Well, I’m back. Don’t have a whole lot of time. Just like 20 minutes while I watch Seinfeld, then I’m gonna go run around the lake. Anyways, I made a weekly mix disc. Mostly, underground rap, but I got some other stuff on there, too. Here goes nothing…

1) Creep – Stone Temple Pilots – This song is getting to the point where it’s almost considered old school… STP was a pretty good band back before Scott Weiland decided it was more fun to go hang out in jail than to just make good tunes.

2) Delorean – El-P – A song that references Back to the Future… what’s to hate?!? El-P is a pretty good whiteboy rapper. It seems most of my favorite underground rappers are white. Who knew?!?

3) Runnin’ – 2Pac & Biggie Smalls – This is the song that’s sampled in the new song that Eminem produced… I’ve been listening to this tune for a long time. I like it a lot better than the new one, but the new one still isn’t terrible

4) Bounce – Aceyalone – Aceyalone is awesome! Accepted Eclectic is one of my favorite cd’s now that I actually started listening to it. It definitely has a different feel to it – I don’t even know if I really have any other songs that I’d consider similar to Aceyalone.

5) Train Buffer – Aesop Rock – This tune is from Urban Renewal Program… definitely whiteboy rap. I’d say if you like El-P, you’d probably like Aesop Rock. His style is hard to describe… give it more than one listen – it grows on ya!

6) Sleepwalk Capsules – At the Drive In – I wish these guys never broke up. Mars Volta is awesome and Sparta is awesome, but this group could have really been something unbelievable. Good song nonetheless… you have to be open to new music in order to like it, though.

7) The Keys to Life vs. 15 Minute – Atmosphere – Atmosphere is my favorite cd of right now. Not quite a whiteboy rapper, but not far from it. He’s also from Minnesota which I think is pretty awesome. I wanna go see him in concert sometime, which I know won’t be too far away. If you like catchy hip-hop… think MTV catchiness only more substance

8) Love Ain’t – Cunninglynguists – Despite the dirty sounding name, these guys are pretty sweet. Kinda Blackalicious-esque… If you’re a fan of old school hip-hop, give these guys a try.

9) Forest Whitiker – Brother Ali – This is another Minnesota rapper that I just started listening to lately. Good stuff though!

10) World Reknown – K-Otix – This is one of those songs that I think is awesome, but I can see my friends not liking. It’s real underground hip-hop… good beats and good rhymes, but since it doesn’t sound like the Neptunes or whatever, you’ll never hear stuff like this on the radio.

11) Wanted – Mr. Lif – I’ve always wanted to get into Mr. Lif – people who have the same musical tastes as I do always recommend him, so I figure I’d like him. This song is the only real song I have, I think. Off of Urban Renewal Program again…

12) Intro (ft. J.U.S.) – Phife Dawg – This might be my favorite intro to a cd. I kinda wish they would’ve made this into a full song. I like songs that have raps over acoustic guitar (Hey Ya, Deliverance as well…)

13) Zero – Smashing Pumpkins – Still is a bummer they broke up… also a bummer Zwan broke up. I wonder what the hell Billy Corgan is going to do? Probably start another group, get my hopes up only to tear ’em down, as usual.

14) Lucky Denver Mint – Jimmy Eat World – I remember my friend Matt bought this cd a long time ago because Tom from Blink 182 liked it. We thought the cd sucked… anyways, fast forward a few years and I love the song and I love the cd. Go figure.

15) Paper Tigers – Thrice – I just randomly bought the Thrice album earlier this year without hearing anything other than All That’s Left. Well, the rest of the cd is completely different, but it’s still awesome, nonetheless.

16) Out With the Old – Alley Life – AH YEAH! Gotta love some good ol Tony Hawk music. I don’t know which number this one is… I’m guessing 3. I have all 5 them, so it kinda blends together. It’s crazy how much I like almost every song on the Tony Hawk discs though, isn’t it?

17) Dipset – Juelz Santana – Very rarely do you see “commercial” rap on my list but this song is pretty sweet. I’m not a big fan of the Diplomats rocking their pink clothes, but whatever. It’s a catchy song… what can I say?

18) Saliva – MF Doom – Produced by THE boy, RJD2. With a name like RJD2, you’d think he’d be pretty bad or something… NOT true! I haven’t listened to MF Doom too much, but I definitely wanna get into listening to a bit more.

19) Shimmy Shimmy Ya – ODB – This is from back when ODB was crazy but awesome, as opposed to know when he’s crazy and well, pretty average. This song and Brooklyn Zoo used to get a LOT of play though!

20) My Day at the Brain Factory – Oliver Hart – The last of my Minnesota whiteboy rappers. Otherwise known as Eyedea, Oliver Hart is awesome. I first saw him on Blaze battles with my friends Mark & Keith like my freshman year of college. I thought it was cool that he was from MN and then he went out and won the whole thing. I’ve kinda followed him ever since.

21) T.A.M.I. – Pep Love – I forget exactly “who” it is that is in this group, but it’s someone that I know and like. This song is pretty simplistic, but still awesome