Well, the
time has come. 2004 is all but done so I figured I must hit you with a "best of"
blog. I also search through all of my 2004 dot… dot… dot… posts and found some
of my favorites, so they're back for more. I wish you nothing but the best in
2005 and hope you have a safe and happy New Years Eve tonight!

TV Shows of 2004

1) Curb Your Enthusiasm – Season 4 proved to be a classic. Larry
David was funny as always. When you look at it, there were just a ton of
classic episodes in this season. My favorite episode is the one where Ben
Stiller gets mad because Larry didn't sing Happy Birthday to him. Plus, footage
from a Dodgers game got a guy out of jail.

2) Daily Show – I find myself quoting John
Stewart on almost a daily basis. Not once does the first 10 minutes of the show
go by that he doesn't have at least one absolute classic zinger somehow related
to news and politics. His democratic rants right around election time where the
comedic comfort that I needed. I'm still kinda bummed that Bush got re-elected!

3) Friends – OK, the last episode sucked
unlike any other finale has sucked in my lifetime. It's still a great show,
though. The last season had all the usual "last season of a television show"
drama plus it had the normal humor that you've come to expect from Friends.

4) Entourage – This one came out of nowhere. It's
like a sitcom version of Swingers, only one of the characters is successful.
The best parts of the show just show the group of friends hanging out in LA
party scene. If you missed this show, try to catch some repeats.

5) Joey – Joey is better than most critics
and fans are giving it credit for. Although it doesn't have the same dynamic
that Friends had with six different characters that all shared the spotlight, it
is consistently funny.

6) PTI – While this is meant to be (and
is) a sports show, it also happens to be one of the funniest things on
television. Each week, Tony Kornheiser just gets better and better. Whenever
they have a substitute for Kornheiser or Wilbon, I somehow feel like my day is


Top DVD's
of 2004

1) Lord of the Rings: Return of the
King Extended Edition

– Next year is going to be weird because I'll have no Lord of the Rings
Extended Edition to look forward to! Anyways, it's a unbelievable movie with
enough extras to keep you forever busy. For like $25-30, you are literally
getting probably around 25 hours worth of extras to check out. Can you honestly
beat that?

2) Clerks – 10th
Anniversary Edition

– Not enough people picked this dvd. Kevin Smith movies are always good for a
laugh and this is the movie that started it all. Just about everything you'd
ever want to know about the movie Clerks is on this disc and then some.

3) Seinfeld Seasons 1-3 – This is how all tv shows should
be released. Although it seemingly took forever to get the first season of
Seinfeld out, it was well worth it. There is just a ton of behind the scenes
stuff about the show we all knew and loved. I already can't wait for season 4.

4) Master and Commander: The Far
Side of the World: Collector's Edition
– One of the best movies of 2003 gets one of the best
releases of 2004. Besides the film being great, this is quite possibly my
favorite sounding movie on DVD. Crank up the receiver and select the DTS track
and prepared to be blown away. Any extras, you ask? Yeah… only hours and hours

5) Star Wars trilogy – Like Seinfeld, I would've loved
it if these movies came out about two-three years ago when they should have.
What we got, though, was three classic movies along with commentaries and
extras that make it seem all worthwhile. For those of you complaining that we
got the special editions instead of the original versions, get a clue… and a

6) The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Special Edition
– This
classic Sergio Leone film has been out on dvd for a while, but 2004 found it
getting a release deserving of the movie. Clint Eastwood is lights out in his
portrayal as the man with no name. The music, camerawork, and pacing all help
to bring the movie life to this flick that is capped by a great three-man duel.

Top Runs
of 2004

1) Fish Hook Half-Marathon Challenge – I had a lot of great runs, but
this was probably the best. The course was rather hilly, but I still managed to
set a 8 minute PR. I ran a very smart race and I felt very well throughout the
entire half marathon. To add insult to injury, I also ran a 21-minute 5k about
20 minutes after finishing.

