American League

C – Joseph Mauer – MIN – If he doesn’t get at least selected, it’s an outrage.

1B – David Ortiz – BOS – Is Hafner having a better season? Probably. I can’t vote against arguably my favorite player in the game, though.

2B – Luis Castillo, MIN – The only second baseman with a higher batting average is Brian Roberts. Unfortunately, he’s listed as “B Roberts” on the All-Star ballot. I thought it was former Red Bip Roberts and I said “what is Bip Roberts still doing playing ball?” Either that or I wanted an excuse to make a homer pick.

3B – Mike Lowell, BOS – Actually this is the “anyone but A-Rod vote.” With Batista being the only Twins option, I figured I couldn’t vote for him. Although, I iwas the kid that voted Tim Laudner (lifetime batting average .225) for three straight all-star gamse. If I didn’t hate the White Sox (too), I’d have voted for Joe Crede because he’s turning into a player. This marks the probably 20th year straight that I haven’t voted for a Yankee.

SS – Michael Young, TEX – Jeter is a Yankee. I could’ve gone with Tejada here, but I want to see another one of my favorite young stars in this big game. Remember, THIS TIME, IT COUNTS (or whatever stupid catchphrase they started after the Milwaukee All-Star debacle…)

OF – Vlad Guerrero, ANA – Actually, he’s officially from “LAA” but I refuse to call them the LA Angels. He gets the vote cuz he’s a stud and he’s a former Expo (my former favorite team besides the Twins).

OF – Manuel Ramirez, BOS – I’m still waiting on Seth’s annual “I hate Manny Ramirez” rant. I, of course, love the whole Manny being Manny phenomenon.

OF – Torii Hutner, MIN – The most blatant of my homer picks. Does he deserve to go? Nope. There are about 10 guys that deserve to go more than Torii. I’m the guy to blame when you hear critics say “they can’t allow fans to vote for the All-Star game.”

National League

C – Michael Barret, CHC – Someone else was completely getting this spot until he punched AJ in the face. I’m not even lying.

1b – Albert Pujols, STL – Never been an easier chioce. I’m hoping Ryan Howard makes it as a sub, though, as he’s tearing up the league.

2B – Jose Vidro, WSH – I love Vidro! Another former Expo gets the vote over Utley probably for sentimental reasons. In my defense, Vidro has the highest batting average of any national league second baseman. I like his game, though. He hits for average and doesn’t strike out much. I’ve been arguing for the Twins to trade for Vidro for years when the Expos were having their annual clearance sale.

3B – Miguel Cabrera, FLA – It would be easy to vote for David Wright. I’m going with Cabrera just because he’s my man on ESPN Baseball 2k5.

SS – Hanley Ramirez, FLA – I don’t want to see David Eckstein because then I’ll inevitably have to watch a “he’s short, he throws the ball funny, and he’s an all-around nice guy” piece. I didn’t want to vote for Edgar Renteria because he sucked for the Sox. I’m a fan of young players and I love the possibility of an all-Marlin left side of the infield.

OF – Jason Bay, PIT – He’s such a solid player. He’s putting up numbers I kind of expected from Michael Cuddyer back when he was a prospect.

OF – Andruw Jones, ATL – I respect everything Atlanta has done making 4.2 billion playoffs in a row. The least I can do is give them one all-star.

OF – Bobby Abreu, PHI – For the record, National League outfielders kind of stink. I can’t vote for Soriano or Dunn because they strike out too much. Holliday and Hawpe have nice stats, but they are inflated by playing in Colorado. Abreu is solid, plus I want to see him in the home run derby again.

Dot… Dot… Dot…

  • Sad news – Principal “WHY IS THAT DOOR CLOSED!?!” Vernon from the Breakfast Club died at the age of 67. The good news is he will forever be able to be seen by bored teenagers and twentysomethings on the endless reruns of The Breakfast Club on Saturday afternoons on TBS.

  • This just in… Chad Johnson has sweet hair! I think this do has to cement Chad Johnson’s place into the sports hair hall-of-fame. Past members include Andrei Kirilenko, Randy Moss, Kyle Turley, Lou Pinella, Tim McCarver, and Brian Bosworth.

  • I don’t mean to make light of kind of a kind of sad medical sitaution. However, a baby born in China was born with a third arm. Just think of the possibilities? This kid could be a phenomenal video game player. With some lessons, he could porbably play guitar unlike anyone who has ever played guitar before. He also could probably operate a mean crane. Can you imagine being able to drive a stick shift while keeping one hand on the wheel, one on the shifter, and another manning the cd player? Shopping for clothes might suck, but I’d give my right kidney to have a third arm.

  • Sad news – I found out David Ellis died in an apartment fire. Normally, a college student from Maryland dying wouldn’t be that big of a deal. He was only a couple years younger than me, but ever since I’ve had the internet, I’ve been reading his website to find all of the latest underground rap songs/groups that I need to check out. He’s the person I have to credit for getting me into Common, Mos Def, Little Brother, Gang Starr, Murs, RJD2, and much more. Plus, like myself, he wasn’t embarassed to be watching wrestling into his twenties, even though he knew it was lame. He had a love for hip-hop, though. Every Friday, he hosted a hip hop show that I would occassionally listen to over the internet from midnight until 3 in the morning.

  • And finally… the YouTube weekly top 3 which of course didn’t happen last Friday, but on a Tuesday instead. It is what it is, people. Number three is Avery Johnson who apparently is trying to show Jason Terry that he can do anything Terry can do only better. Ouch. Number two is a inline skater who decides he’s going to try off some Tony Hawk Pro Skater-esque moves on top of a building. I think every video like this should have a video of the reaction of the skater’s mother when she inevitably watches this. At number one is a guy who takes us through the evolution of dance. Thanks guy…
  • As an added bonus, here are a few of the YouTube videos that didn’t make the cut, but are certainly worth watching. Here’s a video of an Aston Martin which flew further than the first Wright Brothers flight. Five bucks says the driver said something to the tune of “Oh ____.”

I cannot believe it’s almost June. Anyway, take care and do yourself a favor and check out the message boards.

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