Just a quick musical update, yo!

1) Prince – Seven
I'm not the biggest Prince fan, but he is one of the better 80's pop
stars. This song actually was from the 90's I think… I still remember
it from the KCLD's top songs at 9:00. For like a month straight, the
top songs were Dan Baird – I Love You Period, Michael Jackson – Heal
the World, Ace of Base All That She Wants, Ugly Kid Joe – Cat's in the
Cradle, and Rod Stewart – Have I Told You Lately. Seriously… it was
like every single day was the same songs. I know because I used to go
to bed at 9:00 (what was I thinking?!?) and I'd listen to the hi five
at 9 and then the end of the Twins game while I fell asleep.

2) Mocedades – Erus Tu
– A great song partially because we "sang" it in Spanish class, but the
scene where Richard and Tommy sing this song in the car in Tommyboy is
the real reason I'm in love with this song.

3) Sasha – Expander
– This is a great fast-paced techno song that often makes it on to my
playlist for my mp3 player when I go out running. I don't follow techno
as much as I used to, but I know Sasha gets it done on the regular.

4) Osymyso – Intro-Inspection
– Might possibly be the "coolest" song I've ever heard. He takes 101
intro's to famous pop songs and turns them into one of the most
interesting songs you'll ever hear. At least twenty times, you'll say
"OH, I remember that song!" To read a list of the 101 songs that are
included in here, check out this website:

5) Sugarcult – Memory
– I'm not all that thrilled with Sugarcult's new cd just because it's
much more mellow and not my style than Start Static, but this is a
really good song nonetheless.

6) Throwback – Baby Got Back
– A heavier punk cover of the original Sir Mix-A-Lot song… if you
like big butts and you cannot lie, you should definitely check out this
version of the song. I'm a fan!

7) Green Day – Warning
– These guys really need to come out with a new cd. I think their last
cd, Warning, was almost criminally ignored besides the song Minority.
Green Day is awesome in concert. No matter what style music they play,
whether it's punk like on Dookie or more of an alternative-contemporary
style like on this cd, Green Day just puts out good music. I think much
like bands like the Foo Fighters, they've overcome the "genre" bug that
haunts so many bands.

8) Big Boi – Bowtie
– I loved this song late last summer… I'd be willing to bed after
Roses which is playing on MTV right now, you'll start hearing a lot of
this song. It has a real funk vibe to it, plus it's a great "summer"
song. I bet you hear this all the time this summer.

9) New Found Glory – All Downhill From Here
– A new song from NFG is never a bad thing. While I'm a little bummed
that they've seemed to abandon the feel of their self-titled album in
favor for a more "mature" (and less interesting) sound, it still is a
pretty good song. Can't wait to see if any other good tunes come off
this record.

10) Sum 41 – Fat Lip
– I loved this song when it first came out because it sounded like the
Beastie Boys doing a Blink song… then they overplayed it to death.
After it was overplayed to death, they continued to play it for like 6
more months. You get the point. Anyways, now that I probably haven't
heard this song in like sixth months, I can enjoy this song again.

11) Sparta – Cut Your Ribbon
– I saw these guys were coming to Fargo in concert, so I had to throw
them up on the list. They have a new cd coming out this summer. It's
hard to believe that a band can be both melodic and chaotic, but Sparta
combines the two sounds into one beautiful sound.

12) The Prodigy – Voodoo People
– The Prodigy are my all-time favorite techno band. I don't know
exactly what it is, but they have an edge to them that a lot of techno
out there seems to miss. This was on Music for the Gilted Generation,
so it was actually released before they got big in America. They also
need to come out with something new!

113) Adelphi – Attention
– Apparently these guys are a new group that's signed to Drive Thru
Records. Drive Thru seems to be either hit or miss, at least to me,
lately. This is a good song, and I'm assuming they'll have a few more.
If you haven't heard of them, order something from Drive Thru records
and you usually get some sort of free sampler cd. That's how I got this
tune… definitely a band to look out for.

14) Sum 41 – Moron
– Two Sum-41 songs on one mix disc, you ask? Yup… you've gotta be
big-time like myself to pull something like that off. Haha (no, not
really!) Anyways, I won't get all political on y'all, but I will say
I'm far from a fan of Dubya, so I enjoyed the whole "Rock Against Bush"
cd. For the record, a sequel (Rock Against Bush Again) is scheduled to
come out this August.

15) Murs – Bad Man
– At first, I thought Murs was a pretty average mc. After a few
listens, though, you start to realize instead of talking about the
luxurious life of being a rapper, he talks about stuff like skipping
work to go watch the new Star Wars movie. He's a bit of a nerd, but
he's someone that I enjoy listening to because I can relate on so many

16) N.E.R.D. – Jump
– Featuring my boys Benji & Joel from Good Charlotte, I had to put
this on the list for many reason. The most important reason is that
it's a good song. Also, I'll listen to absolutely anything the N.E.R.D
puts out. Lastly, I actually met Benji & Joel when I got to stay
after for a bit of a meet & greet at a Good Charlotte concert and
they both seem like genuinely nice people. This was before they got
famous with their last album, but they were really nice to their fans
and just fun to hang out with in general.

17) Jimmy Eat World – For Me This is Heaven
What a great tune! It's a bit more on the mellow side than I usually
care for, but for whatever reason, I just really dig this song. I think
it's probably because JEW (as they call themselves) are a great band
and Clarity is their best album.

18) Beastie Boys – Ch-Check It Out
– Oh my… you can never go wrong with a new Beasties album, and this
song sound almost pays tribute to their old school roots. They haven't
changed their style a whole lot in nearly 20 years, but that's a good
thing. Instead of trying to be something they aren't, they have
perfected the style of music that they are good at. This is honestly my
number one most anticipated album this upcoming year. The video is
pretty funny, as well.

19) A3 – Woke Up This Morning
– The theme song to the Sopranos? It's much more than just a theme
song… it's almost got a life of it's own. Everything about the tv
show just screams of quality and even the theme song is no different.
Listening to this just puts me in a good mood – don't know what it is,
but I'm not complaining.

20) Leon Haywood – I Wanna Do Something Freaky With You
– Unbelievable… all these years I thought Dr. Dre was a genius
producer for his Chronic album until I come across some "info" that
basically informed me that his whole cd was jacked from unknown 70's
funk songs. This is still a pretty sweet song and a great rap beat,

21) Motion City Soundtrack – The Future Freaks Me Out
– I've been meaning to put this on the list for literally months, but
I've been too lazy to make a list. How dumb is that? Anyways, check
this tune out… they are from Minnesota and they have a sound that
seems like a cross between like Saves the Day and Jimmy Eat World. If
this song would've gotten more exposure, it would've been huge.

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