2) Twin Cities Marathon
While this is my
PR that I'm the most proud of, the race itself wasn't all that great. It took
me until about mile 14 to start feeling good. I paced well, didn't die, and
ended up having a lot of fun, though.

3) 19:55 Treadmill 5k at PACC – For those of you who aren't diehard
brentnet followers, I set a goal of breaking 20-minutes in a 5k. The three 5k's
that I ran this year were all kind of brutal. One was about ¼ of a mile long,
another was after I'd already run a half-marathon, and another had a couple
thousand people running. The day after my last attempt, I stepped on a
treadmill and went out and ran a 19:55. I've since ran a 19:30, but it was just
great to get under my belt.

4) Grandma's Marathon – This race went far from
perfectly. I died around mile 21, but for the first time ever I broke 4 hours.
The course was unbelievably awesome and I had a good time with friends and
family. I'm very anxiously awaiting Grandma's 2005 because I feel this is a
course that I can really do well on.

5) Dick Beardsley Half Marathon – This wasn't a great time for me
personally, but it was great because I ran it with a first-timer (Erin) and our new pastor (Paul). Our time was very
respectable (1:40) and it was great to just run a race and try to help carry Erin as much as I could.

6) Winter Carnival "Half-Marathon" – Had this actually been a
half-marathon, it might be a little higher on the list. Because of frigid temps
(-10 F), they shortened the race from a half to a quarter marathon. I ran a
decent time, but I was bummed that they shortened it.

sporting moments of 2004

1) Janet & Justin's Super Bowl
Halftime Show
– Unlike
99% of people who think this was terrible because of the whole wardrobe
malfunction, I think this was the sorriest moment just because of the
performers. Janet Jackson hasn't made a good song since she covered Joni
Mitchell and Justin Timberlake still doesn't know what a good song is!

2) The Olympic Marathon
and the Crazy Irish Priest
– As a marathon runner, I can't even begin to tell you how much it
would suck trying to get things back on track after getting tackled that close
to the end of a race.

3) Todd Bertuzzi's Punch – Good Lord that was brutal!
Although we've seen this sort of thing in the NHL before, it solidified Todd
Bertuzzi's place in the NHL thug hall of shame. I've hated him since the Wild played
them in the playoffs two years ago, so part of me is glad that he got

4) Pistons vs. Pacers vs. Random Guy
in Section 103 Row 5 Seat 13
– I've argued this one to death, but there is no arguing
that this was a sorry moment and something David Stern would probably rather

5) USA Basketball Losing to Every Team
with a Pulse
– Man,
did they ever suck! Only 12 years removed from the Dream Team, the lack of
effort and teamwork that plagued this team was just difficult to watch.  They didn't play the game the right way and
they pretty much represented everything that people hate about pro sports.

6) Anna Benson Gets Around – Anna Benson is a complete babe in
every sense of the word, but as a professional athlete, I don't know that you
want to hear your wife on Howard Stern claiming that if you cheat on her, she'd
sleep with everyone in the organization. I guarantee the ears of a few
groundskeepers, ushers, and batboys perked up when she said that!

