

  • Fantastic performances from a great cast. Jean Dujardin gives a terrific performance as aging silent film actor George Valentin and Bérénice Bejo is impossible not to love as upcoming “talkie” star Peppy Miller. John Goodman and James Cromwell both give solid supporting performances, but the star of the show, surprisingly, was Uggie as George Valentin’s dog Jack.

  • The biggest thing I took out of this movie was reminiscing about some of the fantastic silent movies I was introduced to while taking a intro film class in college. I was somewhat forced to watch 10-20 silent movies that I would’ve never seen. At the time, I didn’t really like many of them, but as time has passed, I’ve found that I’ve grown fond of the era. It was a much simpler time and going to the movies was a feel-good experience.


out of 10


08 2012