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Winnebago Man

Six years ago, a man named Jack Rebney became an internet phenomenon for his infamous outtakes from a Winnebago promotional video from the 80s. Director Ben Steinbauer wants to track down the famous (infamous?) salesman to find out what has happened to him, but runs into a series of walls. Eventually, with the help of a private detective, Steinbauer is able to contact and setup an interview with a man the internet has proclaimed “the angriest man in the world” in his remote home in the woods in California. At first, Rebney is very calm and polite and claims to have no care in the world for his popularity on the internet.

Upon returning home, Steinbauer receives a phone call from Rebney admitting that he had been a phony in their first encounter and was really upset about the video. Steinbauer again goes to visit Rebney who recently has become blind.

Rebney is the single most cantankerous person I’ve ever seen. He uses the f-word like Picasso uses the paint brush. Yet, despite his prickly personality, there is something genuinely sweet about this crazy old man. Besides that, the scratchy 80s video that the film is based upon is side-splitting.

The film is, for the most part, well made. There are a few questions that are left open. There are areas that are left untouched – I’m not sure if this is because Rebney wasn’t cooperative or because they weren’t asked. There are a few interesting tangents involving how viral videos have made life miserable for other internet celebrities. I think a more interesting movie would have been to have a few different subjects with the shared storyline of the downsides to becoming an internet icon. Overall, though, if you can get beyond the foul language, it’s a movie that will make you laugh and is definitely worth a peek.


out of 10


10 2012