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • I dunno when Dick Clark was ever
    rockin? How can you call a New Years Eve with Jason Mraz, Rascal Flats, 3 Doors
    Down rockin? They may be decent groups or individuals, but
    c'mon? Aren't we throwing around that term rockin a little much?
  • I dunno if there is something more
    indicitive about where you fit into our class system than the garage door
    opener. The "not yet there" class like myself doesn't own a garage
    door opener. You're average middle-class American has one garage door opener.
    The wealthy own a garage door opener with two buttons for the two seperate
    garage doors. Some people have a house and maybe a cabin which is two totally
    seperate garage door openers. The extremely wealthy will have a garage door
    with three or more buttons for their three or more garages. Go ahead and find
    me a poor person who has a garage door opener with three buttons!
  • Another installment of funny things
    people have searched for on this page and accidently found me: Somebody
    was trying to find porn and got to my site (haha) looking up girls showing
    every thing they got with nothing on
    . I hope that guy
    found what he was looking for </sarcasm>. Another person was looking up 3rd grader
    with facial hair
    . That might be the funniest/grossest/just
    plain oddest thing that anyone has ever searched for ever. I got another dvd player
    and another dipset pictures search.
    Music searches: I got someone searching for nerfherder cd's,
    another searching for taking back sunday, another for ginuwine
    what's so different video
    . Basically, out of the
    past 30 terms that have been searched for, I would say two people who were
    looking for my site actually found it… isn't that great!
  • There is nothing funnier than watching a couple
    twentysomething's playing Super Mario 3. They couldn't beat it to save their
    lives. Of course, when we were in like 3rd grade and learning how to spell the
    word puppy and how to do long division you could beat that game in about a half
  • We've lived in the house we're at in Perham for a little
    over 9 years now. The funny thing about that is we have a light switch with
    three switches in our kitchen. I have to play with them every single time to
    figure out which on is which… how sad is that?
  • Try as you might, there is no way to prevent the
    inevitable… the top of the toothpaste is going to get crappy and gross no
    matter what you do.
  • Here's another one of those things you hear someone say on
    a regular basis: "So, I was watching this Whoopi Goldberg movie
    the other night and…"
  • Do you think this guy is proud of his life's work?
    "Hey buddy, what do you do for a living?" "Well, I blurred naked
    people for a reality tv show…" Here's to accomplishments!
  • Speaking of American Idol, I'm getting sick of the ads
    during the championship game saying a new season of the show that
    revolutionized music and television. I'm sorry but pop music sucked before
    American Idol and it sucks now. Reality tv also sucked before American Idol and
    surprise surprise, it still isn't worth watching.
  • Boomer Esiason and Phil Simms… honestly, I can never tell
    them apart.
  • Tom Brady… great quarterback, great leader… huge buttchin
  • You ever thing 911 operators get curious? I mean,
    on like a daily basis they get to hear the beginning of a story but they
    probably never get to hear what happens. It would be like watching every
    movie you own and having to stop after like 20 minutes.
  • I saw the funniest commercial ever today. Some old white
    guy announcer was trying to sell me a cd called Thug Nation. The bonus was a
    free "Holla 4 Thug Nation" bumper sticker. I think about the only
    people would buy this cd are the same people that still listen to Master P and
    wear FUBU.
  • Tell me if this isn't the most akward situation. You're in
    the only bathroom stall and and somebody knocks… the only thing I can ever
    think to muster out is "Ah… taken." Honestly, who doesn't do the
    little peek down below to see if there are legs in the stall? I also am not a
    fan of the "grab-the-closed-door-and-pull-a-couple-times-before-realizing-the-stall-is-probably-taken…"
  • Andre Emmett is now my new favorite basketball player…
    Unbelievable. I read a story about how he missed a morning practice and in
    order to stay on the team, Bobby Knight made him run 1500 down-and-backs on a
    basketball court within three days. When they figured it out, they made him run
    53.4 miles over three days. AND he had to go to class and still practice. In
