Seven Psychopaths is somewhat unfortunately named. At first glance, it seems like the name of a terrible horror movie that was released straight to dvd instead of an incredibly funny dark comedy that it really is.

Seven Psychopaths seems like a mixture between a Tarantino movie, Breaking Bad, The Big Lebowski, Ocean’s Eleven, and Very Bad Things. It’s uber violent. If your wife (or fake dead girlfriend) is at all squeamish at the sight of violence/blood, she’s probably not going to love this film. However, the violence is all for a reason. This isn’t violence for the sake of being violent. The acting and cast – including such big hitters as Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, and Woody Harrelson – is fantastic. Walken and Harrelson are almost playing a parody of past Walken and Harrelson roles which, in turn, made the movie all that much more enjoyable to me. The real star here, though, was Sam Rockwell. It’s somewhat ironic that he’s playing a role that would’ve been perfect for Walken 30 years ago since he’s become somewhat of a go-to guy for weird roles lately.

The story, which much like a Tarantino story is actually multiple separate storylines, is Marty (Farrell) plays a writer who is trying to write a story about seven different psychopaths. His best friend Billy (Rockwell) is a guy who makes a living by kidnapping dogs and collecting reward money along with his partner Hans (Walken). They find themselves in trouble when they kidnap the beloved shih tzu of a hardened gangster (Harrelson). As the movie progresses, it becomes more and more of a satire (nearly entering the “Lebowski zone”).

Overall, it’s a very enjoyable watch. I have a real strong feeling that it would be a movie that would be way more enjoyable on the fifth viewing than on the first viewing. There are some movies I “grade” the same, but have no real strong desire to watch again. However, I definitely will be popping this in for a repeat viewing sometime. It also makes me want to watch In Bruges which I apparently incorrectly discarded as an artsy-fartsy movie (a la “Beast of the Southern Wild” this year) that wouldn’t interest me.


out of 10

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