I was a huge fan of the book. So why did it take me a year and a half to see a movie that normally I’d rush out to see in the theaters?

Simply, I didn’t want to be let down.

I’d read all the reviews which were glowing which made me more open to seeing it, but I was just sure the movie was going to be average at best. In my mind, I envisioned a version of how “Hollywood” would make this movie and I just didn’t like it. Much to my surprise, the movie managed to take all of the good elements about the book and not dumb them down.

Brad Pitt stars as Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane. He’s the focal point of the movie as he was in the book. The book did a much clearer job of giving you his history of coming up with Daryl Strawberry and the Mets, but I thought Moneyball did a passable job of portraying the history of Billy Beane. There definitely was some “Hollywood” drama (all of the Art Howe and/or Scott Hatteberg scenes, especially), but overall I thought the movie did a very good job of capturing the feel of one of the all-time great baseball books.

I haven’t read the book in about 7-8 years and I almost forgot that the A’s played the Twins in the playoffs. Once they got to that scene in the movie, I was pleasantly reminded how the Twins won the fifth game in Oakland (I was at games 3 & 4 in Minneapolis that year).

Overall, a great baseball movie. It’s not among the top 5 best baseball movies of all-time, but I think it slots comfortably into that next tier of fantastic baseball movies.


out of 10