    case you were already forgot, this was for accidentally missing one
    practice. That dude is seriously committed… T-Wolves: please draft
    this guy next year! (12/31/04 note – well,
    we drafted him at least…)
  • I've always wondered this. If you are a girl, you really
    gotta watch who you fall in love with otherwise you might end up getting
    married and have a terrible last name. Take for example my last name Hanson. A
    pretty common last name, but imagine if I married a girl named Hannah, Hailie,
    Holli, or something like that. You may end up with a name that sounds
    completely ridiculous.
  • Is there anyone who isn't Ahmad Rashad's main man?
  • I wish Ray Charles still sang the Diet Pepsi commercials…
    I don't think I've ever drank a Diet Pepsi on purpose, but they were some sweet
  • Mike Wilbom had the funniest line regarding Janet Jackson.
    Tony Kornheiser asked him what about the kids. "Here's what I'd tell the
    kids. Kid, that's a breast… and if you're cool enough, long enough hopefully
    you'll see more of them." Haha – that's funny. I think it's funnier
    that they showed more skin in Titanic which in '97 was proclaimed by everybody
    and their mother as the "greatest movie ever made" (not by this
    fella though!) I don't think it was a great thing to happen, but you know
    what… it happened. So move on! Nobody is going to die from this, so
    let's not act like they are.
  • I wonder how many times over the course of my life I've
    been referred to as Brett. Some people have known me as long as 10 years
    and still think my name is Brett.
  • So, I went up to
    the candy machine at work today and bought some Skittles and it got me to
    thinking. I don't know that I've purchased a bag of Skittles in like 4 years.
    Why is it that you can never find the red bag of Skittles anymore? Tropical or
    Wild Berry – no problem? Fresh Mint or Sour Skittles – still not difficult…
    nobody stocks the red bag anymore. I wonder if it has anything to do with
    people like myself buying one bag every four years?
  • Are there any vehicles who aren't some sort of Motor Trend
    Vehicle of the Year?
  • I've always thought it was dumb how MTV edits some
    words. I understand why they edit swear words or when a rapper or rocker
    talks about killing someone or using herion or something stupid. Like tonight
    I saw that they edited the word "coke" out of a Kanye West
    song (Through the Wire)… it's retarded though because of the way the
    word is used in the context of the sentence. The lyric: "What if
    somebody from the shadow was ill got a deal on the hottest rap label around/But
    he wasn't talking bout coke and birds it was more like spoken word/Except he
    really putting it down." So basically he got the word edited because
    he says he doesn't rap about drugs… how retarded is that?
  • While reading the
    news on the internet today, I came across a story with the
    headline: Polaroid warns film users not to 'shake it.' Don't worry,
    Polaroid, nobody uses your crap camera's anymore anyways…
  • I don't like when you get done with the dentist. They
    always ask you about the next appointment. "How would August 17th at 10:00
    AM work?" I don't know what I'm doing at this time next week let alone
    this time 6 months from now.
  • I think the Fast and the Furius creaters should be
    shamed for creating this silly culture of people with cheap cars adding stupid
    things like spoilers and neon paint. Honestly, maybe 5% of the "tricked
    out" cars look even kinda cool.
  • I get easily confused about races… I know the term
    "African-American" is politically correct. What about black people
    that are from Mexico…
    African-Mexican? How about an Indian from Canada? Native Canadian?
  • While I was in church today, someone's cell phone went off.
    I mean, honestly… who hasn't figured this out yet?
  • I forgot a belt today when I went to coach
    basketball… being the resourceful man that I am, I used a shoelace as a belt.
    In the past year, I've used a shoelace, a couple lanyards, twine, and a cutoff shirt…
  • Here's a funny thought. I was watching the Office last
    night. The main character of that show is named David Brent (my first and
    middle named mixed around, actually). I never knew that Brent was a last
    name. How cool would it be if I married a chick with the last name
    Brent? I'd have hyphenate her last name… say her name was
    Kiera Brent. I obviously chose the name Kiera because of my obsession with
    a certain Pirate of the Carribean, but that's beside the point. Hypenate
