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The Dark Knight Rises

The most anticipated movie of 2012 doesn’t fail to disappoint. The followup to 2008’s “The Dark Knight” – currently ranked #8 on IMDB’s top movies list – is set to be Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie. Although surely this movie franchise will be rebooted (money talks!), “The Dark Knight Rises” was a fantastic finale.

Couple quick thoughts…

  • Bane was downright creepy as a villain. I’m not a huge fan of comics, so I was unfamiliar with him, but he is certainly a worthy Batman foil (a bar which Heath Ledger’s Joker set impossibly high).
  • This Batman used a ton of movie cliches. If this happened in the fifth Die Hard movie (check that… when this happens in the fifth Die Hard movie), they’ll be criticized. Nolan’s able to pull this off and make it believable within the concept of the story.
  • The football stadium blowing up (scene in the trailer) was one of my favorite scenes in the film. Excellently executed.
  • Watching this movie the day after the Aurora, CO shooting was eerie. My heart goes out to the families of these people, but I can’t help but feel just a little bit funny about everything.
  • Great performances by a fantastic cast. Seemed like every 10 minutes, another one of my favorite actors was making an appearance on the screen.


out of 10


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