LeBron to NY? Why?

Chad Ford recently wrote a column (sorry, insider only)with four reasons why LeBron will sign in New York. I don’t think LeBron is coming back, but I don’t think he’s coming back. So, no hate on Mr. Ford, but here’s my retort to his four reasons why LeBron will sign in NYC.

1. “You can play alongside another superstar.”

Do you know how many other teams have cap space to sign two superstar players? With the sign-and-trade in place, essentially every team is a player.

2. “You’ll have a good supporting cast.”

This is the worst argument I’ve ever heard in my life. Come to New York where you can play with Eddy Curry! Miami could dang near make it possible to bring in LeBron, Wade, and Bosh/Amare. New Jersey could have a combo of LeBron, Bosh, Lopez (way legit NBA center behind only Dwight Howard), Devin Harris, and a guy like Derrick Favors, Evan Turner, or DeMarcus Cousins. The Thunder could bring him in to play alongside Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Jeff Green. The Wizards can pair LeBron and John Wall. Everyone knows Chicago can pair LeBron with Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. Sacramento would seem like an extremely odd choice, but LeBron, Tyreke Evans, and the number five pick (Cousins, Favors, or Johnson likely) seems attractive. Minnesota is an odd choice as well, but I’d make an argument that our supporting cast (Love, Jefferson, Flynn, Brewer, Gomes, Session, Ellington) is better than the Knicks (Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, and a poo poo platter). Do we honestly think going to New York would be better than coming to Dallas and playing with Dirk, an aging-but-still-effective Kidd, Beaubois, Jason Terry, and Caron Butler? What about going to Boston in a sign and trade for Paul Pierce? Now you’re playing with Rondo and KG. Atlanta? Josh Smith and Al Horford. Denver? Carmelo, Chauncey, and LeBron looks nice, huh? Sign with the Clippers and you’re playing in a starting lineup that includes Baron, Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin, and Chris Kaman. What if Orlando offers Vince for LeBron in a sign in trade? Now you have the best post and the best wing in the league on the same team. LeBron to the Trailblazers makes them the most interesting team in the league.

I should note that I have no illusions of Timberwolves signing any free agents worth mentioning this summer.

3. “You’ll be working with a coach and an organization that can win.”

Really?!? I’m a huge D’Antoni guy, but I don’t remember him bringing any championship trophies back to Phoenix. Come to think of it, I don’t remember the New York doing anything spectacular in basketball other than losing to Michael Jordan, losing in the finals, and seeing Patrick Ewing scrunch up his forehead wondering how he missed another clutch shot.

4. “You can own the world’s greatest city, the basketball mecca.”

I would reply back with a simple question: Why is New York considered a better basketball city than cities with 10x the history such as Boston or Los Angeles?