    the name and it would be Keira Brent-Hanson. That would be like the ultimate
    ego trip for me everytime she had to say her name…
  • The "no duh" statement of all time today. In
    Sid Hartman's column, he claims that Kevin Garnett would be a star in any
    basketball era. Oh really? I thought 7 footers with guard-like skills
    would've been useless in the 60's and 70's?
  • Has anyone seen the promo for Victory Sports where
    AJ Pierzynski is hugging Bob Wells. That's probably a really good add to
    be playing since neither of them are on the team. Bob Wells hasn't been on the
    team for two years now and even when he was on the team, he really
    sucked. Why not just put Mike Trombley hugging Junior Ortiz.
  • Speaking of movies, wouldn't bombs be a lot more effective
    if they didn't have big LED colored numbers counting down? If I just see a box,
    I have no idea what it's for. If I see a box with LED numbers counting down
    (which probably has just enough time for me to get out of the building by some
    weird coincidence), I'm running.
  • Why do the And-1 players act like they are some sort of
    mega-celebrities? I hate to break it to you, but even though you can do a fancy
    crossover, you obviously aren't good enough to make in the NBA. Cripes, nobody
    even knows your real name!
  • I don't like teams with long names… they never fit on the
    brackets. I think that's part of the reason I picked Mississippi State
    to go out early.
  • This
    is true of where I work and probably wherever you work. The only thing I can
    find is the hard kleenex's – you know the type. They are the ones that feel
    more like fine sandpaper than facial tissue. I bring in some of my own
    kleenex's, but towards the end of the day, I always have a choice. Should I go
    with the dry kleenex's that feels like a five o'clock shadow or should I go
    with the soft kleenex's which have about one square centimeter of dry space
    left? Decisions, decisions…
  • Speaking of dunk contests, why does the crowd always hold
    up nothing but 10's? I mean, can you honestly tell me that some of those dunks
    aren't worth a 7… maybe an 8?
  • People walking for a "workout" seems like such a
    copout. I know some people are unable to run or don't like running…
    trust me, I've been there before. Honestly, though, it's kinda
    annoying when someone says something about getting their workout in today. You
    ask them what they are doing and they say, "Oh, I'm heading out for a
    walk." Part of me thinks people the walk want to workout, but they
    aren't willing to work hard at it.
  • My dad called me at home this morning. His first question
    "Are you at home?" I hate to say it, but the old man is going senile
    on me. He called "Home" on his cell phone and the first thing he asks
    me is are you home? Unbelievable…
  • I've still been thinking about The Passion of the Christ
    quite a bit. I looked it up on and found this kinda funny. Writing
    credits are given to Benedict Fitzgerald and Mel Gibson. That's funny because
    the first time I seem to remember hearing the story when I was around 5 years
    old, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John getting credit.
  • I'm going to say this because it needs to be said. Dear
    Chicago Cubs fans: Steve Bartman wasn't the only man that reached for the ball.
    He never even ended up with the ball. It just seems like people are forgetting the
    real reason they lost in that inning. For whatever reason, Alex Gonzalez has
    gotten a free ride. He booted a would-be double play ball that would've ended
    the inning. So let your hate reign down on the player that makes big money and
    leave Bartman alone!
  • Wow… I was watching MTV last night while downing a
    bowl of cereal and some girl talked about how she wanted to get butt
    implants. I didn't know such a thing existed. I thought it was just a
    funny joke from Saving Silverman. Then, came the real twist to the
    story. This girl wasn't a girl at all… wow. It's a good thing they're showing
    some nice wholesome entertainment like that on MTV.
  • I heard an ad on television for the newest Matrix
    coming out on dvd that contained the following line – "Called by critics,
    the greatest trilogy in film history." Much like Scooby Doo 2, I want to
    know who these critics are. On Rotten Tomatoes, only 37% of critics liked
    it. I'm guessing not each of them thought it was the greatest trilogy in film
  • Charlie Villanueva from UConn is thinking about going
    pro. He wasn't even a starter on his team! I think there should be
    some sort of rule that you can't go pro if you can't grow facial hair yet and
