Hey hey hey,

No picture today… sorry, I don’t exactly feel photogenic, so what can I say? I had a pretty good weekend… I didn’t do anything overly exciting, but at the same time I wasn’t sitting at home, so that’s always a good thing. Plus, for some reason that is unknown to me, my parents just up and gave me some spending money. So now if I ever *do* have something that I need/want to spend money on, I actually can. Now, I just have to hold on to it… haha

Last night, I went over to a party at my friends (Cory and Aaron) house. It was kinda fun because it was the first time I’ve partied since I went to Vegas, though. My friend Cory couldn’t exactly handle it very well though, cuz he had a *wee* bit too much to drink. Hard alcohol will kill ya like that… so I spent the ladder part of the night being “Mr. Mom.” It was alright though… he was pretty bad… in the whole “I love you (insert random name here” and “I’m never going to drink again” and the whole 9.

Today, just watched the Vikings look like a bad college team. I could only watch like half of it, though. Seriously, they don’t look like they are so good at football that they actually get paid to do it. Oh well, basketball is starting up. That’s what I care about now… Go Clippers (and TWolves, of course!!!)

After that, I put on a “concert” in my room. I do that every so often. Just play guitar to some songs that I like and kinda sorta sing along and play as well as I can. It’s kinda cheesy and all that, but I have fun and it gives me something to do. I tend to play pretty damn loud though, so ears are still ringing a bit… haha. Other than that, I should do some homework tonight, but I don’t think it’ll happen. Maybe a little extra sleep would help me, but I don’t think that’ll happen either. I’m really not looking forward to going back to school. I think the part that bugs me the most is first class of the day everyweek is my one class I really don’t look forward to. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get through it like usual.

I went to church today and I was going to go on about my thoughts on religion today (confused as they are), but I guess I’m not in that serious of a mood. Maybe sometime later this week I’ll figure out what exactly I had to say about that (but probably not…) Anyways, I’m gonna go makes some food and go hang out in the dungeon (aka our living room). I call it the dungeon cuz my roommates don’t ever turn the lights on so it starts getting really dark in there by about 3 in the afternoon. AHHH! I *hate* that, so that’s why I hang out in my room so much. What can ya do?

Hasta manana…