25 Days of Stocking Stuffers – Dramatic Flms

Over the next 25 days, I’m going to have a list of 25 stocking stuffers (five different ideas from five different BH network websites).

Today, I’m featuring all of the dramatic films I reviewed on Motion Artifacts this year. You can click on each review for a more in-depth look or just read the quick blur and make sure you have a gift receipt. Works either way…

United – A true story about the tragic plane crash that killed half of Manchester United’s squad in the 1950s. You definitely don’t h

Sin Nombre – It’s not a 2012 film, but it might be my favorite movie I saw in 2012.

50/50 – I haven’t been closely hit by cancer the way a lot of people have, been this movie seems to be a pretty accurate portrayal of the emotions one would go through. Really good movie…

Sarah’s Key – Another foreign flick, this is a fictional tale based on World War II. One of the more touching and emotional WWII movies I’ve seen (which is saying quite a bit).

Of course, there are a few movies that you would overpay for if you found them in the Wal-Mart $1.96 bin. Please, at all costs, avoid the movie Safe House (but don’t avoid my review, of course).

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