    you are especially not allowed to go pro if you are too young to grow eyebrows.
    Seriously, don't those normally grow in right after birth?
  • I think it's funny how sports announcer always have to
    point out how the fan's aren't booing a guy with the name Lou, Deuce, Stew or
    something like that. I mean, after like 10 years with the Cowboys, John Madden
    still had to circle Daryl Johnston and mention that his nickname is Moose which
    sounds like "boo." If you were a pro athlete and you were smart,
    you'd think of a nickname that rhymes with boo especially if you played in NY, Boston or Philly. That
    way, you'd just never know.
  • During the telecast, one of the announcers talked about how
    marathon runners take around 55 breaths a second as opposed to 9 while resting.
    Of course, he meant to say second instead of minute, but I just love it when
    people screw up especially on live tv, ya know. Is that something that he
    really needs to mention anyways, though? Basically, he's telling me, the
    viewer, that people breathe harder running five minutes a mile than they do
    watching Will & Grace. That's straight from the school of "Thank you
    Mr. Obvious" announcing.
  • Speaking of growing up, now that you're a little older,
    doesn't it seem outrageous that someone made a career out of a chorus that when
    "Let me see that thong th-th-thong thong thong." I'm as guilty as any
    because I bought the cd, too. What were we thinking? If you're like me, you
    probably go through your cd collection and go "Oh sweet – Sisqo! I haven't
    listened to that forever!" That cd probably hasn't seen the light of day
    since about 2000.
  • So, after talking about Jose Canseco just a few weeks ago,
    he's in the news again because he wants to become an action movie star. I mean,
    this is just an educated guess, but I'm thinking that he has no acting talent.
    So basically, he's just a big, muscular guy who would probably just run around
    yelling stupid things. Or as I like to say… he's the next Vin Diesel!
  • Ndubi Ebi didn't make the All-NBA Rookie team… how much
    of an outrage is that? Here's some of his season stats. 17 games played, 32
    minutes, 6-14 from the field and 1-4 from the line. 4 blocks, 3 turnovers, 6
    foulds, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and 13 points. I wasn't much of a basketball
    player, but besides the 4 blocks, I promise you I'd put up a similar line if I
    played 32 minutes of garbage time in an NBA game. What a scrub!!! He'll
    probably win the NBADL MVP in about 3 years, though. If he does, mark it down
    that you heard it here first!
  • Yesterday, I took my dog to the vet. He had to get his
    rabies shots and everything else. Then, he had to draw some
    blood. The funny thing was, he talked to the dog like it understood him.
    No lie, he said something to the tune of "Okay, now there is gonna be a
    short little prick. You'll just feel it for a second… stay still little
    buddy." I mean, he went off for like a full minute just talking
    to the dog. I wonder if you have to be a little crazy to be a vet or if
    that just is what they do? No clue…
  • As I was driving up to Fargo
    today, I noticed a number 8 Monte Carlo
    painted exactly like a Nascar driving the other way. How hardcore of a
    hick do you have to be to do that? I mean, first of all, it's the
    stupidest thing in the world to follow. Plus, do you really gotta take it that
    far? I mean, I'm a Jordan
    fan, but you don't see me walking around town in red Bulls shorts and a red
    Bulls jersey. You might get one or the other, but it's just when I'm working
  • Here's a money making idea… instead of having to qualify
    for the Olympics in the marathon, why don't they run it like a normal marathon.
    Have the elite 200 or however many people run the normal marathon and have them
    leave about 15 minutes early. After that, open up maybe 30-40,000 spots to be
    won by a lottery. Charge peeps $500 to enter. I'd pay it, just to say I'd run
    in the Olympics. 30 to 40,000 isn't too big for a "big" marathon
    either. Chicago, New York
    and sometimes Boston
    wind up with around that many people, so with proper organization, it can be
    done. Here's a really good reason to try – 40,000 people paying $500 a shot
    would equal $20,000,000 cash money! Tell me that wouldn't help pay for a good
    chunk of the new stadium and all that crap they build at the Olympics. Plus,
    the elite runners wouldn't be bothered because they'd be way out ahead. I
    honestly think this would work. If someone ever uses this, I want a kickback of
