Meet an Olympian: Anthony Famiglietti

Anthony Famiglietti – Steeplechase – On TV Monday, August 18th sometime from 7 PM to 11 PM (central) – Visit Fam’s personal website

Anthony Famiglietti is an extremely versatile runner. He made the Olympics in the steeplechase, but his PR’s from the mile (3:55), 5,000m (13:11) and 10,000m (27:37) would have been fast enough to not only make the team in every event but actually win every single event. Granted, nobody PRs in the Olympic Trials as they are tactical (read: slow) races, but it still is an awfully impressive feat.

Famiglietti – a native New Yorker who know lives and trains in Knoxville, Tennessee – is part Dennis Rodman, part Jim Brown, and part Steve Prefontaine. Like Rodman, he’s got the ever changing hair styles that he’s known for. Currently, he’s rocking the “indie rocker beard and greasy long hair” look although in the past he’s done the shaved head, mohawk, and clean cut look. Like Jim Brown, he’s not afraid to speak his mind. After winning the Olympic Trials, Fam had a couple controversial things to say such as “