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When anyone thinks of 1992 Olympic basketball, we think of MJ, Larry, Magic and the Dream Team. Numerous books have been written on the subject solely of the dream team – “Dream Team” by Jack McCallum and the underrated “The Golden Boys” by Cameron Stauth. “The Jordan Rules” by Sam Smith had a particularly entertaining segment about Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan wanting to take it to future Bull Toni Kukoc. “Once Brothers” – the NBA-produced 30-for-30 piece featured a story about Vlade Divac and Drazen Petrovic that touched on Croatia’s appearance in the 1992 Olympics.

At the time, I was too young to realize it, but the 1992 Olympics was a memorable Olympics solely on the basis of what countries were competing for the first time as a country (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina), the first time in a while (the united German team, South Africa) as well as who wasn’t competing (USSR was no more, so they competed as the “Unified” team).

“The Other Dream Team” is the story about the 1992 Lithuanian Olympic basketball team. It starts with the 1988 Russian gold medal win over the United States. Of the 12 players on the Russian roster, four starters were from Lithuania. The team also included players from Latvia, Estonia, and the Ukraine. As excited as the four Lithuanians were to win gold, there also was a certain amount of disappointment with the situation that surround USSR and Lithuania.

You don’t particularly need to be a basketball fan to enjoy “The Other Dream Team.” In fact, I enjoyed the stories about the political and cultural climate of Lithuania of the early 90s more than the basketball itself. I particularly enjoyed stories about bringing clothes and electronics home from America along with the stories about how The Greatful Dead got involved. While I don’t need to rush out to watch the movie again immediately (although I would), I did check where I could buy the tie dyed tshirts. Overall, I’d say this isn’t a movie that you’ve got to rush out and see immediately, but it’s well worth a view.


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