    some sort.
  • So I was bored tonight and I threw in an old R. Kelly
    cd. It really stinks about what happened between him and that high schooler.
    Besides the whole being really sick, it's totally ruined his cd's for
    him. I used to think lines like "I wish that I could hold you
    now… I wish that I could touch you now" was kinda sweet, but now it
    just seems sick and twisted. I can't listen to either R. Kelly or Michael
    Jackson without thinking to myself that these guys are sick.
  • I'm not a huge fan, but I think that Fear Factor is a kinda
    entertaining show to watch. Here's my idea for a good Fear Factor. Have
    the competitors put in a contact with an eyelash in it and see who can wear it
    for as long as they can. Seriously, how fun would it be to watch people blink
    about 200 times a minute and just look in agony. I'd rather see that than
    another random gross food.
  • The two people that interviewed me pointed out they were
    impressed I wore a tie because nobody in our department ever wears a tie. I had
    to admit that it was the first time that I'd worn one since my first interview here
    last July. And to tell you the truth, I still have never tied it. My friend Wiz
    tied it when I first got it last April or so and then I just keep it tied and
    hanging in my room. Then, my sister undid it and I got all upset because I have
    no clue how to tie a tie. So my sister retied it and hung it up for me. How bad
    is that? My 16-year old sister knows how to tie a tie and I'm still clueless.
    Now that I've gotten this far, though, I think it's almost a goal to make it
    through my entire working life without having to tie a tie and without having
    to resort to the dreaded clip-on.
  • Remember that gum they used to put in the packs of baseball
    cards? Did they try to manufacture that stuff with the specific intent of
    making the dryest, most flavorless gum humanly possible. You never opened a
    pack and thought you were lucky because you got a piece of gum with your
    baseball cards.
  • I think the Sunday night MTV shows should combine…
    they should tell someone they are going to "pimp their
    ride." Then, they should take the cover off the car only not to have
    changed a thing. "You've been punk'd!"
  • I know it's a new game and I haven't had a chance
    to play if much yet, but isn't losing to the Detroit Tigers on a videogame like
    my lowest moment ever? Seriously, that's like not being able to make it
    past the first level on Super Mario Brothers bad!
  • How many radio stations play the greatest hits of the 70's,
    80's, 90's and today or whatever. Usually these are the stations that are
    playing the most terrible songs on the radio. I swear everytime you switch to
    that station you hear the words "We didn't start the fire…" or
    "I wish that I had Jesse's girl" or something like that.
  • I read a headline today that said "Swayze's Career
    Nearly Ended by Alcohol Addiction." Wait a minute… Patrick Swayze
    still has a career? What we would the differenence between him
    "having his career ended" and his career being where it is right now? Honestly,
    when is the last time you saw a new movie and went "Oh look – it's Johnny
    from Dirty Dancing!"
  • I was reading an interesting article in the Fargo Forum
    about a local town, Pelican Rapids, with many kids from different parts of the
    world. It talks about how one lady decided to start up a youth soccer program,
    partially to help these kids stay out of trouble. This is a direct quote from
    the story: "Through the years, players on the team have hailed from an
    eclectic mix of countries: Mexico,
    Africa, North America." Countries? I'm
    looking at that list and I'm thinking country, continent, continent… hmm,
    maybe I'm being picky, but I guess I've never considered North America a
    country. Plus, if you are going to play that card, isn't Mexico included in North
    America? Otherwise, how eclectic would it be to have Americans and
    maybe a transplanted on a soccer team in the middle of Minnesota?

Whew… that took forever! Anyways, like I said earlier, have
yourself a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve. I've got exactly nothing planned,
so we'll see what I wind up doing. If I didn't do anything, I don't think I'd
exactly be depressed. I have to get a run in sometime after work. I'm hoping to
get in a few decent runs this weekend as well. As far as site news goes, I
should have some more draft reviews up in the next week as well as a few movie
reviews, hopefully.

If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white,